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Tyrion Lannister Dies in The Witcher 3 as an Easter Egg

Witcher 3

Fans of Game of Thrones really hope that George R.R. Martin and the creators of the TV series will decide to keep Tyrion Lannister alive all the way to the end – and maybe even end the whole saga with him on the Iron Throne. Well, I’ve got some bad news for you: Tyrion Lannister dies. Fortunately, it’s just in The Witcher 3 and it’s an Easter Egg that certainly puts a smile on our faces. And gives us somebody to blame in case something bad actually happens with our favorite little guy in the Game of Thrones TV series.

But back to our games, Tyrion Lannister’s dead body can be easily found in The Witcher 3, as the folks from PC Gamer found out. Tyrion appears to have met his grisly fate in a ‘sky cell’ similar to those found in The Eyrie where he was imprisoned midway through season one of the TV show. Since the game’s developers probably have no actual connection with the creators of Game of Thrones, the character we can see is not called Tyrion – but he sure looks a lot like him, scar included. Check him out:

tyrion witcher

If you want to see the little fellow for yourself, you have to explore the oceans of Skellige and find a fort filled with pirates. After taking them out, you will find some prison keys: use them to unlock the locked cell door, and spot the little fellow who has finally understood the meaning of “valar morghulis”. I’ve marked the exact location of the pirate fort for you below:

tyrion map

A pretty cool Easter Egg in The Witcher 3, and there are a ton more waiting to be found!

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