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Top Educational Video Games for Adults in 2024

educational video games for adults

There is a lesson for adults in everything we do, whether it’s an everyday house chore or engaging in educational video games. Speaking of video games, they play a vital role in gamers’ growth, enhancing their intellect and making them treasure everything they learn through indulging in video games.

Check out our list of the best educational video games for adults that have proven to show conspicuous results.

Civilization VI

This turn-based strategy game can introduce you to the fundamentals of civilization management. The game allows you to relive history and witness the emergence of powerful clans that once ruled over the globe. The video game embeds dictatorship elements in players, allowing them to strategically build towns, and dwellings and create units that can be the backbone of your kingdom.

In comparison to the predecessor, Civilization VI features more expanded locations. Cities can grow to their utmost max, and the amusement of discovering and investigating a secret location is immeasurable. Be it an adult or a kid, Civilizational VI can be amusing for all ages, the video game presents historical events in a gripping manner, which many game enthusiasts would find beautiful.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulator popular for its meticulous adaptation of space. Through this video game, you can perceive great astronomical knowledge which can be boring to learn using books. The video game is designed in such a way that it caters to people of all ages who want to learn a thing or two about space. Whether it is a kid tempted to learn about the universe or a university student who desires to digest in the medium of space and peak science.

The video game presents space probes, space shuttles, and satellites in 3D with real physics. You will learn how to get to the moon or how promising is it to come back with your built spacecraft.

Football Manager 2024 (Or Predecessors)

If there is something that could educate you about financial strategy in games, it certainly is Football Manager 2024. This entertaining game challenges you to become a Football or Soccer manager and lead your favorite team to win the league and several other titles. You can invest your time in this game to learn finance management and also how to emphasize your dreams over anything unrealistic.

The game can also be a subtle way to learn and enlighten your geographical knowledge. As a manager, you will be exchanging players from different regions and ethnicities. While a kid can’t learn how to manage a soccer team through games, you can step into the shoes of a manager and experience coaching a real team, because this education video game is for adults.


Minecraft has been serving gamers and neutrals for a very long time now. It’s designed in such a way that it can be played by proper adults and kids. The video game is popular because it teaches players canonical and non-canonical ways of surviving. Which are humorous and can develop players’ intuition on survival. The video game is tremendously captivating, providing players with extremely mesmerizing gameplay that can keep them intrigued for several hours.

Playing Minecraft, you will learn fundamental facts about the modern world. Some examples are how a furnace is made or what is the universal way of crafting papers or creating sugar from a sugar cane.

Call of Duty Franchise

Call of Duty is the game parents think is the epitome of their child’s laziness and the reason for their disinterest in anything physical. However, despite the statement being true to some extent, it can realistically help players in more than one way, especially adults who are eagerly searching for educational video games that teach them about guns and the military.

The franchise introduces players to a great arsenal of real-world artillery. That’s not the only thing, Call of Duty sharpens players’ reflexes and predictability. Players playing as a team can assume different roles such as aggressive rushers, tactical supporters, long-range snipers, and ruthless leaders. The objective is to build a team that utilizes teamwork, making you a person who can be cooperative.

Portal series

The Portal series is infamous for providing thought-provoking puzzle platform gameplay. It’s an engrossing puzzle game that requires puzzle-solving skills and allows players to be inventive in finding solutions. Most of the gameplay revolves around a scientific handheld gun that creates portals called Portal Gun.

The game series collides learning with humor. You will perceive how to be patient, how necessary sometimes it is to work together as a team, and how you can thrive under bad circumstances. The first impression of the video game can be misleading. Players often assume it’s an ordinary puzzle-solving game, however, there is more to these puzzles than you might think.

Bad Piggies

So far in life, you probably haven’t realized that despite angry birds being heroes, they always cause destruction. On the other hand, Pigs with their bad reputation, use their nonexistent brains to invent something astounding. For adults, games similar to Bad Piggies can be educational, as they teach “How to not judge a book by its cover” or “How to not jump to conclusions by first impression.”

In the Bad Piggies video game, players are invited to join Piggies on a mission to reach the end of each stage by creating and riding on a contraption. Players find different quantities of items in their inventory. They can use these materials to craft something that can overcome obstacles.

Bad Piggies can enhance your views on physics due to its realistic physics-based gameplay. While every level is difficult, it encourages you to find a way out, because every stage can be solved.


Duolingo serves as a bridge between a language-learning application and a puzzle-solving video game. It’s a free-to-use game that provides tiny yet effective lessons in up to 43 different languages. The platform offers skills like reading, writing, listening, and speaking to get you in touch with various cultures and traditions.

The video game approaches teaching directly, it’s meant to teach you language anywhere and everywhere. Unlike the traditional language learning apps which start by teaching structure and formation of the language, Duolingo starts by teaching you the easy words. This elusive way can aid you in getting a grip on a certain game before teaching you initials.

Tactical War: Tower Defense

Tactical War: Tower Defense is arguably the pinnacle of tower defense in mobile. It enhances your ability to predict when, where, and how the enemy is approaching. Be it Tactical War or any Tower Defense game, you will learn the importance of positioning, time and material management, and how to not crumble when under pressure.

Tactical War: Tower Defense features idle gameplay elements, allowing you to have peace of mind while the turrets do the work. The game has garnered attention for its addictive gameplay. Players can be creative when fighting soldiers and special military vehicles. Whether Tactical War serves as an educational game to you or not, there’s no denying the fact that it’s a captivating game for adults. It’s probably among the best games.

Human Resource Machine

Just thinking about machines replacing humans in both physical and psychological work is terrifying. Nevertheless, humans still dominate every industry, and Human Resource Machine’s gameplay makes people a little optimistic. In this game, you will learn programming through a series of different and fun stages.

You don’t have any experience in programming? Don’t stress because this game can teach you from scratch in a way that seamlessly makes you feel like you are solving a puzzle.

Conclusion: Educational Video Games For Adults

Education can be perceived in numerous ways, some find reading books easy while others watch or listen to podcasts. Generally, there’s an easy and entertaining way to learn, and that is by experiencing educational games. If you pay attention to everything you play, you will find every video game a source of acquiring knowledge. And without a doubt, the enlisted games are informative and teach you more than you could ever expect.

Have you learned anything from a video game? Share your experiences in the comments or on Facebook and Instagram.

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