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Games Like Tetris: 10 Alternative Games to Play If You Like This Genre of games

Games like Tetris

Tetris is an easy game to get a hang of but it requires years of practice and failures to master, once you overcome the challenges of Tetris you are left with nothing but to indulge in something reminiscent of this classic arcade game. In this blog, we are unveiling the video games like Tetris. These titles capture the essence of puzzle games on compact screens, and the fun isn’t extracted, it’s presented in its original form. Let’s enlist the highly acclaimed and captivating titles.

01. 2048 (Practically One of the Best Games Like Tetris)

2048 is a mathematical sliding tile puzzle game that was available on various platforms. This simple yet mesmerizing video game is about matching equal numbers of titles to create a sum of them.

The gameplay involves moving puzzles in four directions and matching similar ones to create bigger pieces. The objective is to hit the highest score possible, and if failed, players have to start from the get-go.

The video game is based on the original video game called 1024, and the gameplay it encompasses is realistically similar.

02. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

What is better and bigger than Tetris… Puyo Puyo Tetris 2. This video game approaches the organic Tetris gameplay and transforms it into something extraordinary. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 offers a more competitive version of Tetris, where you will be engaging in up to 4 players online and local competitions.

The RPG-inspired skill battles bring all the excitement a user could ask for. In this mode, you will be competing for the title using power-ups, and item cards while avoiding any major hit on your health gauge.

The video game is popular for featuring iconic characters from other massive video games franchises including Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Ocean Prince.

03. Geometry Dash (Challenging Games That Are Like Tetris)

Tetris is deemed a difficult game to master, but Geometry Dash requires pure dedication to even learn the basics. Geometry Dash is an electrifying brain-melting game that challenges your skills and coordination.

Players start the gameplay by controlling a square-shaped object, the objective is to navigate the character to the end of the stage, overcoming the obstacles. The video game boasts frustrating gameplay, but the soundtracks keep you motivated the entire play-through session.

04. Otteretto

Otteretto is a captivating palindrome puzzle game that immerses players in a fantasy realm. In this engaging video game, you will participate in procedurally generated puzzles. To overcome the challenges and advance to the next stage, you need to match blocks. The gameplay might seem easy to grasp, but sometimes the patterns mirror the puzzles in the middle.

The goal here is to achieve the designated score in each stage. There’s also a regular competitive mode, where you will be competing against video game veterans and newbies alike.

05. Find the Balance (Unique Games Like Tetris)

Find the Balance is a physics-based game that is designed to strain your brain dry. The video game offers a wide array of levels varying from easy to difficult. At each stage, you will have to balance the objects to construct a steady tower. This tower can be of anything, from stones to donuts and from audiotapes to chainsaws. Let your imagination run wild.

The gameplay isn’t limited to campaign mode, players can be immersed in three different modes—classic, stars, and endless. There are more than 100 levels to keep you occupied for hours.

06. Tricky Towers

Tricky Towers is a fascinating video game that emphasizes competitive gameplay, your goal is to stack blocks to create a stable tower. The gameplay isn’t much different from Tetris, as the mechanics are conspicuously dependent on stacking blocks. However, there’s a catch, you will be competing against local or online players. These challenging matches will test your resolve.

Tricky Towers boasts unique and enchanting environments, where your gameplay surprisingly matches the atmosphere, and so does the music.

07. Ekstase: The Most Underrated Games Like Tetris

While there is no visible difference in the initial impression of Ekstase and Tetris, Ekstase encompasses something that organic Tetris doesn’t and that is the fast-paced gameplay. The video game comes with both classic and new gameplay modes, paying homage to the iconic gameplay. Moreover, the gameplay is easy to pick up and can keep you engaged for several hours.

Despite being an undervalued video game Ekstase has received relatively positive reviews. While the gameplay may not be authentic, the additions to the content certainly are.

08. Pokemon Shuffle

When you have hundreds of different pieces to shuffle the challenge becomes a feat to overcome. The Pokemon universe is massive with more than 1,000 Pokemon and thousands of characters. Nevertheless, the games of Pokemon are as enthralling as one could expect. Pokemon Shuffle is one of the most endearing games in the franchise. In the video game, you take on the challenge of lining up the same Pokemon to eliminate them.

At every puzzle stage, a wild Pokemon will be waiting to challenge you. To suppress its terror, you have to match three or more tiles. Once you have drained the wild Pokemon’s blood, you advance to the next stage.

09. Welltris (One of the Best Games Like Tetris)

Welltris is an alternate version of the natural Tetris gameplay but with a twist. Despite retaining the familiar block-falling gameplay, it extends to a 3D field. The players’ gameplay perspective is from up top, and the platform itself is like a Well, you can control the descending blocks and move them around the four walls surrounding it.

While the camera angle and playstyle may be different the goal remains the same—obtain the highest score. This unique twist of the Tetris game has received global acclaim.

Lumines: Puzzle & Music

Lumines: Puzzle & Music is an exclusive mobile puzzle game, that offers gameplay similar to Tetris. The playing field is a 12×10 grid panel, where you have to control the descending 2×2 blocks. The blocks on the grid are eliminated when you match 2×2 of the same colors. To eliminate a 2×2 block, you can swipe the unwanted color in any direction and create a square of similar colors.

The gameplay is easier to learn than the game of Tetris itself. But it’s a progressive game, as you advance the harder it becomes.

Conclusion: Best Games Like Tetris

We believe you had the same level of excitement as us exploring the beautiful titles that shape the casual video games category. With that being said, we are ceasing this blog here, if you had fun checking out each title, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, because there you will find similar content that captivates users. Also, share your views on this list and what game piqued your interest. We are eager to hear your perspective on this diverse category.

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