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Best PlayStation Vita RPG Games: Unveiling The 8 Best of All-Time

best playstation vita rpg

PlayStation Vita may not have been a huge success for Sony, but the video games it featured were all captivating and ahead of time, the action-adventure genre was up top when it came to downloads and active users, but the genre that mostly was shined with it through the history was one of the best, and that is RPG. Role-playing games are still not fazed despite the change in consoles and era. 2/3 of the modern video games’ story-driven games are linked with role-playing. This is why we decided to dedicate this list to troubled gamers, who are desperately in search of the best PS Vita RPG games. Let’s start our countdown.

08. Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Role Play as a Samurai in a World Overflowing with Evil)

Muramasa Rebirth is a 2D action-roleplaying video game, it’s set in the Edo period of Japan. The video game features two playable characters, whom players can use to search for the legendary Demon Blades. The video game brings a unique and adds soft touches to the side-scrolling gameplay setting, players can double jump, communicate with NPCs, and use various power-ups to enhance the experience.

Not only that, the players may find themselves in critical situations, and the only way for them to escape is to battle it out. So join in the adventure of the most underrated RPG games on PS Vita.

07. Ys: Memories of Celceta (A Reminiscence of an Old Adventure Tale)

Ys: Memories of Celceta is a meticulously detailed RPG video game brimming with dialogues. The fantasy gameplay elements in this video game are kind of similar to popular arena battle games. The video game pans its attention toward the party of a few members, and all they do initially is explore. They meet various characters, some assist them, and they also meet those with ill intentions.

Ys: Memories of Celceta features fine graphics, an immersive story, and captivating gameplay. The quick-paced combat of the game, and the trail of effects after a special attack is mesmerizing to watch.

06. The Legend of Heroes: Trail Of Cold Steel 2 (Be a Hero, and Save Your People)

Inevitably enough, Japan is one of the massive countries that produce RPG and Action-Adventure video games. There are quite a few things that separate Western and Japanese video games, some of which are adaptations of narrative, background music, characters’ names, and lastly colorful landscapes. The Legend of Heroes: Trail Of Cold Steel 2 serves as the sequel to the first installment in the series. It follows a former Thors Military Academy student, Rean Schwarzer. Schwarzer goal is to put an end to the civil war that has broken out across Erebonia. However, he isn’t the only one, his classmates also assist him in his mission.

The video game features turn-based combat, a new advanced developed system called “Arcus,” new characters, and new dangers.

05. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (Immerse in the Best RPG Adventure in PlayStation Vita)

What’s the usual setting of a shounen anime? Of course, it has to be a primary character joining some prestigious academy to level himself up. Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair is at similar odds, the video game is about Hajime Hinata, a student of Hope’s Peak Academy. Hinata and his friends find themselves stranded on an island by a Robotic evil bear named Monokuma. Monokuma forces them to participate in a strange game about killing.

The video game requires players to solve perplexing puzzles, explore islands for clues, and unravel the secrets of Monokuma. If you want to explore the meaning of RPG in PlayStation Vita, Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair is the best at it.

04. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (The Game From the Franchise that Never Fails to Surprise)

Final Fantasy X HD isn’t popular because the title “Final Fantasy” is tagged to it. What most fail to realize is that every Final Fantasy video game gets acclaim from critics and users for its captivating narrative and unique adaptation of the style of combat. The video game’s graphics are a sight to behold, It’s without a doubt surprising to see that a video game with polished and clean graphics exists on a portable console. The attacks, magic spells, and players’ quick action movements look very good.

We can’t only praise the video game when there’s a great selection of audio too. This video game oozes awesome nostalgic waves of years of original Final Fantasy gameplay. The menu bar of the game is straightforward to navigate, with nothing extra but useful options. However, even after executing a near-perfect story, and showcasing characters in-depth, it still falls short of being called the Best PlayStation Vita RPG Game.

03. God of War Collection (RPG Gaming-Excellence in the Best Console PlayStation Vita)

Every RPG enthusiast desires to indulge in something supernatural, and when talking about the supernatural, there’s nothing better than the God of War franchise. The first 2 installments in God of the franchise were only available on PlayStation 2. And wide range of audiences wanted to play it, which is why today you see a compilation of the best God of War RPG video games that were merged to release on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.

God of War Collection features the first 2 additions to the series, it follows Kratos, who carries out the tasks given to him by the Greek god Zeus, while also finding the real himself. There is no change in the narrative between PS3 and PS Vita.

02. Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Explore the World of Nathan Drake, Using Your Favorite Portable Device)

To have an Uncharted game on PS Vita is all an adventure video game fanatic could wish for. Up to this point, you probably have watched Indiana Jones’ adventures in woods and caves, he pulls out some crazy acrobatic stunts, but you haven’t experienced how he does it, and no video game depicts exploration and treasure hunting better than Uncharted.

Uncharted Golden Abyss is the prequel to Uncharted Drake’s Fortune, the video game certainly is a part of Uncharted. It follows the lead protagonist of the franchise Nathan Drake as he becomes involved in the discovery of the lost city of Quivira. He must find the city with the assistance of his companion Marisa Chase. The gameplay combines action RPG and open-world genre with puzzle-solving elements.

01. Person 4 Golden (Chart-topping and Best PlayStation Vita RPG Game)

There’s no point in arguing with individuals who don’t rate Persona 4 as the best PS Vita RPG game. Persona 4 isn’t the only banger, the whole franchise is a masterpiece. The reason behind its popularity is nothing but its plot. Persona 4 Golden is also a story-driven video game, it features simple yet somehow perplexing crime stories of teenagers being involved with adults. The video game follows a bunch of high school students who discover an alternate shadow world, that criminals use to commit sins and wrongdoings.

Persona 4 Golden features various characters fighting for their benefits and reasons, and you can help them unravel their puzzles. The video game indeed is brilliant. Moreover, it gets acclaim from high-authority entertainment blogs.

Conclusion: The Best RPG Games on PlayStation Vita

Believe it or not, between the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita had the Best RPG Games. The console was behind the revival of many legendary franchises. And some of the titles are already up there. You can check them out, and immerse in them if you feel like doing so. Moreover, we assure you that there won’t be a single second where you would want to quit playing.

This concludes our list, we hope you got what you were looking for, if you did find it, make sure to comment about it. Furthermore, if you want news about trendy topics. Make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram.

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