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Nintendo 3DS Puzzle Games: Unlock Endless Possibilities

nintendo 3ds puzzle games

Nintendo 3DS, the successor to DS, features immersive video games, from Action to adventure, and from Puzzle to sports. It was one of the most liked handheld consoles from Nintendo. But what sparked people’s love for this console was its puzzle genre and its diversity. It featured mind-boggling puzzle games with various stages of difficulty modes and challenging levels. However, out of hundreds of titles, only a few are captivating, and in this blog, we are unveiling those titles. We are sure you won’t dislike playing our enlisted games on your Nintendo 3DS console. Let’s begin our journey of the best-accumulated puzzle games for Nintendo 3DS.

Pushmo (Push The Blocks, And Save The Lives)

Pushmo is a creative puzzle platformer with 3D graphics and colorful background. The video game takes place in Pushmo Park, where tiny creatures called Pushmos exist. The video game Pushmo’s primary objective is to rescue children stuck on giant structures by shifting around puzzle blocks. Initially, the gameplay is simple and all the levels are easy to solve. But as you advance, the levels become relatively challenging.

There is also a reset button in the middle of the screen, if anything goes wrong press that button to undo all the changes, which we don’t recommend. In short, that’s that puzzle and narrative part of the video game, the graphics aren’t bad too either. The dialogue catalog is also praiseworthy, the conversation between two characters is more of a hint to players, who don’t know how to advance.

Crashmo (The Most Captivating Nintendo 3DS Gameplay is Now in Plain Games)

Crashmo or Fallbox is a sequel to the video game Pushmo. Both video games share the same gameplay mechanics of pushing and pulling the blocks to unlock the path. However, there are some changes to it. The narrative is set in another world and follows Mallo who solves different puzzles in Crashmo Park. Graphics quality is also upped to a tremendous level, making the loyal fanbase of Pushmo return.

Players now can move blocks three axes across. Gravity also becomes a nuisance, affecting the blocks with no platform or support fall. Furthermore, these tiny changes are what define this video game, the gameplay, the sound, and the animation execution are nearly perfect.

BYE-BYE BOXBOY! (However, This Isn’t the Last)

BYE-BYE BOXBOY is a puzzle platform game, where you complete the levels using a box named Qbby which has hands, feet, and a brain. Qbby can pluck out boxes and use them to climb a high platform or carry the crowns floating in the air. However, every level comes with several perplexing puzzles and players can overcome them using the limited boxes in their inventory. The video game is the third installment in the BOX-BOY series, and the last in Nintendo 3DS. The video game has received acclaim from gamers and critics, and it arguably is the best video game in the series.

Picross 3D: Round 2 (Break, Brain and Unlock)

Playing Picross is a great idea to refresh your mind after a long and stressful day. Picross 3D Round 2 is the sequel to Picross 3D, and it features the traditional gameplay of Picross. In this video game, the rules of Picross apply to the three-dimensional puzzle. At each level, you are given a different shape made out of grid cubes. To complete the level you have to break blocks into a column or a row and unravel the 3D object or character, hidden inside.

However, you can’t break random blocks, you have to carefully choose what you are about to break. One wrong move can end your progress. The video game features flags, which can be used to highlight potential blocks. The immersive gameplay indeed attracts loads of players to indulge in the fascinating gameplay of Picross 3D Round 2. We are sure you will become one of them very sooner.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (One of the Best Games, On Nintendo 3DS)

Tales of Professor Layton are infamous through dimensions and different platforms. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is the first time we see the world of Professor Layton in 3Dimensions. The video game elaborates on Professor Hershel Layton’s adventure as he embarks on an adventure to put an end to the terror of the “Masked Gentlemen.” A dark magician who is terrorizing the people of Monte d’Or.

The video game involves players solving various puzzles to unravel mysteries and progress further up ahead in their quest.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (The Game that Explores Diversity)

We have been playing games from the Super Mario series, it’s been countless years, and decades for many. It’s time to try something new, something similar that emits a unique aura. And nothing replaces the Super Mario series other than its spin-off, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. The video game features Captain Toad, a character from Mario’s original series. In the video game, Captain Toad must navigate through a series of challenging courses filled with traps and enemies.

Captain Toad can use power-ups, and special abilities to avoid danger and ease up his path. The video game has a coop mode, where the fun doubles and puzzles become easier to solve.

Mario And Donkey Kong: Minis On The Move (The Pure Nintendo 3DS Puzzle Chronicle)

Mario And Donkey Kong Minis On The Move is the fifth game in the Mario vs Kong series. The video game shares the mechanics of moving the block to unlock the path, At every level there will be random block drops, to pass the level, you must create a path using the blocks. The player’s task is to guide the mini toys to the finish line while avoiding traps and not falling from the edges.

The video game features numerous modes, that gradually become challenging. Mario And Donkey Kong Minis On The Move will keep you busy for a few hours with its mesmerizing puzzle-solving gameplay.

Conclusion: The Best Nintendo 3DS Puzzle Games Adventure

This concludes our blog on the Nintendo 3DS Puzzle games, we did unveil the best games from the early 2000s to the 2010s. If you feel this list is unbalanced please make sure to ensure yourself and check reviews and gameplay videos on YouTube. All these games are highly praised by critics, gamers, and even neutrals, who have never played puzzle games on Nintendo 3DS.

What game from this list piqued your interest? We are eager to see what you write in the comments. Before you leave check out our Facebook and Instagram, there you will find game news, and all things video games.

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