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T-Pain Working in GTA 6? The Man Himself Just Has Confirmed It

T-Pain Working in GTA 6

Is T-Pain working with Rockstar Games on their most anticipated sequel, GTA 6? T-Pain is an American songwriter, singer, and producer. When it comes to auto-tune pitch correction there is no better man than T-Pain himself, being on par with rappers like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Snoop Dogg. But his affiliation with the streaming has not been recent. T-Pain has been on Twitch for countless years and is still loyal to his fanbase. T-Pain streams a variety of different games, from First-person shooters to role-playing games. However, he was mostly linked with the Grand Theft Auto franchise, making more caps in Grand Theft Auto 5’s role-playing servers than any other server or video game. The streamer is close to hitting 1 million followers.

Coming back to the GTA franchise, T-Pain is recently been associated with it. In one of his recent streams, T-Pain blatantly spoke about his recently established connection with the rockstar. When a fan asked him why he hadn’t been logging into his RP account, and why hasn’t mentioned anything regarding GTA in a very long time. He answered: “I used to be on Nopixel, but now that I am working on GTA 6, They (Rockstar Games) told me to stop playing RP, it goes against the rules… They were like, what if someone clipped your album and re-recorded it, and more people were listening to that? Okay, I kind of get that. But I always had a good time.”

Rockstar also approached and hired the modding team that monitors GTA 5’s biggest servers the FiveM and RedM. Which alone is perplexing. T-Pain himself stated that his reaction was devastating to learn that the Modders who inevitably direct the whole RP servers at their fingertips are part of GTA 6, but he can’t even play the game.

T-Pain Working in GTA 6, But What’s His Contribution in the Playing?

All the claims were from T-Pain’s side, and Rockstar has yet to reveal anything. Although, T-Pain hasn’t revealed his contribution in GTA 6. The world-class singer and songwriter is phenomenal but his talent seizes to the music industry. However, Rockstar Games is infamous for clowning people and making parodies and puns of big corporations and individuals.

If T-Pain can’t help in the composition of GTA 6, he definitely is there to help Rockstar Games add some humor to the sequel. T-Pain’s popularity meter has increased to the maximum, which is to be expected from a multi-billion dollar company. And fans would be too impatient to question his participation in the video game. Rockstar Games always being hideous might stop him from revealing more than he already has, which fans might not appreciate but it’s for their good.

Who knows if T-Pain plays a significant role in GTA 6’s RP. Nevertheless, Rockstar Games, a gigantic company surely had a reason to hire him. Whether it’s now or in the future Rockstar Games will unveil more secrets about video game outside contributors, including T-Pain’s part in the video game. Even if T-Pain has left GTA 5 RP, his influence over it and the community’s impact will remain there.

T-Pain’s transition will bring a change to the gaming community. The trend of role-playing and Community involvement will bloom. What’s your opinion on T-Pain’s involvement in the next chapter of the Grand Theft Auto series? Do comment in the comment section. If you wish to stay up to date with the latest game news, make sure to check out our FacebookInstagram Pages. These platforms will indeed help you get a quick grasp of what’s happening at the moment around the gaming community.

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