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The Latest Online Video Games You Should Try Soon

The Latest Online Video Games You Should Try Soon

2020 may not have been most premium with all these lockdown confinements, not engaging with your friends for extended durations, and no clubbing or festivals. The only thing that kept the saneness intact for most of us were online video games. The exclusive and my preferred entertainment source all these past few months were the latest online video games in my collection, and the ones I was looking forward to keeping me excited in those dull, monotonous self-isolation days. The growing AI improvements and cross-platform multiplayer possibility allowed us to enjoy our favorite video games sitting in our lounge with friends and family miles away from us.

Online videos have become the most widespread selection in the gaming culture because of the interactive platforms, the fantastic true-to-life graphics, and the ever-increasing variety of the latest online video games.

Hung up on your old collection and already bored with that one? Puzzled about what latest video games to buy? We are here to elucidate and answer your queries. Using our expertise and keeping in mind multiple factors related to popularity, ranking, plots, and missions, we have made a list. Continue Reading and see our consolidated list of the latest online video games you should try.

Some Popular Latest Online Video Games You Should Try Today:

Listing a chunk of titles from the broad choices available is quite a responsibility. We have managed to list some most popular choices. Do have a look.

●     NBA 2K20:

Thinking of basketball video games, the first option that appears on the mind is the immensely successful NBA series. The game has its installments being released for over two decades now, and NBA 2K20 is the 21st of the basketball simulation video game series. The game was available in Nov 2019 for all mainstream platforms. The game features an intense career mode and dazzling close to life experiences, with gameplay having an adequate tuned defensive system. The classic recipe is constant, but the overall feel has improved compared to its earlier chapters. The users have reported their discomfort over the repeated push towards the microtransactions in MyCareer mode.

●     PUBG Season 7:

We couldn’t resist ourselves from manifesting Playerunknown’s Battleground, very famous with its acronym PUBG on the list of latest online video games you should try today. PUBG is the most played video game of recent times, and everyone was waiting for the freshest update to release quickly.  The season 7 episode was released in April 2020 for every console with the elements of vibrant gears and dinosaur masks, and obviously, surviving longer in the encounters can help you earn the game currency to enjoy these. PUBG Season 7 has revamped the Vikendi Map, and the moving train was added for the players for free mobility within the map keeping all the previous transportation possibilities available. The inclusion of Bot players is a feature to look forward to, and the new Dino land is highlighted with numerous different buildings and dinosaur statues. To experience all these changes, you need to check out the PUBG season as soon as possible.

●    APEX Legends:

The list of best latest online video games is incomplete without mentioning  APEX legends. The game is based in a sci-fi world and is available on all PC, PS4, Xbox One, and is assumed to be released on the switch before 2020 ends. We can expect a cross-platform player release too. The game is an attractive alternative for somebody who wants to take a break from PUBG and Fortnite.  The video game highlights a battle royale theme with three players in one squad: to take out all the other fighter teams and deserve the wins the champion title. The game is fast, and you must be ready for the unexpected. Each current season which is released every three months is planned to bring with it the release of a distinct playable character, new armaments, and purchasable ornamental things.

●     Resident Evil 3:

Survival horror games are exciting and thrilling to their core. Capcom has recently released a remake of the vintage Resident Evil 3 Nemesis video game and called it  Resident Evil 3.  The plot is based on events amidst a Zombie Apocalypse caused due to the release of a T-Virus release.  The story has a theme that two characters Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveria, attempt to survive and fight against the zombies and are hunted by a deadly monster named Nemesis. The game features an online multiplayer mode where four players are fighting an evil mastermind, which created tasks, enemies, and hazards. The multiplayer activity is a delight and attractive from all other latest online video games available in the survival games category these days.

●     Valorant

Riot Games has provided gamers with impressive options in several genres. League of Legends is a well-known output from the group. Recently they have released Valorant, which is a free to play first-person shooter game. Valorant features preset characters with their distinct characteristics. The display of gunplay is powerful, and the maps might be a little complicated, and take time to become familiar with the routes. The graphics are pleasant and give the game an overall simple feel. It’s a beginner-friendly, budget option for people who want to experience a shooter game and are not very skilled players. This latest online video game has layers of features, characters, and weaponry to unfold. Start playing today, and you’re in for an entertaining adventure.

Summing Up on Our Latest Online Video Games:

We see many extensions and releases every month in the video games business, and the latest online video games available are massive in numbers. We have attempted to list online video games from diverse genres. You can give your input about what games you are playing these days. Comment below with your responses; our readers and team are all ears.


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