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How to Beat Dragonrider in Dark Souls 2

One of the easiest boss fights in Dark Souls 2 is the Dragonrider boss fight, but we are planning on writing a guide for each and every boss in the game, so here we are with a short guide on how to beat Dragonrider in Dark Souls 2. Basically, it’s as easy as pulling out your sword and hitting, but we’ll go a bit more in depth and detail the scene.

The Dragonrider boss, despite his terrifying name, rides no dragon into battle and only uses the long pike to strike at the opponents. A perfect strategy would be the one used in the video below: just stay behind the big fellow and keep hitting, making sure that he never turns to you to help you meet his weapon. He’s a slow boss with no combos and practically no difficulty level, you should have no problem bringing him down.

Here’s a video on how to beat Dragonrider in Dark Souls 2, if you somehow need some extra help with it:


Stay tuned with Vgamerz, we’re working on guides for the more difficult bosses too, where you will really need our help!

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