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Counter Strike 2: A sequel or a reskin?

Counter Strike 2

Counter Strike 2 Introduction

Counter Strike has redefined the FPS genre and with the release of its sequel Counter Strike 2, gamers around the globe are rejoiced. Building upon the massive success of CSGO, this game promises to deliver an even more immersive, tactical shooter experience. In this article we will dive into the new features of Counter Strike 2 and see whether it holds up the Counter Strike legacy.


Counter Strike 2 is built upon the Source 2 engine. It is not a direct sequel to the infamous Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) but instead it is just a major update given for free. This game stays true to the original game formula while also keeping up with the modern landscape of the gaming world.

New Features

Counter Strike 2 does not introduce that many new features staying true to the original game formula. However, it introduces the ability to refund a weapon if a player accidentally buys the wrong one. The maps are redesigned maps from CSGO adding some minor changes so that the gameplay remains the same.


The graphics in Counter Strike sequel have experienced a massive uplift. It takes full advantage of the new Source 2 engine and improves visual fidelity. The shadows are now enabled by default, which gives everyone a fair chance as the shadow of a player can give away the position allowing for more strategic gameplay.


With the release of Counter Strike 2 the community has been divided into two groups. Some people do not like this game and prefer the old CSGO as people believe it is a major downgrade in terms of gameplay compared to CSGO. Some Youtubers and professional players have also expressed their views on the game, saying that Valve should have kept CSGO. The other part of the community says otherwise and welcomed its sequel with open arms.


Esports has always been an integral part of Counter Strike. Now with the release of the sequel, the players and fans are both excited for the thrilling matches between the best of the best players on a global stage. Counter Strike 2 aims to grow the already large community of Esports enthusiasts, bringing in more hype and new players from across the globe.


Counter Strike 2 has taken over the world by storm but calling it a sequel is a stretch, it is more of an update. It has stayed true to the game’s original formula, and it surely will go down in the hall of fame of gaming after some tweaks.

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