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God Of War Ragnarok Is Coming To PC In September

God Of War Ragnarok Is Coming To PC In September

God Of War Ragnarok is coming to PC in September. The rumors regarding the game’s release on PC have been circulating for more than a month now. It’s better to name these rumors speculations because they are not baseless. Moreover, most of them have turned out to be true to some extent.

God Of War Ragnarok Is Coming To PC In September

Sony has finally announced the official PC release date for the highly anticipated single-player action-adventure video game, God of War Ragnarok. Previously, we unveiled that the game’s release date announcement will be made public in May 2024. Sony has confirmed the game’s PC port in the PlayStation State of Play showcase following the leaks over a couple of weeks. God Of War Ragnarok is coming to PC in September, 19th to be precise. The PC gaming community will mark this day on their calendar.

The route PlayStation follows to release its exclusive single-player games on PC has become evident. Their strategy is to release fan-favorite AAA titles on PCs late, deliberately making the viewers wait a long time. This strategy of theirs allows them to transition PC gamers to console gaming. Moreover, while the players wait eagerly, Sony advertises and collects sponsors to make them fortunate. They know very well that PC gamers have numerical superiority. Using a huge community to grab attention can only be profitable.

God of War Ragnarok getting a PC port is interesting but it doesn’t come anywhere close to news about Xbox potentially porting everything to PlayStation. And Square Enix going fully third-party due to Final Fantasy not getting enough recognition and sales. But PlayStation is explicitly doing better than ever even after the subtle changes.

The sequel to the God of War 2028 is expected to come with gameplay improvements, graphics enhancements, and intriguing gameplay mechanics. It has become conspicuous after the “PlayStation Blog,” unveiled the contents of the game and improvements tremendously.

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