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Should You Be Looking Forward to WWE 2K24?

WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 is an upcoming professional wrestling video game on several modern systems. The video game will mark itself as the tenth video game in the 2K video games series. Gamers and WWE enthusiasts have high expectations of WWE 2K24 as it pays homage to the previous installments and the entertainment show alike. Whether it’s true or not can’t be speculated with just a trailer in our reach. People demand gameplay or a review backing the strong aspects of the video game and pointing out faults and glitches that will ruin players’ experience. In this review, we will assure you why you should look forward to playing WWE 2K24. Let’s start our review without any further ado.


Professional wrestling is bigger than life for many, the sport has been serving people since January 1953, hence why it is called an entertainment show. The WWE 2K series is an intriguing video game series. It’s the franchise that lets players step into the world of the virtual ring and experience the brutality of a wrestling match.

Not long after the release of WWE 2K23, the sequel was in talks. In May 2023, during an annual quarterly earnings call, the WWE 2K24 was announced to be released in March 2024.

Early in January 2024, the infamous WWE superstar Cody Rhodes was confirmed as the cover star for the standard edition of WWE 2K24. The video game will also have a few more editions. The special out of all the others is the WrestleMania edition, which will come with the WrestleMania arena and some playable superstars.

Historical Context: Events Pre-WWE 2K24

Wrestling games have been a pinnacle part of video games, since the early 1980s, the wrestling fans started to shift their attention to wrestling video games, as they wished to roleplay as one of their favorite wrestlers. In the 90s WWE Smackdown! also known as WWF Smackdown! quickly escalated positive reviews.

In the late 00s, the game series WWE Smackdown vs. Raw started to die, due to the iteration of the gameplay mechanics with nearly identical gameplay. However, in 2014, the first video game from the 2K series launched on several devices, promising a better environment with improved mechanics, enhanced controls, and polished graphics. Since then the 2K series has remained consistent in launching exceptional editions of the video games, setting a high standard.

Inevitably, this series of video games was also acclaimed by critics and newcomers.

What We Know So Far About The WWE 2K24

The confirmed release date for WWE 2K24 is 8th March 2024 and will be available on Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. The exciting gameplay of WWE 2K24 includes a unique set of special moves including awesome finishers, critical strikes, and uncanny yet mind-boggling moves.

The video game introduces four new match types: Ambulance Match, Special Guest Referee Match, Casket Match, and Gauntlet Match. These match types add sprinkles to the enthralling gameplay. These match types come alongside the returning game modes and exactly have the same purpose as their titles. Once you start indulging in the extreme wrestling gameplay, there’s no return.

2K24 continues the tradition of impressive character models. Most characters look realistic, they are depicted nearly perfectly and levels above the details in 2K23. The signature moves of some if not all characters are quite a few levels ahead of the previous installment and look stunning more than ever.

The graphics and animation aren’t the only things that have improved, the dialogue mechanics are now more in sync with the gameplay. Characters appear to have visible expressions as they interact with others. Moreover, the commentary and announcements are the bread and butter. The announcers now have special flourishes for specific wrestlers.

Reasons to Be Excited

WWE 2K24 is something special, especially for the people who prioritize storytelling over everything else. The video game has introduced a mode called “MyRise.” Which certainly introduces two captivating storylines: Unleashed and Undisputed. In the Unleashed storyline, players step in the shoes of a wrestler who wants to feature on big platforms. When that opportunity lands, and our characters start to showcase their talents, the players face a crucial decision: Stay hideous or unleash your wrath.

As for the Undisputed storyline, players hit the golden opportunity. The world-famous superstar Roman Reigns embarks on a journey to make a name for himself in Hollywood, vacating the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Your objective? To claim the title for yourself. Your journey will start easy but it will relatively get difficult as advance. At some point, you will be facing the “Tribal Chief” himself.

Playing MyRise mode, you will unlock various unique rewards, MyFaction cards are what the gamers are most excited about.

Conclusion: Why You Need to Play WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 is built upon its predecessors, offering solid gameplay with better visuals. It’s safe to say that the video game isn’t a direct sequel to 2K23 it’s more of a refined version of the previous games with some additional content. The 2K24 edition manages to polish the existing systems and modes without ruining anything. It retains the title of “The best wrestling video game on the planet.” This statement matches the gameplay and graphics and defines how astounding the sport is.

Pro-wrestling fans are in for a treat because they can once again dwell in the virtual world of WWE and step into the shoes of their favorite superstar.

The real question remains unanswered, is WWE 2K24 worth waiting for? If you own the previous installment of the series, there’s no need to invest your money in the sequel, unless you are a hardcore WWE fan. But if you haven’t got the licensed copy of any of the WWE 2K games, buying 2K24 will be worth it.

Hope you got your answer, if you did decide on your plans, make sure to notify us in the comments. Before you leave drop a follow on our Instagram and Facebook, there you will find the latest game-related content.

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