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A quick glance over the coolest online video games list

coolest online video games

There is no real evidence of the fact that video games can negatively influence you, and the dispute is going on forever. Take it or leave it, but the video games are never going to end, and with every individual day, we get to see more and more excellent online video games being introduced in the market because, undeniably, they are a definitive source of pleasure and joy since the day it was invented. All the cool youngsters in my childhood were fans of video games, and maybe no one has ever told you that playing video games can actually make you look cool.

All the smartest, brightest individuals I have ever met in my life at some point, they were deeply engrossed in video games, and most of them continue to engage with them to this date. Online Games are interactive, appealing and the most chilling thing the internet has to offer rather than all other activities, which involve screen time and are mostly passive. Cutting it short, today I’ll take you on a fun road and guide you about some coolest online video games you should own and play at the earliest. Let’s have a look.

What are the coolest online video games in the market?

No more waiting and beating about the bush. Let us progress towards our jotted choices.

●     Call of Duty Warzone:

Infinity war is connected with the Call of Duty series from years now and in late 2019, endowed us with the biggest installment in the series up to this date. The modernized, pragmatic setting depicting some real-life conflicts such as the Syrian civil war made the overall experience of the game authentic and thrilling. The dramatic door entering effect where you could slowly open the doors or broke through and the well-written true-to-life stories and missions made it to the coolest online video games list and to mention here it was released on Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox at once, so no one is left out from experiencing the fittest Call of Duty installment in the last decade.

The Zombie feature from the Call of Duty Ghost series was eliminated. It was great as the story and missions are featured in a fictional city of Urzikstan, the regional politics scenario and its integration in the plot and the presence of zombies would make it questionable. The introductions of the Special ops, well-written events, and the multiplayer feature was very well praised and received.

With minor controversies about white phosphorus and the Russians’ depiction, the game managed to be a best-seller, and I would not hesitate to rate this reboot one of the coolest online video games ever from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare subseries.

●     Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We all have grown up playing the counter-strike series, and it is nevertheless considered in a few of the coolest online video games of all time involving advanced military combats. The multiplayer game was released in 2014  on varied platforms, and the ever-popular notion of the evil versus ideal was incorporated.  This first-person shooter game is based on an objective-based approach to plant or defuse a bomb, securing a location, and rescuing hostages where the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist are battling against each other. The assortment of weaponry in the game is vivid, and the game can be played in nine different modes.

A supplementary adventure titled “Danger Zone” was launched in 2018 by introducing a battle royale game mode giving the video game a new potential and guaranteeing the gamers that CS-GO is still on the coolest online video games list and is here to stay.

●     FIFA 20:

Not everyone is a fan of military simulation games and wants to explore the sports section. How is it possible that you’re a fan of sports games and didn’t wish to play FIFA 20. If you haven’t, now is a great time. Electronic Arts are blessing us with more innovative coolest online video games releases every year since 1993 and still top-dog on the table. This new installment is available on all three leading platforms, and EA has made comprehensive efforts to win a big reception as FIFA 2019 wasn’t much relished due to its sluggish performance as the users were expecting more major.

The game features added modes, lifelike graphics, seventeen distinctive locations, and the new VOLTA football experience, which breaks the notion of a traditional 11 vs. 11 game play and infuses small street-side game play ideas. The negative evaluations might say that all FIFA games have the same texture, but the FIFA fans remain connected, and EA sports always have something in store to explore and prove that FIFA is the coolest online video games series of the sports simulation category.

●     MineCraft Dungeons:

Mine craft Dungeon is my favorite one on the list and assuredly on the top of the list of coolest online video games featuring the dungeon crawler stuff. The game is a descendant of the well-known game Mine craft which was an enormous success and the best selling video games of all time. Mine craft Dungeon had a different feel than its predecessor, which involved principally mining and growing in an open world. This hack and slash styled theme of a dungeon crawler game has emphasized on random horrors, traps, and treasures in action-packed levels.

The supply of armaments is open and accessible. This multiplayer game is available on all platforms. The cross-platform multiple players are expected to be released soon for more receptiveness. What keeps you waiting as today is a suitable day to encounter this one of the c coolest online video games available on all platforms.

●     Forza Horizon 4:

Racing games are classics that never go out of style and provide endless amusement for people passionate about cars and racing. Forza Horizon 4 is based on the streets of a fictional Great Britain, and users have access to design their individual routes in an open environment. The choice of cars is over six hundred; the graphics are soothing; the music is lovely and the new electric HyperCars is deserving of all the recognition. All these features and excellent reviews have compelled me to count this in the coolest online video games list.

Wrapping Up on Our Coolest Online Video Games:

The list is short and curated with precision to include a variety of video games from different categories. If you have any further recommendations about your choices and the coolest online video games of your collection, drop a comment below. We are always eager to hear about our reader’s ideas.

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