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Zombie Video Game on PS4: The 8 Best Titles to Watch

zombie video game ps4

Have you ever thought about what is great in a zombie video game on PS4 or the films in general? The video games or the TV Shows reflect mankind’s desire to survive despite how incomprehensible the situation may be. Zombies aren’t friendly creatures, they are hostile to everything that breathes mostly humans. For most, it is fun to immerse in something where we watch the apex predator—humans taking over the position of prey. Enough, with the chitchat, it is time to unveil the 8 best Zombie video games available on PlayStation 4.

08. Death Road to Canada

What’s better than a survival shooter? A roguelike survival shooter. Death Road to Canada is a simple game with a laid-back progressive plot. In the video game, you will navigate to a massive city in Canada that is brimming with zombies, simulating a group of abnormal individuals. Your mission is to save the inhabitants of Canada from menacing Zombies.

The video game is creative in combat sequences. Players can fight hordes of zombies, upgrade their gear, play cooperatively, and scavenge for resources requisite for survival. With the heart-pounding action, the video game encompasses a hilarious and family-friendly style.

07. World War Z (Zombie Video Game PS4)

The film World War Z was a blockbuster, it depicted the themes of survival, suspense, and action horror exceptionally well. Moreover, the video game is as promising and tense as the film. It’s a heart-pounding third-person multiplayer game. The plotline for the video game is similar, it narrates the plot in a world ravaged by zombies. Your objective is to kill, escape, and survive the zombie apocalypse.

Players can form groups with friends and are pitted against swarms of zombies, you need to work together with your teammates to survive. To add sprinkles over the regular gameplay of zombie shooting, players can customize their gear and player character’s appearance. The video game boasts high-quality visuals that mainly captivate most of the users.

06. Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is an action RPG that combines supernatural elements with fantastical gameplay. The video game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the remnants of humans are engaged in internal conflicts. You play as an adventurer who is wandering around with extraordinary abilities. Your objective is to explore, engage in perilous combats, hone skills, and shape your destiny.

The video game has a diverse cast of characters, each with distinctive backgrounds and motivations. With great graphics and details, the narrative looks extremely realistic.

05. Resident Evil 2 (Zombie Video Game PS4)

Resident Evil simply needs no introduction. This franchise has introduced us to several bangers, best on their respective consoles and devices. Resident Evil 2 is another one of the franchises’ masterpieces, it’s a survival horror video game where we experience the post-apocalyptic world from the eyes of Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie police officer, and Claire Redfield, a university student. Both investigate and navigate the zombie-ravaged world with each other’s assistance.

The video game emphasizes exploration and puzzle-solving. Players will engage in fierce combat, scavenge for resources, and survive the horror. The environment emits the same aura as the gameplay does, the dark theme with jump scares is exciting and terrifying alike. What about in-game gameplay graphics? If you want to immerse in a detailed structured horror game, Resident Evil 2 will stun you with its gripping graphics.

04. The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series is an interactive horror-storytelling video game that adapts the thrilling drama of the original series. The video game emphasizes narrative, players simulate Clementine, a young warrior navigating a world overrun by vicious creatures—zombies. The narrative is reliant on players’ decisions, your choices will generate an outcome that can be changed with your actions.

The video game pays homage to the original TV Show, depicting the thrilling sequences at the same intensity. The graphics are also adding life to the characters and the plot.

03. The Last of Us: Part II (Zombie Video Game PS4)

The Last of Us: Part II serves as a direct sequel to The Last of Us. The game takes place approximately five years after the cunning events. The video game continues narrating Ellie and Joel’s adventure of surviving and thriving in the zombie-ravaged world. Both have experienced the complexities and cruelty of human nature and have come a long way, practically reaching their goal.

The video game offers immersive gameplay, precisely detailed characters, and soothing music. The video game encompasses countless titles for its productive and creative gameplay.

02. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is purely a survival shooter that offers intriguing action-adventure-based gameplay. In this video game, you step into the shoes of a seasoned government agent, Leon S. Kennedy. Your objective is to embark on a thrilling adventure to rescue the president’s kidnapped daughter from a dangerous cult. Amidst your adventure, your encounter with supernatural beings will be nothing extraordinary.

The highly comprehensive graphics bring the terrifying creatures to life, enhancing the survival experience.

01. The Last Of Us Remastered (Zombie Video Game PS4)

The Last Of Us Remastered is the biggest action-horror and adventure game in the world of gaming. It centers on Joel, a hardened survivor, and Ellie, a teenage girl, as they navigate across the plains and treacherous routes to find a place they can call home. Their journey includes the iteration of zombie encounters and hostile survivors. The video game was exclusively revamped for PS4, bringing the video game to life with its meticulously detailed graphics.

The video game is infamous for its improved shadow and texture quality, better visual fidelity, and improved graphics.

Wrapping Up

Zombie video games are intriguing for several reasons, one of the biggest is the reasons may be the uniqueness of the genre. In some video games, zombies can’t see you but can hear clearly and well, and there are also video games where zombies have some intelligence if not most. In this blog, we journeyed through the haunting realm of zombie games for PS4 and found the instrumental titles. Moreover, these titles are infamous for featuring aggressive gameplay, flashy gear, and beautiful visuals. Moreover, these titles received acclaim from gamers and critics alike, ranking on charts.

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