Hong Kong Book Their Ticket to the Overwatch World Cup


Hong Kong

It’s fair to say Blizzard hasn’t had a good week. Infamously, they revoked the prize money of professional Hearthstone player Chung ‘Blitzchung’ Ng Wai. Their justification? He dared to support the independence and human rights movement in Hong Kong.

Blizzard doesn’t tend to like their employees making comments that cause them trouble. However, the fact they didn’t support Blitzchung in his show of support is shocking. Fortunately, some good news has come out of all this.

Hong Kong’s Overwatch international team was not looking hopeful in regard to making the World Cup. Not because they didn’t qualify, but because they couldn’t afford it. Blizzard only covers expenses and living costs for the top 10 ranked nations. Unsurprisingly, these all happen to be large, wealthy countries like South Korea and the US. Needless to say, Honk Kong did not make the cut.

Originally set up in August, the Fire Dragons hoped crowdfunding could work as a last resort. Unfortunately, it didn’t pick up much traction. That is until a certain American publisher declared their profound anti-Hong Kong stance.

The outcome was the fundraiser receiving HK$88,736. That’s the equivalent of around £9000 or $11,000. Also, this number is HK $8000 above the initial goal and the fundraiser still has thirteen days left to run. Hong Kong have set a top 10 finish target for this World Cup. I look forward to seeing if they can pull it off.

It’s Not Just Hong Kong Struggling

Overwatch World CupUnfortunately, Blizzard’s strict top 10 only policy has destroyed the dreams of several nations. In August, Team Romania announced they would not be attending this World Cup. They cited the main reason as a “lack of sponsors and lack of interest from Blizzard.” In an emotional statement, Team Romania accused Blizzard of overly focusing on funding their “subpar viewer count league.”

No other nations have had to go as far as to drop out. However, several have been very public about the difficulties in funding the trip to Anaheim. Team South Africa claimed it would cost them “roughly R300 000 to cover 7 to 8 days.” That converts to around £16,000 or a staggering $20,000. Even with this amount, their General Manager and Community Lead have stated they may still have to fund their own trips.

How do you feel about the Hong Kong situation? Is Blizzard justified in only supporting the big nations? After all, they are the ones that will bring in the majority of viewers. Alternatively, should they go back to their old model and provide an equal opportunity for all involved? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon Masters Producer Apologizes To Fans

Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters has offered a mixed experience since its launch in August. On one hand, it’s a decent gacha game themed around everyone’s favorite series. On the other hand, it’s a classic Nintendo money-driven, greed trip that represents everything wrong with mobile gaming. I have to admit, I didn’t see anything changing considering Masters’ early success. However, producer Yu Sasaki has posted a public apology to all the disappointed fans.

Sasaki’s Apology

The apology opens up by thanking everyone for their support. Sasaki also announced that another producer has been hired to assist with any future development. He then continues on to address Pokemon Masters’ buggy state at launch.

Whilst there’s no doubt this is important, it’s the next part that stands out. Rarely do game companies go out of their way to highlight their own errors. Company announcements are generally vague and hold little meaning. Therefore, it’s a pleasant surprise to see Mr. Sasaki outline the exact problems DeNA has identified.

Pokemon Masters’ Core Issues

Sasaki goes over the issues highlighted by the Pokemon Masters community. Perhaps the most significant being that he feels there’s “not enough content for players to enjoy.” A common complaint about Masters is how little there is to do after finishing the campaign. An average playthrough lasts roughly seven hours. Outside of grinding for end-game content, these seven hours mark the end of meaningful content. It’s simply not enough to keep players engaged long-term.

Masters' Core IssuesThe other major point is regarding Pokemon Masters’ gameplay shortcomings. It reads “the overall battle difficulty and design are not satisfactory.” I’d argue the biggest problem is how Masters dumbs down type advantages.

Typing has always been a key part of the Pokemon battle system. Unfortunately, in Masters, most of its complexity has been removed. In its place is a straightforward single type weakness. For example, Misty’s Starmie is only weak to electric. In the main series of games, Starmie is weak to electric, bug, ghost, grass, and dark. This newbie-friendly approach has left dedicated fans feeling unsatisfied. All the strategy of competitive battling is nowhere to be seen in Masters.

DeNA’s Planned Resolution

So, what is DeNA planning to do about it? For one, they are going to improve rewards. It’s unclear if this means giving more rewards or giving more opportunities for rewards. I’d predict an increase in gem drops is the most likely outcome. Finally, Sasaki promises that “more story events,” can be expected in the future.

Hopefully, this honest breakdown of their own errors results in some much-needed improvement. I actually enjoyed Pokemon Masters, but many issues were apparent even at launch. DeNA’s failure to address these earlier is disappointing, to say the least.

What do you think about this statement? Is it too little, too late or can DeNA win back the trust of their fans?

Gaming enhances your multitasking skills – Is it true?

multitasking skills

Multitasking skills

How video games can help you increase your multitasking skills and various other facets of your cognitive functionalities?

If you have just started playing video games on either the console, the PC or just your smartphone, don’t worry, you are not alone in this. According to Statista, there will be more than 2.7 B gamers worldwide by 2021. Moreover, along with the increasing number of players throughout the globe, the average age of gamers is also on the rise, and as per another analysis by Statista in 2019, 40% of all people that play video games fall into the age brackets of 18-35.

The constant innovation and evolution in digital technologies have also dictated video game trends, exposing newer demographics of players. Although many gamers prefer to play games on consoles and PCs, there is a wide increase in the number of mobile video game lovers as well. Playing games on the smartphone has become the freshest form of entertainment. So, alright, we understand the video game industry is here to stay and has become a vital form of entertainment for literally billions of people – but do video games positive affect our behavior or our brains?

NeuroRacer – research on how gaming helps improve your multitasking skills

multitasking skillsThere have been numerous attempts to use video games to curb, reverse, or repair cognitive deficiencies and decline pertaining to aging; however, the outcome has always been inconclusive. But in 2013, University of California neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley formulated a new approach to fight cognitive decline using video games. He targeted a single facet of human cognition, multitasking.

Gazzaley, along with his fellow neuroscientists were able to demonstrate that just a little bit of training, playing a video game they specifically designed (NeuroRacer) for this experiments, could very well enhance multitasking performance. And they were able to present that the increase in performance could easily last up to 6 months.

The subjects Gazzaley and his colleagues used fell in the age bracket of 20-70. The concept of the game is simple; players have to steer a car on a single, winding track using one finger of their left hand while reacting to different road signs. There are multiple and multi-colored road signs, and they have to signal the presence of each road sign with one finger of their right hand. However, the researchers, at first glance, we’re able to determine that initial performance by older individuals linearly declined as the age brackets increased.

However, after practicing and playing the games for well over twelve hours during four weeks, Gazzaley and his colleagues were able to identify a stark difference in performance between twenty-year-olds and sixty to eighty-year-olds. Older individuals enormously improved and outperformed younger players.

Also, these improvements in multitasking in older individuals lasted six months owing to rigorous gameplay training.

Other tremendous cognitive advantages of video games

Enhanced coordination, one of Multitasking skills

Enhanced coordinationWhen kids or adults play video games, they aren’t just mindlessly staring at the screen; there is a slew of different activities and interactions that are playing in the background and all around the screen. That graphical information and actions provide the right mental stimulation. After all, you need good coordination to play video games in the sense that you have to adjust your physical movements, the visual, and the audial components of the game. 

Helps enhance your problem-solving capabilities

enhance your problem-solving capabilitiesA majority of the action, role-playing and other genres of video games involve a comprehensive set of rules that the player must abide by in order to survive, succeed and gain in-game experience. These rules also come in the form of puzzles and mind-numbing obstacles that the player has to think carefully about before proceeding. Moreover, players will also have to make split-second decisions, which could change the course of the levels they wish to proceed to.

Video games may help improve memory

improve memory as one of Multitasking skillsA majority of video games require audial as well as visual memory. There are plenty of instance, puzzles, and clue, as well as specific actions that you need to remember to solve problems and move to the next stage of the game. Plus, games also provide visual and audial instruction that you are going to have to memorize to play the game smoothly. In addition, you also have to remember different keys and button on the controller/keyboard to perform split-second actions. All these factors can gradually help enhance and boost your memory.

Helps invigorate and improve your concentration and attention

concentration and attentionOne of the best things about playing action video games is the fact that they require the player to constantly stay focused throughout the entire game, only giving seconds to relax. Moreover, this is also brought on in part of the player’s ambition and efforts to become good at the game and achieve various objectives throughout. For instance, unlimited gamez mo has plenty of games where you have to stay focused and concentrate on achieving the end objectives.

Video games are great for increasing your capacity to learn

capacity to learn as one of Multitasking skillsApart from being beneficial for adults and teenagers, video games are also quite advantageous for kids too. A lot of modern academic and educational establishments have employed the use of various video games to improve children’ learning capacity as well as improving and making the entire teaching methodology interactive and exciting. This goes a long way to helping kids enhance their academic skills and having access to video games specifically designed to help boost cognitive as well as creative skills.

Good for improving social skills

social skillsThere many online games that offer the opportunity to players to simultaneously engage with other players around the world. They make teams, coordinate with other players to complete tasks as a team and work towards mission objectives, etc. However, apart from in-game communication with other players, gamers also have the chance to form casual relationships and friendships along the way. This helps gamers meet new people around the world, participate in tournaments forming teams. 

Bottom Line of Multitasking skills

So yes, video games can help gradually increase your multitasking skills along with improving various other facets of your cognitive functionalities.

RuneFest 2019 Showcases Brand New RuneScape Skill



RuneFest just ended and wow did Jagex announce some big changes. Released back in 2016, Invention was the last new elite skill added to RuneScape 3. Before that, the last regular skill was way back in 2013 when Divination came along. Six years after the release of Divination, Jagex has announced Archaeology.


ArchaeologyArchaeology is both a gathering skill and manufacturing skill in one. The general idea of the skill is to explore ancient ruins and collect long lost relics. Many new dig sites are coming to Gielinor specifically for this skill. Currently, we only have the Varrock Dig Site. Jagex has so far revealed dig sites in the Kharidian Desert, Morytania, and the Wilderness.

A focus of RuneFest was to show players why they want to be doing Archaeology. All skills need a selling point, and this is no different. Found artefacts and relics were given various perks to other skills. Many of these perks are very strong. Examples include never exhausting your run energy, teleporting without runes, increased total health, and permanently protected herb patches. These perk ideas have been very well received by RuneScape’s passionate community.


SummoningThat’s not all either. RuneFest detailed a new kind of summon specific to Archaeology. Ancient Summoning will allow players to use creatures of the distant past. The Kalgerion Demon is described to be “one of the strongest familiar for its summoning level.” We don’t have full details yet but the Kalgerion will give all nearby players a critical hit buff of some sort.


InventionCross skilling was a focus of RuneFest. On top of Summoning, Archaeology also links into Invention. Gielinors ancient civilizations provide three new gizmos to use. Perhaps the most powerful of these three is the XP Capacitor. This allows players to level up augmented items faster and trade them when maxed out. Traded augmented items provide double exp so expect these to carry some serious value.

Post-RuneFest Details

You’ve now seen most of the core skill but Jagex did give us a little more after RuneFest. For starters, it was confirmed Archaeology is not an elite skill. Everyone will be able to try it out on launch. Even free to play users will have raised level cap of 20, instead of the regular 5 for Member’s skills. Archaeology will also launch with content supporting up to level 120. Finally, both Farming and Herblore are getting level 120 expansions in November.

Are you excited for Archaeology? It’s been too long since we’ve got a new skill in RuneScape. I was worried this could have been yet another mistake. Boring to train and not that useful in practice. However, early signs from RuneFest seem to suggest Archaeology will be a good addition. Fingers crossed they don’t mess it up.

Two New Mario Games Could Be In The Works

New Mario Games

New Mario Games

Video game publishers try their hardest to hide future projects. For the most part, they’re very good at it. All staff has to sign nondisclosure agreements and the media are kept tight on a leash. However, there’s one thing no company can hide. Something that has given us an insight into some potential new Mario games. Staff hiring.

Nintendo has posted two job opportunities on their official website. The first is a Level Designer for a new 3D action game. Similarly, the second is also a Level Designer but for a 2D action game instead. Both positions are described as focusing on level creation, play checking, and bug checking. Successful employees can get a three-month trial period with a potential contract renew afterward.

What Could These Allude to?

Mario GamesThe most likely idea is Super Mario Odyssey 2. Nintendo has already shown a willingness to make main series sequels with the Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy 2. Also, given the short development time since the first Odyssey, a sequel makes more sense than a new game. A lot of the core work is already done with Odyssey possessing a plethora of reusable high-quality models, ideas and audio.

I’d say the second most likely outcome is a new Super Mario 3D World. Despite being critically acclaimed, 3D World was limited by its console’s failures. So not many players got to enjoy it as the Wii U didn’t sell too well. Therefore, it’s odd that Super Mario 3D World isn’t already on Switch. Nintendo has made a conscientious effort to port a lot of the Wii U’s library across.

Both Mario Kart 8 and Pokkén Tournament were re-released a while back. Other popular titles like New Super Mario Bros. U, Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, and Xenoblade Chronicles X are all out on Switch too. So why wouldn’t they have released Mario 3D World? It’s very possible we could just be getting a new 3D World entirely instead.

What about the 2D Level Designer posting? Well New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is already on its way so that’s out of the question. Equally, Super Mario Maker 2 only released a few months ago. Due to this, I find it unlikely they are already working on the level design aspect of a sequel. A decent shout could be a new Paper Mario game. Even though it’s traditionally a turn-based RPG, another action game like Super Paper Mario isn’t impossible.

Let us know what you think Nintendo is developing. Will they play it safe with another sequel or could this point to something brand new? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Gearbox Forced Troy Baker Out Of Rhys Role



Troy Baker has finally revealed why he didn’t voice Rhys in Borderlands 3. The voice acting legend voiced Rhys in Tales From The Borderlands but was cut in Borderlands 3. Fans were confused about why Baker didn’t take the position. Instead, Rhys was voiced by Ray Chase, best known for portraying Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum.

It turns out Troy Baker did want the role, but Gearbox forced his hand. Supposedly, Gearbox refused to offer the position as a union role. In voice acting, a job can either be union or non-union. Union rules ensure voice actors get fair pay for their work and are not overworked. There are various other benefits of being in the union. The general consensus is it benefits the voice actors’ quality of life.

So, they came to me, and they were like, ‘Do you want to do this?’ Which I said, ‘Absolutely.’ And then they made it impossible for me to do the role. It had nothing to do with money, it had nothing to do with money. They just simply would not go about doing it the way that we needed it to be done.”

Troy Baker, VG247

Voice Actor’s Union

Voice Actor's UnionSo why wouldn’t Gearbox want to support Baker and the union? Likely due to Randy Pitchford’s development model. Large game companies prioritize time and money. Offering union rates can get in the way of these priorities. Unfortunately, many studios take voice actors for granted. They see them as replaceable assets rather than a key part of their characters.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Two years ago, Erin Fitzgerald quit her role of Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia for the same reason as Baker. Equally, Ashly Burch turned down her role as Chloe Price from Life Is Strange. It’s hard to blame them either. These voice actors aren’t getting the respect they deserve.

The Erin Fitzgerald case is a peculiar one. After all, the union gives indies special rights to work around steep costs. These previsions are put in place to make sure indies can get straight back to work once they join the union. For whatever reason, Neptunia developers Idea Factory opted to decline.

We can only hope that going forward developers and publishers alike step up their game. Supporting your employees is an expectation of companies. All things considered, I’m not sure the games industry is doing a good enough job of that. Be sure to let us know what you think about all this. Does Baker have a point or are the companies justified to turn down the union?

Nintendo Dumps Monthly Releases For SNES Games

SNES Games

SNES Games

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo dropped some spicy news regarding their paid online services. Players who opted into the $20 a year membership would receive a wide array of various cult classic SNES games. The assumption was that these SNES games would be released monthly similar to their NES counterparts. That is not the case.

Whilst Nintendo still plans to expand on the starting SNES library, they will not be doing so on a month by month basis. Instead, an anti-consumer “irregular,” schedule will be adopted. This change of model will affect both SNES and NES releases going forward. Very disappointing news following an announcement that seemed like a win-win.

Is Switch Online Good Value?

NES games are arguably too basic to add significant value to Switch Online. However, SNES games are far more expansive, visually appealing, and have generally aged better. Monthly SNES games would have been a huge selling point for Nintendo to offer, but it’s not to be.

Is Switch Online Good Value

Available right now, the 20 SNES games initially included feature several 90s cult classics. Highlights include Kirby’s Dreamland 3, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and the ever-excellent F-ZERO. Of course, as with the NES emulator, all these games support multiplayer gameplay through Switch Online.

Switch Online Prospects Going Forward

Nintendo has come under fire in the past for failing to offer its old school titles at a fair price. On the Nintendo Wii U, classic games like Mario Kart 64 can set you back £8.99. A steep fee for a dated racing game released way back in 1996. Fans would often resort to piracy emulation due to the lack of a quality legal alternative. Rather than adjusting their prices, Nintendo responded by harshly cracking down on ROM distribution.

Switch Online offered a passable but underwhelming way of playing some retro classics. Supporting only NES games was limited but the potential was there. SNES, Nintendo 64, and even Gamecube could follow in the distant future. Judging by their hesitation to release SNES titles regularly going forward, I now have my doubts. It’s very possible Nintendo could stop supporting emulation via Switch Online sooner than later. Of course, that’s just speculation on my behalf.

Are you concerned about the future of Switch Online? Is the release of 20 SNES games enough to evade criticism? Let us know in the comments below if you think this business move is justified.

5 Types of Games the New Nintendo Switch Accessory Could be Used With

Nintendo Switch accessory

Nintendo Switch accessory

Yesterday Nintendo teased a brand new Nintendo Switch accessory, but they didn’t reveal what games it will be used for. The accessory comes in two parts, the first of which is a strap that attaches to the player’s leg, and has a holster for one Joy Con. The second part is a circle that the player must hold onto in order to play a game, which also has a holster for a Joy Con.

Check out the trailer below and read on for the five types of game we think the accessory could be used with.


1) Driving Games

While this isn’t the first type of game you might see this accessory being used for given what the players are doing in the above video, it’s undeniable that this device looks a lot like a steering wheel. With the Nintendo Wii, the company released a steering wheel accessory for the Wii Remote to slot into, and this new Nintendo Switch accessory looks like the next evolution of that. With most Nintendo Switch bundles coming packaged with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition, it’s likely that nearly all Switch owners have a racing game to entice them into purchasing this accessory for.

2) Fitness Games

In the trailer for this new Nintendo Switch accessory most players look like they’re taking part in some sort of fitness game. With Nintendo’s history of creating fitness titles such as Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii, and Fitness Boxing for the Nintendo Switch, it stands to reason that this accessory will be used with a new fitness-focused game. Many consumers opted to purchase the Nintendo Wii after Wii Fit had released, because they wanted an easy way to keep fit at home. It’s possible that Nintendo is looking to capitalise on this market again, but this time with the Nintendo Switch.

3) Yoga Games

Another way we see players using the new Nintendo Switch accessory in the video is by performing yoga moves with it. The Joy Cons could feasibly be used to track a player’s location and position, meaning it’s possible that a yoga experience for Nintendo Switch may use this accessory. Once again, the market for fitness games is open for new titles such as this, which will allow players to learn and develop their skills in yoga without needing to go to a session in person.

4) Party Games

It looks like there are four possible locations to put Joy Cons in on this new Nintendo Switch accessory. This leads us to believe that the device could be used for players to interact with party games. The Nintendo Switch is home to a host of party game titles such as Jackbox, and even Super Mario Party. With the wide range of minigames available within these titles, it’s easy to see how this accessory would be useful for both developers and players.

5) Puzzle Games

The Nintendo Switch has a huge number of puzzle titles available, many of which are indie games. However, many don’t take advantage of the console’s unique motion controls, opting for button interactions instead. This new Nintendo Switch accessory offers a brand new way to play games, and a brand new way to solve puzzles. On many mobile titles’ players need to move their smartphones around in order to interact with games, and that’s exactly what this accessory would allow for. By twisting and turning the new Nintendo Switch accessory, players could easily move and interact with objects in a game’s world.

Nintendo has said that they will reveal more about this new accessory on the 12th of September. Only time will tell if any, or all, of these game types will use the new accessory in the future.

So what do you think this accessory is made for?

Terraria – Top 5 Game Changing Mods



Since its release back in 2011, Terraria has become one of the best sandbox games ever made. Certainly, Re-Logic should take a lot of the credit with their updates being consistently brilliant. When Terraria 1.3 dropped in 2015 it added an entirely new endgame. Update 1.4, Journey’s End, is expected to do much the same later this year. However, it’s the modding scene that stands above all else. The sheer quantity of incredible content available through modding is staggering. Here are the five-best game-changing Terraria mods.


CalamityIf we’re talking about adding content, there’s little need to look further than the Calamity Mod. Calamity adds over 1600 new items to Terraria. It also features several extra stages post-Moon Lord. For comparison, the Mood Lord has 145,000 health and is regarded as the hardest boss in vanilla. Calamity’s final boss, Supreme Calamitas, has 5,000,000 health.

The Calamity Mod also adds five brand new biomes to your world. All of these new biomes feature unique bosses. Speaking of bosses, there’s a lot of new ones to fight here. Including mini bosses, there’s a total of 31 additions. Calamity’s bosses are harder than regular bosses. They often require more thought, skill and preparation, even for veteran players.

If all that’s not enough for you, what about a brand-new class too? The new Rogue class adds a stealth mechanic to Terraria’s combat. This exclusive skill stacks based on how long you stand still or don’t use an item. Each stack of stealth increases damage, critical strike chance and movement speed. In the late game, this can result in some pretty game-breaking numbers.


Click here to see the video motion

Of course, not all mods are as glamourous as Calamity. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference. VeinMiner, inspired by the Minecraft mod of the same name, is a simple mod that lets you mine entire ore veins in one swing.

This is a powerful mod that is probably not advised for any first-time playthroughs. A big part of Terraria’s early game difficulty is the grind of collecting resources via mining. VeinMiner removes most of this grind for the player’s convenience. On the other hand, experienced players will love this. No more tedious and slow early game mining with trashy copper tools.

Magic Storage

Magic StorageSimilar to VeinMiner, Magic Storage is another convenience mod inspired by Minecraft. Specifically, the ME Storage section of Minecraft’s Applied Energistics mod. Magic Storage guts Terraria’s chest system and replaces it with an all in one mega chest. This magical storage system can effectively store infinite items based on your set up.

Magic Storage is surprisingly well balanced given how powerful it can be. You can create basic storage early game but upgrading these requires more advanced resources. The highest level of storage unit, which carries 640 items per block, requires Radiant Jewels, a 5% drop from the Moon Lord. However, grinding for this is well worth it as you’ll end up with enough storage space to last an eternity.


ThoriumReal mod junkies tend to not stop at just Calamity. Sure, 1600 items, 31 new bosses and five new biomes are nice. Why stop there though? By adding Thorium, you get access to a further 1900 items, 11 bosses, yet another biome and a brand-new way to play Terraria.

Say hello to support classes. Thorium adds both the Healer and Bard class. These two classes are designed with multiplayer in mind although can still be viable in single player. The healer, well, heals their teammates and the Bard hands out various area of effect buffs. Unique items within these classes feature various video game references. For example, you can use the Medi Gun from Team Fortress 2 or Lucio’s Sound Amplifier from Overwatch.

Whilst Calamity adds tonnes of post-Moon Lord content, Thorium focuses on improving existing content. All the way from pre-bosses to Ragnarök, Thorium adds a bunch of new things to do, make and see. This mod is a little more casual-friendly than Calamity with most bosses being similar in difficulty to their vanilla counterparts.

Cheat Sheet

Cheat SheetTerraria has always been first and foremost a sandbox RPG. This has its perks for sure. Epic boss fights, fascinating biomes, and incredibly fun weapons to name a few. The downside is that it doesn’t offer great tools for players who want to focus on the creative side of things. A lack of Creative Mode like Minecraft can make large scale building difficult.

That’s where Cheat Sheet comes in. This mod grants completely game-breaking abilities designed to give you absolute freedom. From spawn rate manipulation to literal god mode, Cheat Sheet unshackles all restraints. Terrible for a regular playthrough. Incredible for creating something mind blowing.

Other Terraria mods

Of course, there’s plenty other incredible Terraria mods but if I tried to name them all we’d be here all day! Be sure to let us know what your favourite Terraria mods are.

What is it about that mod that makes it so great?

Suit Up Thieves: 5 Reasons to Check out Persona 5

Persona 5 visual

The Persona series is one of my favorite JRPG franchises to date. Once known as the Shin Megami Tensei series, it still shares the moniker, this spin off iteration has fans at hype level 100. Set to drop on April 4th, 2017 for both the PS3 and PS4 here are 5 reason why players should check out the Persona 5.

It has a Rich History

persona collage
Image caption: http://kotaku.com/four-new-persona-games-are-coming-to-north-america-1530572807

As mentioned above, Persona is an offshoot of the Shin Megami Tensei series. As the 5th installment in the franchise, this game that started out as a dungeon crawler dating/social sim is still delighting fans today. Most fans may have come in with Persona 3 but most know Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden for the Vita. This series has earned it’s stripes and definitely has earned the love of the fans that it has today. Not to mention it has spawned several spin offs in the form of a fighting game, SRPG and rhythm game that are all all canonical so yeah, all the Persona you could ask for.

It’s Not Ashamed To Be Turn Based

Persona 5 Battle
Image caption: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persona_5

That’s right, this is a reason to be hyped for the game. It has long been stated that turn based combat is outdated and has lost its luster with gamers but Persona proves otherwise. Not only does it have turn based combat but it’s unapologetic about it. The combat is fun and keeps you on your toes even though it’s not a hack and slash fest. All combat types have their place but it’s refreshing to have one of the JRPG staples present in a main stream game again.

The Game is Super Stylish

Persona 5 Protagonist
Image caption: https://atlus.com/persona5/media.html

The art style of the game has only improved with each generation and has made it mark by retaining it’s signature look in each installment. This time around the game almost has a comic book super hero art style along with the signature portraits for each main character. The graphics are ps3 era fare but it’s polished and smooth so even graphics enthusiasts can enjoy it.

The Music is Awesome

The music is so great in the series that it spawned a rhythm game using the Persona 4 soundtrack called Persona 4: Dancing All Night. It doesn’t matter what you are doing in the game there is always a tune to hum in your head. Even if you’re tackling the same content over and over again it never becomes grating on the ears or annoying. The battle music for the game has me excited to bash shadows in the face. This game has a reported 100 or more hours of game play so I’ll probably be very familiar with the soundtrack when its all said and done.

It’s Not Afraid To Tackle Mature Themes

Don’t let the anime style and dating sim fool you. This game is not for children and can appeal to the real life scenarios

If you’re not familiar with the series, Persona has had a tough time being sold in the states. In Persona 3 in order to summon your persona the players simulated suicide by shooting themselves in the head. Yikes. I was intrigued by the dark theme of the game even though there was a dating/social sim connected. In Persona 5, players become a group called the Phantom Thieves with the goal of reforming the corrupted hearts of adults by stealing them. The previous games have discussed survivor guilt, addiction, sexual orientation etc. You name it and it was probably in Persona with more to come. Don’t let the anime style and dating sim fool you. This game is not for children and can appeal to the real life scenarios

Let Persona 5 Take Your Heart

Persona 5 Preorder
Image Caption: https://atlus.com/persona5/home.html

Are you excited for Persona 5? Have you played a Persona game before? Have you played the Japanese version of the game and can attest to it’s awesomeness? Let us know in the comments below before we all disappear on April 4th. You can find more details about the game at the Atlus website.