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Sports Games to Try Today: The Ultimate Collection

Sports Games to Try Today

Are you bored of normal sports games, and wish to play something unique today? Join us on an adventure where we examine the best video games that you can instantly install on your devices and play this instance. We will feature 3 different sports games that are immersive and live-service. Let’s jump right onto the list.

EA FC 24 (The Very First Sports Game We Recommend to Try Today)

Football or soccer controversially is the biggest sport in the entire world. The sport brings different nations and ethnicities together, and people indulge in a fascinating game that is brimming with loads and loads of tense moments. The game is all emotions, whether you come out as victor or lose in agony, the game is entertaining. EA FC 24 is a captivating sports game that unveils how engrossing the video game can be if you play it with real-life athletes and fast-paced modern gameplay. The video game features up to 19000 licensed players, about 700+ teams all across the world, and 30+ leagues from different nations.

In the video game, you can create a team that can withstand and overwhelm the opponent. The team is made up of 16:9 cards, each with different stats, and are relatively suited for the players’ position. You can add any past or present players to your roster. If you get a high OVR player in your inventory, you can swap it for the low OVR that you already own. Each player has several cards from various promotions, and there is also a Base card. The diversity of the cards makes EA FC 24 one of the elite sports games that you can try today.

The kick-off mode allows players to play the match against AI. This is one mode that has always stuck together with the video game, ever since the initial release of the video game.

EA FC 24’s career mode is carrying the entire video game and attracting the fanbase together. Players create a custom character, make them a part of their favorite team, and help that team win titles.

Real Cricket™ 24

Most of you readers might have never watched this sport, it’s similar to baseball to some extent. There is a round ball that can fit in one hand, an abnormally flat bat instead of it being round from all corners, and 11 players playing it. The video game is vastly popular in Asia and Oceania. Unlike Football, where both teams are constantly involved, a cricket match is divided into 2 parts. Both teams take turns batting, and after the first team has played their initial part of batting, the second team bats, and the first team goes back to fielding. In short, the sport isn’t difficult the rules make it difficult.

If you still find cricket perplexing? Play Real Cricket™ 24, a cricket simulation sports game that will help you understand the basics of the sport. The video game has a collection of astounding gameplay modes and meticulously detailed mechanics. Real Cricket™ 24 offers a variety of different challenging modes, from Domestic Tournament to World Cup, everything features a realistic cricket experience. Moreover, the Real-time multiplayer mode is also thrilling. You can play together with your friends or locals in 1v1. From the beginning to the very end, cricket sport will keep you busy.

The users also have complete access to change and transform different aspects of the video game. The changes can vary from minor alterations in graphics to customizing certain facets of the game. In short, you have access to mess around and explore the innovative part of the video game.

Ping Pong Online

Enough with outdoor games, let’s stay indoors and try something frustrating, something that can create tension and also activate the resolve of winning anything and everything. The last pick on sports games to play today is “Ping Pong.” This indoor game is derived from Table Tennis, although the rules and regulations separate both games. Ping Pong technically is much slower than table tennis. Players can often feel overwhelming pressure as well as calmness. The video game or rather the entire sport requires 2 players at minimum to start, although the ideal fun gameplay requires 4 players.

Unlike Table Tennis, where you need 11 points to win, Ping Pong runs for a little longer, at least one side must score 15 points to end the game. The Pingpong paddles are not soft, the upper part of the paddles that receives the ball is covered with hardboard or sandpaper. Which kills the momentum. The video game is the most straightforward in the entire list. First of all, you don’t need to purchase anything or install any application. Just open your browser search for the game’s title and open the official website of

The objective of the game is to score points required to win a ping pong game. After opening the video game, a single click on the start button runs it. The only other option in Ping Pong online is to turn off the volume.

Conclusion: How Good Are Today’s Sports Games Picks?

The person who pays the balance and purchases a video game has every right to chastise or praise that video game. It doesn’t matter if you despise this or that sport, human nature desires entertainment and hates losing. The top 3 sports games to play today are all immersive with realistic gameplay mechanics. Everyone has a different perspective of the world, but sports fanatics will immerse themselves in anything that involves physical presence. This is why our top picks are not only ours, they are the majority of people’s picks.

All the enlisted games are the latest in their respective franchise or standoff. With that being said, we are concluding it. We hope you found this post helpful. If you wish to read more helpful content like this, make sure to comment with your feedback, it motivates us to write more pleasant content.

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