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PS4 anime games: Our top 10 count for you to enjoy

PS4 anime games

There are a lot of PS4 games available to the public but as an anime fan, you have a limited number of PS4 anime Games. The number of games constantly goes up and down because of various reasons, but the fun remains the same because there are a lot of other games to enjoy.

Do you think it’s possible to play all anime games to date in a year or two? You may be able to, however that wouldn’t be called playing, instead, you will be testing those games. But we found a solution to it, we have listed the top 10 best PS4 anime games. From action to fantasy, and from reality to imagination, this list will take you on a ride to multiple dimensions.

10. Genshin Impact: The Last But Not Least PS4 Anime Games

The gamers in anime communities on the internet call Genshin Impact overrated, because of various reasons. One of the reasons may be the popularity of the game, how it came as a surprise and became popular, quicker than any anime game.

For a game to be praised as much as Genshin Impact, it has to fulfill some requirements. Having a strong lore, a strong set of characters, and stunning visuals defines the originality of the game. Genshin Impacts offers all of that, it is a complete game a gamer could wish for. Genshin Impact is an open-world game, with nearly limitless things to do. Players can explore the world, look for treasures, and hunt for rare items. With evergrowing fans, the game is still played by millions of people every day.

9. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Everyone knows the diverse universe of Dragon Ball, whether you have watched it or not, you know who Goku and Vegeta are. Their rivalry is famous, and both of them want to become stronger than the other. But when they both fight internet goes crazy over it.

Watching the Dragon Ball anime is fun, but it’s more fun to choose a character from the Dragon Ball universe and make them clash with another character. That’s possible and you can do it by playing Dragon Ball FighterZ. Nearly all the characters introduced in the original series and spin-offs are playable. Dragon Ball FighterZ is not the only game from the Dragon Ball franchise, there are tons of them out there, but this game rightfully deserves the 9th place on this list.

8. Attack on Titans 2

Attack on Titan is an anime where giants are a threat to humanity, they destroy villages, and cities and Digest humans as a whole. The anime is terrifying to watch but playing the game is even more creepy. It will send chills up your spine, probably while fighting the gigantic Titans.

All the primary characters are playable, and the source material for the game is the original manga, just like the anime. Attack on Titans game 2 is better than the previous game of the franchise, it is more of an improved version.

You don’t have to be an anime lover to enjoy playing the game, its setting is that of a high-quality horror video game.

7. Guilty Gear Strive

When talking about the action genre in anime, most of us think about fierce battles with nonstop enjoyment. Most of the action-tagged anime games are fighting ones, where two forces collide and only one comes out victorious.

The fighting genre became widely popular around the world because of Street Fighter and Tekken game franchises. And to this day a lot of games coming out are taking in some inspiration from those games. Guilty Gear Strive has tons of characters, with different gear and crazy fighting styles.

When talking about a game with strong lore, you can’t miss Guilty Gear Strive. There’s not much to say about the game, but the gameplay is addictive and there is no way you are going to miss out on anything.


Is Ni No Kuni an Isekai game? It is an Isekai game but is different than most in the genre. Instead of a single male protagonist, Ni No Kuni 2 follows two different characters, both with different backgrounds. One came from the Earth, while the other one was usurped from his kingdom. Both characters join parties together and go on a journey to explore the world and build new kingdoms.

Ni No Kuni 2 is more of an improved version rather than a sequel, the pace, animation, and lore has visible changes. Kingdom formation is updated and the visuals are better than ever. Ni No Kuni 2 is surely one of the best RPG anime games.

5. Gravity Rush 2

If you know nothing about Gravity Rush 2, there are two certain things you could figure out just by reading the name. The first is involvement of the gravity and the second is this game is a sequel.

Gravity Rush 2 is a fantasy game with captivating visuals and art style. Not only does it have a very addictive lore but the gameplay itself goes beyond imagination. With physics-defying superpowers the female lead, Kat, resides inside the hearts of gamers.

If we were to make a general list of the best PS4 games, Gravity Rush 2 would have been included in it.

4. Tales of Arise

What makes a game enjoyable, action, lore, or the art style? It depends on the gamer, and what they are yearning for, most of us play action video games to upgrade our character, get bonuses, and in the end defeat the difficult bosses on each level.

Tales of Arise is a Japanese Role Playing Game(JRPG), similar to the anime Sword Art Online. The introduction when the game starts alone is more than enough for many games’ budgets.

Do you know the anime studio MAPPA? Studio MAPPA is behind renowned titles like Jujustu Kaisen and Attack on Titan anime. But the goes beyond the production level of these anime series, the anime series that are known to be the best out there when talking about art and adaptation style.

3. NieR:Automata™

Have you noticed anything yet? All the games previously on this list are either about the action or adventure games, even the top 2 games are also tagged the same as any game on this list.

There is an anime series for NieR, which is rated above average with positive reviews from fans, and it came recently. The characters are who manipulate the plot and can change anything they want, and whenever they want. NieR has a strong cast, not only the characters will pique your internet, but the voice-acting cast has also brilliantly done things better.

The anime depicts somewhat reality of how a war between humans and aliens may look. The humans in the NieR franchise had to find shelter, the highest chance of their survival was to move to the moon. And so they did to survive.

2. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto Shippuden is the sequel to the world-class anime Naruto. Just by the mention of the word Ninja in the title, we can figure out what the anime or the franchise as a whole is about.

The gameplay is great probably similar to most fighting anime games in this list, but what makes it stand out above all those games is its massive connection to the anime. When playing the video game, the gamers can feel like being connected to the video game.

What do you like about Naruto as a character? Probably him using some Shadow Clone Jutsu to attack or using them as cover. But if you were to use those Justsus at will, wouldn’t that be fantastic?

1. Persona 5: The Best PS4 Anime Games

Are you looking for a game that’s cheap but delivers the content way better than any game expensive game? Then stop your searching here, and check out Persona 5, a fantasy manga that lets you explore what you dream. But why does it take the number 1 spot? Multiple playable characters in this game are constantly on the hustle to change the corrupt lives of adults. This may sound boring but the development of lore makes the game pretty.

It does sound Interesting only at first, but when you hop onto the video game, you will get to understand how complex yet easy to understand this game is.

Judging by the fact that this is also a Japanese RPG game, we can see for ourselves, how popular the genre is because of the anime games.

Conclusion on the Best PS4 Anime Games

There are still many anime games out there that deserve a place on this list of the best PS4 Anime Games, but only the best of the best anime games are on this list. If you find it hard to choose a video game, then reading the description of every game here may help you

pick a title.

These 10 video games are shining out like a diamond in the diverse genre of anime video games. We now wish only for you to find the game you are looking for.

Faq about PS4 Anime Games

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions on the internet.

Does PlayStation Have Anime Games?

Yes, there are many brilliant anime games available for PS4, some of them are free to play and some only cost a few bucks. Who knows if your favorite anime has a game? Just make sure to check it out.

Is There a Free Anime Game?

Yes, there are, If you are looking for any free anime video games, then Genshin Impact is a title that you should not miss at all costs. It is free to play on PC, Xbox, PS4, and more gaming consoles.

What is The Best Anime Game Out?

It might be the only question here with various and controversial answers, but we rank Persona 5 higher than any anime video game, your opinion may be different.

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