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10 Best Run and Gun Games of All Time

best run and gun games

Shooting and Running games are as cool as they sound, or should we say run and gun games, if you are wondering where to play the best of them. Tune in for our list, as we have enlisted the best past and present games that you can indulge in.

Best Run and Gun Games

01. Metal Slug 3

Some say Metal Slug 3 is the pinnacle of run-and-gun games, while others claim it isn’t naturally good as the people or critics speak. Metal Slug 3 sums up the best of run and games, players experience 2D side-scrolling gameplay intending to eliminate the target before they shoot at you first. The video game allows players to explore the procedurally generated maps, while these paths may be treacherous, players’ experience is enlightened.

The gameplay becomes gripping when a few players accompany you, with more players the missions become easier to grasp. Furthermore, the video game emphasizes gameplay, you can’t expect more than that.

02. Contra

Contra is an iconic video game series that significantly revolutionized the way run-and-gun games are shaped today. The video game series primarily features run-and-gun games tagged with action-platformers. Contra, the original video game, is an astounding title that featured challenges that weren’t easy to overcome.

In this classic arcade game, players dive into the world where the fittest survive. You will be battling enemies, surviving bullets, intercepting enemy plans, and strategizing your odds of winning.

03. Cuphead

Cuphead is a story-driven run-and-gun game that takes players to a cartoon-inspired world. In this game, players control Cuphead and Mugman and carry out challenging missions. Their primary goal is to battle it out against the Devil, who you also need to pay back your debt to. On your perilous adventure, brimming with various obstacles, you will acquire weapons, powerful moves, and secret items that enhance your combat skills.

The video games boast hand-crafted animation with meticulous details of characters’ movements and their backgrounds. Certainly, the graphics are extremely mesmerizing to look at, capturing the essence of the run and gun aspect beautifully.

04. Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes is an exciting run-and-gun video game published by Sega. It’s a 2D retro-style animated video game that captures the adventures of Gunstars, highly skilled individuals who possess next-gen weapons. The video game provides intense fast-paced gameplay with plenty of hostile beings to shoot. Moreover, the acrobatic stunts and reaction timing enhance your skills.

The character development is unique and fascinating. As the story progresses, your decisions will change the characters’ demeanor and the way they interact. The video game spells success to gamers, who are ready to explore the nooks and crannies of best run and gun games.

05. Sunset Riders

Sunset Riders is a run-and-gun game that centers on the journey of Steve. Together they are bounty hunters, who are investing their lives in eradicating outlaws in the West. At the beginning of every match, the bounty hunters are handed a poster of their target. To hunt down the enemy, players can be courageous and embark on solo missions, or they can also indulge in fascinating gameplay accompanied by teammates.

The visuals aren’t pleasant for AAA consumers nor even the detailed gameplay mechanics enthusiasts, but they do the work.

06. Huntdown

Huntdown is the best of run-and-gun adventure games, that barely dives into the theme of science fiction. What’s the video game about? The video game invites players on an enthralling journey to exterminate 4 different gangs causing chaos around the country. Moreover, your face-off against crime bosses will send you chills.

The video game offers fast-paced combat, with settling graphics to convince a gamer. Players with quick reflexes will be intrigued to experience the best of the run-and-gun genre in the Huntdown video game.

07. Katana Zero

Katana Zero is a delightful video game where players will be wielding a Katana and slashing obstacles and objects heading their way. Players roleplay as an enigmatic assassin who suffers from amnesia, waking up in a strange world, he realizes that to survive he must thrive his fighting skills.

This enigmatic player character, Subject Zero, possesses the ability to manipulate and predict time. Progressively, the players can upgrade their character and level up their combat.

08. Blazing Chrome

Blazing Chrome is a reminiscent video game of Metal Slug, but slightly more intense. The video game is set in a world where humanity is in shambles, the humankind is about to go extinct, due to the dictatorship of humanoids. You step into the shoes of a brave resistant group aiming to decline the robots.

The video game features two playable characters—Mavra and Doyle, equipped with extraordinary gear. Using your strangely powerful weapons, you can snatch the victory. Blazing Chrome is truly an amusing title in the best run-and-gun games.

09. Gun.Smoke

Gun.Smoke played a pivotal role in establishing the run-and-gun video games. This creative video game allows players to shoot while the sprint is constant. The combat aspect of the video game brings the best out of it, as the characters are matching and meant to be there. Players control Billie Bob, a bounty hunter who is on a mission to track down and hunt notorious criminals.

The gameplay of Gun.Smoke is popular due to the power-ups. Players will notice a sudden change in gameplay when walking over a power-up. Gun.Smoke may not be comparable to games at present, but it’s as great as it could have become.

10. Out Zone

Out Zone might feature a cliche plot and setting, but it’s still a creative video that brings changes to the natural gameplay of run and gun games. The lore unfolds in a dystopian future, where humanity is about to go extinct and the alien race is dominating with numerical superiority. To prevent the calamity from happening, players take on the role of cyborg mercenary. With a unique arsenal of weapons and supernatural abilities, the cyborg prepares to launch the best of his attacks.

Out Zone encompasses similar graphics to Gun.Smoke, however, the hordes of enemies rushing over you compensate for the graphics. Still, the visuals are exceptional for the time.

Conclusion: The Best Run and Gun Games

The Run and Gun games video games genre is best among the best, due to the way it blends with generally anything and everything. This was our list of the best Run and Gun video games, that you need to sign up for. The titles in this list are fan favorites and also critically acclaimed. If you find these video games to be immersive, make sure to notify us through blog comments, Facebook, or Instagram.

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