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How to Rank Up Players in FC Mobile

how to rank up in fc mobile

When you acquire a strong card in EA FC Mobile, what does your initiative tell you to do, probably most would try to rank up those players’ level to the max, but newbies are often perplexed on how to rank up players in FC Mobile. Ranking up a certain player will bring a conspicuous change in their performance. Whether it is a midfielder or an attacker, you will have superiority on the pitch with overall stronger players from all aspects. But what does it take to level up these players? In this blog, we are guiding you to unlock the full potential of your cards. Ranking up your players won’t only enhance their performance but will also make them somewhat versatile to adapt to different positions. Let’s break down the benefits and precise way of ranking your players.

How to Rank Up in FC Mobile

Let’s talk hypothetically first, you own some gems or FC and started opening packs, fortunately, you opened a 97 OVR card. When playing the player in the match, the results are decisive, you win most of the matches you play. You might assume this player card is the best you can brace in your account. However, this player of yours can perform better twice their initial stats. To achieve the feat of increasing your players’ stats, you need to rank up your players.

The mechanics of ranking up players are quite simple for an FC Mobile veteran, but a newbie might have a difficult time navigating to ranking up a player.

To rank up a player, you need copies of that player. If a player has a 97 OVR, they need to own another 97 OVR copy of that player card to increase the existing one’s stats. The same system applies to players with low OVR players too, to upgrade an 89 OVR card, you need another 89 OVR card of the same player. Merging them into one can increase your player’s OVR.

But the iteration of purchasing high OVR Players just with the motivation of upgrading your players can be expensive. However, EA has a solution for that, and it is introducing Universal Rank cards.

What are Universal Rank Cards? Universal Rank Cards are player cards that can be fed to any player, and will directly affect their natural OVR. Contemporary, FC Mobile only features two universal rank players—81 OVR GK Dudek, and 91 OVR CDM Mascherano. Here’s how to use them and avoid wasting our in-game currency.

Using 81 and 91 OVR Universal Rank Player

The 81 OVR Dudek Universal Rank player might not be as useful as the other 91 OVR Universal Rank Player, but it still has a tremendous impact on ranking up a player, and these cards are also easy to acquire compared to 91 OVR Universal Rank cards.

The 81 OVR Dudek Universal Rank Card can be used to upgrade any player with a natural OVR of 80-89.

At the moment, 91 OVR Mascherano is treasured by game players. It’s a rare card that can affect your OVR level to a greater extent. Using this player card, you can upgrade any OVR players between 90-99. However, because these cards are hard to obtain, you must reserve these rank-up cards when you find them necessary.

A player card can be ranked up to the level of 5, which means your favorite player can undergo the change of 85 to 90 OVR.

Benefits of Ranking Up Players

Inevitably, your gameplay will improve once you upgrade or rank up some of your players if not all. And the impact on the pitch isn’t the only thing that you will achieve after upgrading players, here’s a breakdown of benefits you will receive after ranking up your players.

  1. Skill Points: The player cards receive a skill point after each successful rank-up in OVR, and when your character ranks up 5 times, you receive 5 Skill Points. These Skill Points impact one or more attributes of the player. If the character player is a Winger, they can use 5 points to increase any three of the stats—Passing, dexterity, or dribbling.
  2. Versatility: Using the Skill Points can also impact your players’ ability to adapt to different positions. If a player is naturally a Left-Winger, ranking them up 4-5 times can enhance their chances of working well even in LM or CAM positions. However, the real player’s versatility also comes in handy, if you want your player card to perform better.
  3. Increase in Team OVR: Purchasing players with high OVR is heavy on the pocket, and that is why increasing team OVR becomes frustrating. In such cases, what you can do is create a team of self-made high OVR players. Doing that will increase your roster’s Overall.
  4. Overall Stats: Be it a 70 OVR player or a 97 OVR player, each comes with relatively limited stats. In a nutshell, you won’t find any player with the defending or shooting attribute of over 110 or 120, but upgrading your players can increase their initial ability to intercept a pass or take a shot from 20 yards without sweating a tear.

When Ranking Up Players in FC Mobile Avoid Doing These Mistakes

The Universal Rank players are valuable resources, don’t use them recklessly to upgrade your untradeable cards unless you like the player in your team. On average, players receive a minimum of 1-2 91 OVR Universal Rank players. If you use Universal Rank Players to upgrade the tradable cards, you will have a good chance to recycle them for a good sum of money.

Skill Points are also as important as claiming Universal Rank Players, if you use them carelessly, you need 1,000 gems to reset your players’ stats.

How Does Training Players Help?

Ranking up players is a great thing to do if you want to showcase your team of talented and skillful players, and also to level up your performance. But the second thing that comes after ranking up players is training them. Realistically, Training players are more efficient for increasing starts than ranking up players. Here’s an explanation.

When you rank up a player 5 times, a single attribute of your character can increase from +15 to +25, but when you train that player after the change has been made, their stats further increase twice the number they did when ranking up. Training is crucial for performance, arguably more pivotal than ranking up itself.

Conclusion: How to Rank Up Players in FC Mobile

Just the words aren’t enough if you want a practical video demonstration, you can ask us on Facebook or Instagram. The comparison videos of players before and after ranking up are also available on YouTube, you can also watch them to get an idea of how differently your players will perform once they have hit the highest performance level.

To rank players, you must navigate to the player roster and click on the player you want to rank up, select the Universal Rank player cards or duplicate of the one you are about to rank up. When the process is complete the results would kick in right away. Share your views on FC Mobile’s ranking players’ system and also unveil your experiences of upgrading the cards. We are eager to hear your interesting stories.

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