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Gambling Strategies Gamers Use All of the Time Without Realizing

It may surprise you, but many gambling strategies interlink with gaming. This might sound a little unusual but it’s totally true. If you were to draw up comparisons between eSports players and professional poker players, there are many methods both implement into their play. Learning these methods could help improve your gameplay.

Calculated Risks one of Gambling Strategies

Finland risky spawn campKnowing when to take a calculated risk is a crucial skill for successful gambling. There’s no point betting $1000 when the odds are totally against you. Equally, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any favorable odds.

Understanding when to take a calculated risk is also important for gaming. I remember when Finland and South Korea played one another at the Overwatch World Cup. Finland came up with a seemingly crazy plan to spawn camp Korea on Rialto. After practicing and weighing up the risks, Finland determined it was their plan to obtain victory. It shows that even at the highest level of gaming, calculated risks play a huge role in determining the victor.

Of course, it isn’t just competitive players that benefit from having this skill. It can be frustrating to get stuck on a hard boss or level. Be it small time windows to do something or an unforgiving attack pattern, you need to know how to play around challenging mechanics. By carefully thinking through each action and figuring out if it’s worth risking, you can improve your gameplay.

High Risk, High Reward

High Risk, High Reward as Gambling StrategiesI’ll preface this by making it clear you should never gamble away everything you have. Even a high-risk bet should remain calculated. Gambling is a healthy hobby as long as you don’t let it get out of hand.

Anyway, the high risk, high reward strategy is one mankind has relied on for millennia. Do I go after the mammoth and grab a huge meal or play it safe by hunting a boar? It has always been a key part of our lives.

However, this approach of monetization strategies used in online games has been developed significantly in recent times thanks to gambling. There’s no doubt you get a thrill from a high-risk plays paying off. Sure, betting on black is a safer bet, but imagine if you won by betting on 15 instead. Not only do you get a better payout, but you also get to experience the thrill of having unlikely odds fall into your favor.

Given the crossover between gambling and modern video games, it should come as no surprise that this is still relevant. A great example of this can be seen in many MMOs. MMOs often have PvP content where the player can choose what to stake in combat. The most famous example of this is RuneScape’s Duel Arena. Here, players can choose which opponents to face and what rules should be in place. These rules can ban certain combat types (magic, range, melee, etc.), items as well as other miscellaneous limitations.

Many of RuneScape’s wealthiest players are those that dominate the Duel Arena. Learning how and when to take high-risk plays can drastically improve your gaming skills. Obviously, practice makes perfect so put in some time improving before going for anything too drastic.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale StrategyThe Martingale strategy is a gambling technique used by many experienced players. It requires a decent starting budget but can theoretically almost always break even. Essentially, when you win a bet, you bet that amount again. When you lose a bet, you double your last bet. This works best on 50/50 odds like betting black or white in roulette.

Obviously, you aren’t betting money when you play most games but that doesn’t mean this strategy isn’t useful. In fact, many players incorporate this into their game without noticing. Think about this. Imagine there’s a boss fight that you die on. In your next life you try a more aggressive, damage-focused approach. What you’ve effectively done is replicate the Martingale Gambling Strategy. You’ve accepted the loss and come back with a higher-stakes approach. As long as you play smart, you should eventually overcome the boss.

You and Gambling Strategies

So gamers, did you used Gambling Strategies in while paying online video games. Which Gambling Strategies inspired you the most? Please leave your experiences in the comments box below.

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