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Everything announced at PlayStation’s State of Play

Everything announced at PlayStation's State of Play

PlayStation’s State of Play May 2024 showcase has revealed numerous titles that will hit last-gen consoles and PCs later this year and in the future. In only just 35 minutes Sony revealed more than what people expected. Here’s a brief overview of the games that were announced with the trailer in the PlayStation’s State of Play.

Games Announced At PlayStation’s State of Play

PlayStation State of Play event is always brimming with surprises. And This recent one was definitely surprising. In just half an hour, Sony managed to unveil 14 endearing titles, which surely will be revolutionary.

Here are those 14 titles:

  • Astro Not: Back on PlayStation, but this time on PS5 with exhilarating gameplay.
  • Concord: A unique cooperative first-person shooter that will hit PC and PS5 on August 23, 2024.
  • God of War Ragnarok: The highly anticipated action-adventure game will be available on September 19th, 2024.
  • Until Dawn: The iconic survival remake experience will be launching on PC and PS5 later this year.
  • Skydance’s Behemoth: A dark fantasy and adventure-oriented VR game that will captivate PS5 and PC players.
  • Path of Exile 2: In late 2024, the online Path of Exile will make a comeback with an incredible sequel.
  • Monster Hunter Wilds: Upcoming RPG that captures the essence of realistic visuals and upscaling textures. You will be exploring its expansive sites in 2025.
  • Silent Hill 2: The remake of the cult classic horror adventure will be available this October.
  • Alien: Rogue Incursion; The next-gen VR single-player game will be receiving all the accolades this year.
  • Marvel Rivals: The new Marvel game will allow players to choose factions and fight the world’s mightiest heroes. Tune in because this game might be marked as the best game of July 2024.
  • Dynasty Warriors: Origins; Features new emerging heroes that will continue the legacy of mesmerizing hack-and-slash on PS5, next year.
  • Ballad of Antara: The Ballad of Antara is among the best world-bending RPGs, which arrive on PS5 in 2025.
  • Infinity Nikki: This open-world dress-up and adventure game will cater to people of different preferences. Its arrival is a mystery, however, its beta testing will begin this year.
  • Where Winds Meet: If these games weren’t cool enough, we have “Where Winds Meet” which exploits the elements of RPG, open-world, and action-adventure.

For further details, check out each game, because you are missing out on a lot. Here’s Facebook and Instagram for certainly relevant game news.

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