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The 9 Top CBC Games Your Kids Should Try

CBC games

With Mario getting a movie and gaming entering areas that only Disney once dared to tread, it seems inevitable that the next generation will grow up on video games instead of movies. While there are some concerns about kids getting into gaming too early, sites like have kids’ games that are not only safe but also educational. That said, they have a dizzying array of options, so we’ve narrowed down some of the top CBC games for your child.

Are Video Games Good for Kids?

Some parents may be concerned about their children playing video games in the first place. Horror stories abound of maxed-out credit cards thanks to kids making in-app purchases or video games leading to violent behaviour. The latter is greatly exaggerated; the former needs moderation. Neither of those are problems for the top CBC games.

Safe sites like CBC Kids allow children to access the benefits of gaming without ads, in-app purchases, or excessive violence. According to’s study on brain development in adolescents, kids who had played 3 hours of video games per day had higher cognitive functions and better impulse control than those who had less game time. On the flip side, even adults must beware of eye strain when staring at screens for long periods.

Please use your best judgment when it comes to screen time and letting your kids use mobile devices. However, every game on CBC Kids is safe, friendly, and free, with few or no interactive features that require moderation. CBC Kids is designed to be a safe online space for kids 6–10 years old.

But what are the top CBC games? It depends on what you think your child will enjoy. We’ve broken down the best in each category to help narrow down CBC Kids’s vast library of games.

The Top CBC Games – 9 to Look For

Browsing CBC Kids Games can be intimidating. There are so many options; what will keep your kids occupied for 3 hours? Here are the top CBC games to offer on your next road trip or family gathering to keep your little one amused—and maybe make them learn something in the process! These are in no particular order but include the category to help you make the best decision.

9. Math VS Aliens

Category: Math Game

Many children, especially girls, suffer from math anxiety. This can be crippling as they get older; many curricula focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and math figures prominently on college entrance exams. Even adults can be petrified by the math on tax forms.

But aliens can make math a little less scary. Math VS Aliens makes you weaken an alien’s tractor beam by solving math problems. The problems get harder as you go, so stay on your toes!

8. Match Animals

Category: Animal

Kids love games with animals in them! Many of the animal games on CBC also fit into another category; Pac-Rat, for example, is obviously based on Pac-Man. But for the most basic of critter comforts, Match Animals is great for younger kids. Of course, the bigger fun of the game is creating mismatched chimeras. What will your child create?

7. T-Rex Runner

Category: Action

T-Rex Runner is a good test of your kid’s hand-eye coordination. You play as a Tyrannosaurus rex running along a deserted landscape, avoiding cacti and pterosaurs as you gain momentum. Fans of the older online game Robot Unicorn Attack, or other side-scrolling platformers, will get a sense of déjà vu. Remember: the goal is not to beat the game, but to see how fast and far you can get.

6. Indiara and the Skull Gold

Category: Adventure

Where would your child like to go today? There is probably a CBC Kids game to satisfy their wanderlust. They offer many platformers in different skins, but Indiara and the Skull Gold sticks out from the rest by having a snazzy cinematic opening and a clean aesthetic that will have kids glued to their screens. Plus, a girl can be anything she wants to be when she grows up.

5. A Helping Hand

Category: Beginner

Recognizable characters are a great way to expand a child’s horizons. Although fewer and fewer kids are raised on TV, they will probably recognize Elmo, Big Bird, and more in A Helping Hand. This simple point-and-click game involves the player helping at the Muppet-owned Furchester Hotel. It’s easy as pie!

4. Hockey Hero

Category: Sports

It’s easy to think that athletes and gamers mix as well as oil and water. Nothing could be further from the truth! Not only do the soccer-based FIFA games sell, but they make billions of dollars according to Sports gaming allows nerds to feel like sports coaches and sports fans to see the decision-making and strategy behind their favourite teams. Of course, the CBC Kids games are nowhere near that complicated; they are action games with a sports aspect to them.

But it’s no secret that Canadians love hockey, so why not expose the young sports fan in your family to Hockey Hero? It’s a great way to introduce a child to Canada’s favourite sport!

3. Liquid Sort

Category: Puzzle

As an educational site, CBC Kids offers several puzzle games to tickle different parts of your kid’s brain. Again, most of these are reskins of classic games (for example, Donuts is very similar to Candy Crush and other Match 3 games). But what if you could teach your kid organizational skills in a fun way? Liquid Sort is very similar to an app game enjoyed by kids and adults alike. You sort liquids into differently coloured tubes, but there is an order to how you sort—for example, you need to pour some white liquid off before filling your orange tube. It’s fun, easy, and might get your kid to clean their room more often.

2. Stack Builder

Category: Strategy

Stack Builder is not an SRPG. Instead, the strategy comes from placing blocks to make the highest tower possible. It’s simple, fun, and the reverse of those claw games that have you picking up a prize, only to awkwardly drop it later.

1. Valentine Shooter

Category: Seasonal

The seasonal category is exactly what it says it is: games based around holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and the like. That said, most of the seasonal games are reskins of other games with a festive coat of paint. Valentine Shooter, however, isn’t like anything else on this list. It gets points for there being nothing like it on the site. Otherwise, the top CBC game in this category may awkwardly cross over with something else.

Conclusion on CBC Games for Kids

CBC Kids has many games for children 6–10 years old. It is a child-friendly, safe, free website that has a massive library of educational games for kids to play. All the top CBC games are free (disable your ad-blocker to play them), so you do not have to worry about a massive bill down the line. Moreover, these games will help your kids learn math, master hand-eye coordination, and appreciate new experiences. Pick from this list according to what you think your child would like.

From vGamerz team, good luck, and more importantly, have fun!

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