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Indie Sports Games: Small Titles But Humungous Content

indie sports games

Indie sports games are delightful because the AAA titles stagnate and indie sports games are hitting the creative and innovative boundaries. In this blog, we are naming some of the current critically approved and attractive video games. Are you ready to explore something new and unique? Let’s start our countdown and immerse entirely into the list.

Rocket League (Indie Sports Games)

Rocket League is a hybrid of car simulation and soccer. This creative fusion of two different sports brings people with different interests together. In this intriguing game, your goal is to score as many goals as you can within a limited period. The default time per match is 5 minutes, and the team that scores most within that period is crowned the victor.

Players can go solo or play cooperatively with their teammates. The trouble doubles when someone is backing you. There are also several modes you can participate in, which won’t bring any effect to your rankings.

Despite being an indie game, Rocket League remains one of the best sports games. Join the captivating video game, experience the intense gameplay of football, and transcend beyond the horizon.

Golf Story

Golf Story is an exclusive indie sports game that offers a captivating narrative. It’s certainly an adventure RPG where we step into the shoes of a former passionate Golf player who is reclaiming his love for the sport. The video game is stacked with gameplay, players can participate in exploring vast maps, unearthing massive areas, and unveiling secret locations. The Golf Story gameplay is familiar to most golf games, players aim, shoot, and wait for the outcome.

However, video game is more than traditional golf, players can experience miniature golf, disc golf, and several other mini-games. The video game comes with retro animation and 2D graphics, despite being completely reliant on gameplay, the visuals are conspicuously above ordinary.

Super Blood Hockey (Indie Sports Games)

Super Blood Hockey may not be visually beautiful, but who looks at graphics when the gameplay is detailed to a great realistic extent? It’s an arcade-style ice hockey game that approaches the sports genre in an unusual and violent style. The video game allows you to customize your team, create your strategic plans, and activate different lineups.

The video game emphasizes action and violence over the sport itself, before starting a match, players should mentally prepare themselves for hardcore duels, bloody collisions, and scrambling several injuries. And rationally, these elements of the gameplay are the reason for the traction.

Golf With Your Friends

Golf With Your Friends is an indie game that allows numerous players to experience the gameplay of Golf at a time. You can commence your adventure by inviting your friends, the maximum number of players a lobby can encompass is 12. Once you have the required players, you can engage in mini-golf courses, traditional golf, and multiple unrealistic modes. The course themes are fascinating when navigating players aim to delve into the fantastical realms.

The player with the most points by the end of the session wins the game. The host can choose the duration of rounds and how long the match can last.

Skater XL (Indie Sports Games)

Skater XL is an ultimate physics-based Skateboarding game that offers unbelievable gameplay with realistic animation and graphics. The levels featured in the video game are inspired by real-life skate park locations. Moreover, every map is ginormous, allowing players to freely explore and commit acrobatic stunts.

Players can customize their skater with different gear and outfits, sprinkling spices to the default gameplay. In terms of visual details, the video game is extremely rewarding, as it mesmerizes players with the beautiful environment.

Shred! 2

Shred! 2 is an exciting indie mountain biking video game where players experience the thrill of legendary mountain biking. The video game offers meticulously detailed tracks, with a realistic environment where players can let their feelings run wild.

Players can participate in unique 200 levels, which are both challenging and fun to play. Moreover, the soundtrack brings the experience of mountain biking to life. The video game has escalated to great reviews, achieving the feat of becoming one of the most entertaining mountain biking video games.

Super Mega Baseball 3 (Indie Sports Games)

Baseball is a massive sport that connects different regions and ethnicities as one. To create a baseball video game with all the fundamentals of the sport, a big corporation needs to be involved. However, Super Mega Baseball 3 has done it with a small company. This video game serves as a sequel to Super Mega Baseball 2. It offers realistic gameplay with fluid baseball mechanics.

The realistic gameplay includes transfer windows of the players, managing a baseball team, aging, developing talents, and honing players’ skills. The game is available on several platforms and players can experience the hardcore and thrilling gameplay on several platforms.

OlliOlli World

OlliOlli World is a skateboarding game developed by an independent studio with a limited working staff. But due to its action-platformer gameplay, the people are stunned in awe. The video game offers an intriguing narrative, you step into the shoes of a local skateboarder, who is on a mission to showcase his skills. As a veteran, you will experience swift and dynamic gameplay in a vibrant world.

The video game emphasizes skateboarding tricks, as a player, your objective will be to work on polishing your freestyling tricks. Once you achieve the transcended stages, you can potentially meet the mythical Skate Godz.

Conclusion: Indie Sports Games

Are you an indie fan? If not how do you rate this undervalued genre of games? In this blog, we discovered highly acclaimed and intriguing titles that shape the indie sports genre. These games will change your views on the genre and maybe make you an excessive consumer.

Another question before we leave. What video game was your favorite from this list? Make sure to answer this question in the comments, and you can also share your opinion with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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