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Role-playing PS4 Games: the Epic Chronicles

Role-playing PS4 Games

At night, Do you dream of living in a fantasy world, we are sure everyone has dreamt of it once or twice in their span, and even if it can’t become reality, we still can indulge in the fantasy world, depicted in video games, it’s time for the Best Role-Playing video games on PS4. Let’s start with the list.

10. Nier: Automata

If a list starts by ranking one of the best video games of all time at the number 10 spot, you should get ready because things are going to get spicy. Nier Automata video game tells the story of a dystopian world that is overrun by machines, and humans are believed to be on the moon in a bunker. But guess who is going to stop them, and retrieve the land back? humans? Aliens? No, but androids. The video game is an action role-playing, where you handle a deadly android, 2B, who wields swords and as an android is very skilled.

09. Fallout 4

Fallout is set in a post-apocalyptic world that was destroyed by nuclear war. Our main character wakes up from cryogenic stasis after a long sleep and is the only one in his/her vault to survive. Moreover, the players can join 4 different factions, to strengthen their character or they could go solo if they feel like playing single-player. The video game also has a unique and helpful character system that allows you to be whoever you want, you could change your personality, behave more naturally, or act flirtatiously.

08. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls is a franchise you can’t doubt, it won’t disappoint you, the video game’s fans know it better than anyone. The video game takes place in the fictional world of Lothric. In which the players play as an undead, who has multiple personas. Players’ main objective is to survive in a world that is about to collapse because of ongoing conflicts. The character fights different bosses and tries to retrieve the throne of the Lords of Cinder. Our playable character is known as the Champion of Ash, and it’s his journey. He meets various people judges them by their demeanor, and takes action accordingly.

07. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is the perfect name for a video game that tells the story with loads of Bloodbath. In the city of Yharnam, which is infested by a disease called Blood-borne, it transforms its habitats into beasts. You play as a hunter who is on the search for a cure and discover the cause of the Blood-borne plague, by all means, even if he has to hunt beasts animals, and cosmic creatures. Bloodborne is a role-playing strategy video game that works if you strategies your plans and not rush your actions.

06. Undertale

Undertale is a retro-style video game where we play as a child who has fallen to the depths of the earth, where no one can reach. There reside demi-humans and monsters. The child is saved by a motherly goat-like monster, who teaches him how to survive. Undertale features multiple endings, that the players can choose by intercepting all others and going with one. The video game is praised for its originality, dialogue system, and choice to kill or spare any monster.

05. The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure

The last 5 video games are heavenly, with a strong plot, meticulously detailed characters, and unique combat styles, the gamers are in for a treat. The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure is a part of The Legend of Heroes franchise. It features new members in the Special Support Section, who face a new challenge. Meanwhile, the mayor and his daughter are scheming evil, they get to take control of KeA. In short, if you wish to play a video game where you can indulge in shooting and experiencing close combat, don’t miss out on The Legend of Heroes Trails to Azure.

04. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy is a very thematic video game, all of its installments are solely running on a typical plot, with a hero or a soldier saving the world from dangerous factions or battling mysterious organizations. The remake tells the story of a former soldier who goes against the Shinra electric power company. The power company has influence all over the world and is causing the city of Midgard to lose its life. It is a real-time role-playing video game that combines genres like action as well as adventure.

03. The Witcher 3 (The Greatest Story-Driven Game in Role-playing PS4 Games)

Imagine Hearing someone say “They hunt monsters for a living” It may direct your brain to think it’s not possible and even if it becomes possible it wouldn’t be a fun job, because your life is at stake. The Witcher 3 video game takes place in a fictional world, where bumping into monsters or strange beings is nothing rare. The player, Geralt of Rivia, is a monster hunter, who hunts monsters for money. However, his real goal is to look for his missing adoptive daughter. Further the video game continues from where the prequel, The Witcher 2, left. Witcher 3 has 3 different endings and players’ actions influence them.

02. Persona 5 Royal (The Best to Ever Do It in Role-playing PS4 Games)

We don’t even see any haters, hating on Persona 5 Royal. It’s no surprise that an anime-style Japanese RPG video takes the number 2 spot. Persona 5 Royal follows the Joker, who joins the Phantom Thieves of Heart to infiltrate the minds of corrupt individuals to change their ways of doing things. The player does all that in secret without even the law noticing them. The Joker also joins in the party of other delinquents to commence his play and do his deeds more efficiently.

01. Mass Effect Legendary Edition (The Best of Role-playing PS4 Games)

The Mass Effect is arguably the best action role-playing video game franchise, that develops fascinating video games and as well as addictive to a great extent. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the compilation of all 3 Mass Effect video games in a single pack, remastered to a great expanse, such as enhanced graphics, near to no technical issues, and improved gameplay like never before. Moreover, the best thing about Legendary Edition is how it connects all three video games, your choices in one game will make a change in the other. The diversity and gameplay of this video can’t be summarized in a few hundred words but as a whole blog.

Conclusion: Role-playing PS4 Games

This concludes our blog of the best role-playing video games available on PS4. Our list has all the best titles that currently run the gaming scene. Every video game is world-class, because of its nearly perfect stories, strong characters, and beautiful backgrounds.

What are your thoughts on our list? Was it good or nothing sort of special? What game did you find the most interesting here? Share your feedback in the comments section.

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