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Dark Souls 2 Boss Fight Guide: How to Beat The Last Giant

Dark Souls

The Last Giant is the first boss fight you will encounter in Dark Souls 2 and even though it’s not a terribly difficult boss to beat, if you have any problems defeating it, we are here to help you with our guide on how to beat this Dark Souls 2 boss, The Last Giant.

The Last Giant boss fight should go in one direction: you hitting at the legs constantly, while making sure that when the giant is ready to perform the foot stomp you move away. It’s best to approach the boss from the back and keep slashing and hitting – don’t let it hit you though, as one blow from him drains a lot of your health. And this is basically everything you have to do with your warm-up boss.

You can also check out a walkthrough video if you prefer to see exactly how to beat The Last Giant in DS2:


Stay tuned with Vgamerz, more Boss Fight guides for DS2 are coming!

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