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The Taken King Launches Without A Raid

I generally try to avoid talking about the year long, sixty dollar beta, Destiny, but this is just too rich to avoid. According to The Taken King Director Luke Smith, the new Raid titled ‘Kings Fall’ will not be available on the day of launch.

Really Bungie…?

What’s more, Luke didn’t even comment on a potential release window for the raid, which is considered one of the most important pieces of content for Destiny’s end game. What a sad state of affairs for both Activision and Bungie.

Despite all of this, he has offered a final statement on the matter and it is as disappointing as one might expect.

“But I promise for people who are excited about the raid will know when it’s time to take time off work. We’ll give em’ a heads up”

How kind of Bungie to let us know when it comes out after hiding this fact until mere weeks before The Taken King releases. It’s not as if anyone wanted to play the Raid after Disappointment of Wolves released without a raid, instead opting for the utterly horrible “Prison of Elders”.

The Taken King was supposed to be the reinvention of Destiny. It was supposed to show everybody that Destiny can and will be a great game. While this may still happen, shipping without a vital piece of content just shows that even an entire year after launching, Bungie still can’t get their s%!t together.

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  • Thomas
    Posted September 4, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    The purpose of delaying this raid is not because Bungie doesn’t have their “stuff” together. They are delaying the raid to give players a week to level up, gear up, and prepare to jump in. You can’t jump into a level 40 raid at level 34 – you’d get obliterated.

    Bungie isn’t the first company to do this. In fact, just two months ago, Square Enix did the same thing with Final Fantasy XIV and its new expansion.

    This is a typical MMO practice that is not, in any way, a source of rage for the community. You should be a bit more forgiving. Better yet, a bit more observant.

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