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Best Puzzle Games iPhone: Our Top 5 Choices for 2023

best puzzle games iPhone

If you don’t use your brain much, it can get less sharp. Just like your body, your mind also needs some exercise. When you play puzzle games on your phone, you’re not just passing the time; you’re giving your brain a good workout. So, here are some of the best puzzle games iPhone to boost your thinking skills.

5 best puzzle games iPhone

1. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a familiar name for smartphone users who enjoy playing games and solving puzzles. It’s all about conquering different levels and progressing to the next challenge.

In this game, a lovable character named On Nom has a sweet tooth for candy. Your task as a player is to help him embark on a delightful adventure.

With a whopping 425 levels to tackle, your goal is to collect gold stars and uncover hidden treasures. This game relies on physics, so you’ll need to apply the laws of physics to your gameplay.

Cut the Rope can be incredibly addictive and entertaining for players of all ages. The app itself is free, but you also have the option to purchase various plans for extra features.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

Are you searching for an engaging jigsaw puzzle experience on iPhone? Look no further than Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games, one of the finest iPhone puzzle games around.

This user-friendly game offers over 13,000 breathtaking HD images to assemble using puzzle pieces. There’s no complicated scoring systems or tricks involved; simply spend hours piecing together puzzles until the full picture emerges!

Jigsaw Puzzles provide more than a pleasurable pastime; they can also serve as an engaging exercise for short-term memory and concentration. Features like customizable backgrounds and rotation mode add even greater excitement and challenge!

In this game, you’ll uncover high-definition images spanning various categories – animals, nature, flowers, colors, art landmarks and perplexing puzzles are just a few!

Complete puzzles to earn coins that can later be used for accessing exclusive challenges. However, keep in mind that while this game is free, in-app purchases may be available.

3. Blackbox

Blackbox stands out as the ultimate brain-teasing puzzle game tailor-made for iOS enthusiasts. To conquer this enigmatic challenge, you must unleash your creativity and tackle unconventional tasks like discovering serenity, reaching out to your pals, and harmonizing with the universe.

It presents you with sleek and simple visual hints that can unveil immensely gratifying revelations. Moreover, it’s designed to be inclusive, offering a sound-based interface with added guidance, making it accessible to those without vision.

This game revolutionizes how you approach puzzles, offering a one-of-a-kind perspective. While the app is free, do note that it includes various in-app purchases to enhance your experience.

4. Numpuz: Number Puzzle Games

Are you someone who’s captivated by numbers and mathematics? Well, then, Numpuz: Number Puzzle Games might just become your favorite free iPhone puzzle game.

In this game, your task is to swipe those number tiles around and get them all lined up in the right order. What’s cool is that it comes with six different difficulty levels, and you don’t even need an internet connection to play.

But wait, there’s more! Numpuz also has this never-ending challenge mode that’ll really push your brainpower to its limits. It’s a real test of your logical thinking and mental prowess.

Regarding the game’s experience, you’ll find a sweet combo of lifelike animations and easy controls that’ll check both your brainpower and how fast you can react. And, hey, there’s a Timer feature, too, so you can keep track of just how long you’ve been playing.

5. AMAZE!!!

This iPhone puzzle game is a real masterpiece when it comes to painting. Your mission? Just roll that ball around and watch the colors come to life as you go.

At first glance, it might seem like a breeze, but let me tell you, you’ll need some serious strategy skills to make sure every block gets its fair share of color.

And here’s the kicker: if you miss even one little square, you’ll find yourself lost in that maze forever. But hey, the good news is, this game won’t cost you a dime on your iOS device. However, if you’re tired of those pesky ads, you can make them vanish with a small payment.

And with that we finish this list. Make sure to check our other awesome gaming guides:

FAQs about the best puzzle games iPhone

Are the best puzzle games iPhone good for your brain?

Engaging in puzzles is like a workout for your brain – it’s a win-win! Whether you’re tackling real-life brain-teasers or diving into puzzle games on your trusty mobile, keep at it. It’s a fantastic way to exercise your noggin, keeping it keen and lively. Puzzle games are not just for solo sessions. Share the fun with friends and family – they’re great for everyone!

Do puzzles improve IQ?

Making puzzles a regular part of your routine isn’t just fun – it’s like a brainy bonding session for your brain cells. It’s like they’re building new connections, like making friends, which helps boost your short-term memory. A study at the University of Michigan discovered that folks who spent a mere 25 minutes a day working on puzzles saw their IQ scores jump up by four points.

What happens if you play the best puzzle games iPhone every day?

Research shows that older folks who regularly make word and number puzzles tend to keep their minds sharp. The more they play, the sharper their brains become. Plus, doing crossword puzzles might delay the onset of dementia by about two and a half years.

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