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“Smite 2” is Announced, and It is Coming Sooner than You Thought

Smite 2 announced

After waiting for years and years, the Titan Forge Games has announced the sequel to their most infamous video game, Smite 2. Smite is a third-person battle arena video game, it initially launched on Microsoft Windows and later widened to consoles. This game is still available on various platforms and is active. Even today, thousands of users hop onto their accounts to indulge in the fascinating gameplay. Before immersive, Smite’s gameplay is rather strange, the video game showcases how risky it is to include a variety of different characters. Countless issues were stopping Smite from emerging as one of the biggest battle arena games.

Coming back to Smite 2, the video game was announced early this month by 2 of the massive studios, Titan Forge Games and Hi-Rez. According to the announcement, the video game’s closed alpha testing is set to begin in spring 2024. However, neither the official release date of the video game nor the beginning date of closed alpha testing has been made public yet.

Join the Closed Alpha Testing Program: Guide

Being part of the crew that gets to play Smite 2 before the normal public is what most people are currently wishing for. Waiting years for a game might distract their focus from the other things going around simultaneously. The correct thing to do now is to set your eyes on the Closed Alpha playtest. What’s more interesting is that you can join the program right now. To do that you need to navigate your way to the official website of Smite 2. Once you are on the website, click the “Register for Alpha” button. Briefly, a new pop-up page will load, there you need to add your details. After submitting your email address and choosing your device, you just need to wait. You will receive a confirmation email.

Once the program starts, you will be notified through an email.

Smite 2’s Announcement might bring Revolutionary change to Battle-Arena Genre

Additionally, In the Smite 2 announcement ceremony, they revealed the achievements and stats of the first Smite Game. They told the media about how many users have played the video game. In short, how many download milestones had it reached. The reveal was not very shocking, judging by the game’s popularity. The evaluation was 40 million sales.

According to the reports from official sources, Titan Forge Games will be using Unreal Engine 5 to create Smite 2. The video game will have tremendous differences in quality. The visuals and graphics will tear the world apart. Developers will emphasize the ability to execute great ideas in the game.

The unreal graphics from a modern engine will enhance the video game’s ability to a great expansive. This will radically shape the entire gaming scene. However, we are sure about one thing, Smite 2 will be somewhere among the best titles. If you have anything to say about Smite 2, do comment on it in the comments section. Also, for future updates on Smite 2 and similar trendy news, drop a follow on our Facebook and Instagram.

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