Amazon is banning New World players who used coin duplication exploit

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Amazon’s MMORPG New World has gotten off to a rough start. Even though the size of its player base is impressive, the many bugs have held it back. One of these bugs made it possible to duplicate wealth crashing the economy. But today Amazon has revealed that it has permanently banned any New World players who used the coin duplication exploit.

This decision was not made lightly but the developer felt it was necessary to set a standard. Community manager Luxendra posted the following on the official forums: “We feel the ability to trade and improve settlements is an important, and fun aspect of our game we aim to preserve. We have permanently banned players who exploited the Coin/Item dupe issue.”

 Making a point

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Banning players for using a gold exploit may not sound too impressive but it’s rarer than you would think. Jagex’s MMORPG RuneScape had an issue where players could continuously spawn the end boss in its Elite Dungeon raids. By killing this final boss over and over it was possible to make billions of gold far quicker than intended.

The punishment for players who exploited this? Two weeks suspension and zero wealth removed. The only players who got permanently banned were those that traded this newly obtained wealth for real-world money.

When compared to that New World players getting banned for using coin duplication is a blessing. It shows that Amazon Game Studios is not playing around and has zero tolerance for cheating. Those that had thought about taking advantage of future exploits will now be put off knowing that there is a genuine risk of losing everything.

The next challenge for Amazon is to tackle coin sellers. We, at, got to know that the forum post acknowledges that this is a problem. To counter this, several measures have been introduced. The biggest change is that gold sellers will now have to reach level 10 before they can trade. Only time will tell if this will be enough.

Forza Horizon 5 and Minecraft are coming to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Studios has provided a list of video games that will be available on Xbox Game Pass soon. These vary from blockbuster AAA titles to exciting indie games. Amongst these coming games is Forza Horizon 5, which will be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch. The popular open-world racer is expected to release on November 9.

In addition to Forza, Game Pass owners will also be able to enjoy gaming’s greatest sandbox title, Minecraft. Mojang’s hit block builder will have both its Java and Bedrock Editions come to Game Pass very soon. Both versions will be playable tomorrow on November 2.

Xbox Game Pass is expanding

xbox game pass grand theft auto san andreas definitive edition

Since its initial release in 2017, Xbox Game Pass has become one of the best deals for gamers. For a monthly fee, owners get access to hundreds of great titles. Even large-scale AAA games like Forza Horizon 5 often come to Xbox Game Pass as soon as they launch. Gone are the days of spending $60 for just one game.

It’s not just first-party games that make their way across though. This post also confirms that both Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition and Football Manager 2022 are coming soon.  The latter will arrive on November 9 with the former following on November 11.

As for our indie developer friends, they aren’t being left out either. Several indie games are coming to Game Pass soon including One Step from Eden, Backbone, Moonglow Bay, Project Wingman, Kill It with Fire, and It Takes Two. Some of these are available today with some others expected throughout November.

The majority of these new games can be played by both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC owners. However, consider checking out the blog post for more details on which games are exclusive to certain platforms.

Oculus removes Facebook account requirement for Quest VR headset

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During the Facebook Connect Livestream, the technology giant confirmed that it was rebranding to Meta. However, that wasn’t the only big piece of news to come out of that conference. We, at, also found out that it is removing the Facebook account log-in requirement on its Oculus Quest VR headset.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that his team had heard the feedback and felt it was time to remove what many felt was an entry barrier. Sometime next year this change will be implemented and Oculus Quest users will be able to play without an active Facebook account.

What’s wrong with Facebook?

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Facebook purchased virtual reality specialists Oculus back in 2014. Following this acquisition, a restriction was added forcing users to log in to a Facebook account. Whilst this may not seem too problematic to some, a lot of Oculus owners were not happy about the change.

The problem is that a lot of Oculus Quest owners do not trust Facebook. For one this restriction makes it so that if Facebook has an outage the Quest becomes unusable. But that’s not even the main problem. For many, the bigger issue is that this forces them to share their data with Facebook and Meta.

History suggests that Facebook is not to be trusted with personal data. Back in 2018, it was taken to court over allegations that collected user data was being sold to other corporations. This data is very valuable for big companies as it helps them understand their audience better. This in turn makes it possible to create more effective marketing campaigns.

The law on selling user data is different depending on the country but the European Union’s stance is clear. Doing so is illegal and you have to pay some fine for it. US audience can not play it. Facebook is hit by a $5 billion fine. US Federal Trade Commission implement this fine.

Apex Legends Season 11 trailer reveals Ash and the new Storm Point map

apex legends season 11 trailer ash

Season 11 of Apex Legends is right around the corner so it’s only fitting that developer Respawn Entertainment gives us a trailer. The trailer for Season 11 just dropped revealing everything fans can expect. Amongst these reveals was a new legend, map, and weapon.

This will be the first season added to Apex Legends since August. The last season saw Seer and the Rampage LMG introduced alongside some new loot. Titled Escape, Season 11 follows a similar path but fans may find this season a little more exciting. Why? Because Ash is about to become a playable legend.

What Season 11 has to offer

apex legends season 11 trailer escape storm point map

Ash is one of the antagonists in Titanfall 2. She is a badass pilot who was previously featured in Apex Legends as an NPC. This cameo was made way back in Season 5 but six seasons later she will finally become a legend.

The Apex Legends Season 11 trailer showcased Ash’s abilities. Her passive Marked for Death will reveal the locations of all death boxes. Meanwhile, her tactical ability Arc Snare holds players in place and damages those that get too close. Finally, Ash’s ultimate ability Phase Breach allows players to open up a one-way portal to a targeted location.

But a new legend alone isn’t going to cut it. Season 11 also introduces Storm Point, the new map coming to Apex Legends. It is beach-themed and features roaming creatures that will hunt down vulnerable legends. There are also launch cannons scattered around which can be used for fast transportation.

Finally, the C.A.R SMG is the new gun coming to Apex Legends. The Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun is an anti-personnel weapon from Titanfall. It has a unique ammunition chamber that allows the user to switch between light and heavy rounds. This makes it extremely versatile on the battlefield.

Our first look at GTA Trilogy gameplay in new reveal trailer

gta trilogy trailer remastered vice city graphics

The GTA Remastered Trilogy was announced last month with a short teaser trailer. Its hefty price tag was revealed but nothing regarding its gameplay was shown. However, in a new trailer released today Rockstar has finally shown what gamers can expect from the GTA Trilogy.

The Definitive Edition Trailer runs for just under a minute and provides a showcase of the collection’s visuals. There are various direct comparisons made between the original games and their upgraded counterparts. The trailer also shows clear frame rate improvements with the remastered gameplay running at what appears to be 60 frames per second.

Not everyone is happy

gta trilogy trailer remastered gta 3 comparison

The trailer for the GTA Trilogy has been very well received having 194,000 likes and just 4,000 dislikes. However, not everyone is thrilled with the changes. For the GTA Remastered Trilogy Rockstar has opted for a more cartoon aesthetic similar to that of the original titles. It’s faithful but some gamers feel like a more realistic look would have been a better fit.

I’m a big fan though and think Rockstar has gotten things right. It’s a fun throwback that somehow manages to look both retro and modern all at once. Of the three bundled games, GTA 3 seems to have benefited most from the visual overhaul. The original was rough but this remaster is arguably the best looking of the three.

Regardless of your opinion on the graphics, everyone will like this next reveal. According to Rockstar, all three games will feature a rework to their control schemes. This rework aims to bring them all in line with GTA V, the most recent addition to the franchise. This should be a huge upgrade over the original controls.

Furthermore, the GTA Trilogy will be making its way to Xbox Game Pass, although not all at once. Starting November 11 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will be the first game to be available on Game Pass. The other two are expected to follow sometime afterward.

Elden Ring delayed but Closed Network Test still expected in November

Elden ring delayed - vGamerz

Developer FromSoftware Inc. has delayed Elden Ring. Initially announced for a 21 January release, the action RPG will now instead launch on Feb 22, 2022. This announcement was made on the official Elden Ring Twitter account earlier today. The reason for this delay is that the developer believes that its “strategic freedom,” has exceeded initial expectations.

Despite this, the Closed Network Test has not been pushed back. As before it will go ahead sometime in November. The Closed Network Test will act as a beta allowing players to try out the game ahead of release. Unfortunately, this beta will only be available on the console so PC gamers will have to wait.

A delay isn’t a bad thing


For some, it’ll be frustrating knowing that Elden Ring has been delayed. Having a game that you are looking forward to being pushed back isn’t ideal but it isn’t usually a bad thing. Delayed games tend to be less buggy and offer a more complete experience.

Look what happened to the likes of Fallout 76 and Anthem. These titles were rushed out far before being finished which resulted in them performing poorly at launch. Whilst Fallout 76 has somewhat turned things around, Anthem has certainly not. Just two years after its launch, Electronic Arts ceased all development on Bioware’s multiplayer RPG last February.

There’s a lot of pressure on FromSoftware to deliver a good product. Elden Ring is one of the most hyped games of 2022. It promises to be an epic collab between Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki and the mind behind Game of Thrones, George R.R Martin.

With two creative geniuses at the helm, it’s hard to imagine Elden Ring delay but it wouldn’t be the first time a game to disappoint. Let’s just hope that this delay is a sign that FromSoftware is taking this seriously and wants to deliver the best game possible.

New Overwatch patch hints that a McCree name change isn’t far away

mccree name change overwatch feature

Blizzard revealed in September that it has plans to rename Jesse McCree. The gunslinging Overwatch hero was originally named after Diablo’s senior-level designer. However, following the allegations against the Blizzard employee the name has since been tarnished. To protect the heroic status of Overwatch’s McCree Blizzard wants to change his name.

However, it wasn’t expected that this move would happen anytime soon. The consensus is that this be implemented for Overwatch 2’s launch. But following a recent discovery found by Reddit user DoctorDeadeye, the change may be coming sooner than expected. Potentially even in the next few months.

Goodbye McCree

mccree ultimate ability deadeye overwatch

The post shows that Blizzard has removed a large quantity of McCree-related voice lines. Presumably, in preparation for a name change, most voice lines refencing the name McCree is no longer in Overwatch. This includes voice lines said by McCree himself but also interactions between him and other characters like Ashe.

Interestingly, not all voice lines referencing McCree’s name are gone. For example, when Echo copies McCree using her ultimate some of her voice lines referencing his name remain. These were likely kept as they are vital gameplay features that provide players with information. These may be replaced in the future once McCree is officially renamed.

Furthermore, there is one specific voice line where Torbjorn asks about McCree’s robotic arm that hasn’t been removed. The topic of McCree’s arm was also raised in the Echo reveal trailer, Reunion. Blizzard may have plans to explain what led to this in the near future.

As for what’s McCree’s name will be changed to, we don’t know. One early suggestion includes Joel McCloud, a nod to cowboy’s original concept name. Sources suggesting this are not concrete though and we likely won’t know what his new name will be until Blizzard announce it. Regardless, expect to hear more about this topic sooner rather than later.

The GTA Remastered Trilogy isn’t going to be cheap, listed at $70

gta remastered trilogy feature

A couple of days ago Rockstar Games announced the GTA Remastered Trilogy. This trilogy will be made up of three remasters of past Grand Theft Auto titles: GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. Format-wise, it seems similar to Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D All-Stars which was released earlier this year. However, there is one notable difference.

Whilst Super Mario 3D All Stars was priced at $50 at launch, GTA will set fans back $70. Seventy bucks is the standard price for most next-gen AAA games but it’s uncommon for a remaster to cost that much. The implications of this pricing are interesting as it means one of two things. Either Rockstar is over charging or these remasters will provide more than expected.

Are we underestimating Rockstar?

gta remastered trilogy san andreas original graphics

Many assumptions are made by many when the GTA Remastered Trilogy was first rumored.

People were talking about that it would be a lazily thrown-together collection of old games. Certainly, the visuals would be cleaned up a little. On the other hand, performance issues would be fixed, but none of the three bundled games would be true remasters.

But if this pricing is anything to go by, this may not be the case. Rockstar hasn’t released many games at all over the last decade so perhaps it used the freed-up development resources to improve this collection. If that’s true, an overhaul and modern touch make these remaster more attractive.

Sadly, there is another possibility. The more cynical view would be that Rockstar knows this collection will sell regardless so it has priced the GTA Remastered Trilogy at $70. Not because the collection justifies that price, but because fans desperate for nostalgia will cave in and buy it.

More details about the trilogy have yet to be revealed. Hopefully, in the near future, Rockstar will show us exactly what the collection looks like. All we can do in the meantime is pray that this isn’t just a desperate cash grab.

Twitch has reset everyone’s stream key following mass data breach

Popular streaming website Twitch recently suffered a data breach. In response to this Twitch has decided to reset everyone’s stream key in order to protect their channels. Further details regarding the breech have yet to be provided. It is assumed that Twitch is currently investigating exactly what got leaked.

A stream key is used to link up a streaming website and the streaming software. Popular streaming software like OBS and Streamlabs don’t work unless a stream key is entered. If someone knew someone else’s stream key, it would be possible to stream content to their channel without their permission.

Data breach

twitch stream key top earners breach list

Recently, an anonymous hacker managed to bypass Twitch’s security and obtain a wealth of data. This data included people’s Twitch stream key, passwords, source code, and even pay-out information. Accessing this data is illegal and it is expected that Twitch will pursue legal action if possible.

The leak first surfaced on 4chan; a popular internet forum known for incidents like these. The hacker claims that their motive was to disrupt the streaming service to combat its toxic community. It’s unclear if these motivations are genuine or just a cover up to justify breaking the law.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the data breach is that we now know what some streamers get paid. Monthly earnings from September reported that big streamers like XQC make over $700,000 a month. Equally, Asmongold makes $141,000 whilst Moistcr1tikal made $118,000. Some fans probably expected numbers like these but it does go to show just how lucrative Twitch can be.

But what does this breach mean for you? Simply, if you haven’t done so yet I’d recommend changing your password and activating two-step authentication. Furthermore, if that password is used on other website change it on there too. Especially if it’s an important account like Google or any social media platform.

Mei Is getting a huge DPS increase in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is going to bring a ton of changes to just about every character in the game. Blizzard is using the release of the highly anticipated sequel as a chance to try out new things. Amongst these announced changes is that Mei will be receiving a big DPS buff in Overwatch 2.

Currently, Mei’s primary attack is an Endothermic Blast that freezes enemies over time. This freeze effect is being removed in an attempt to reduce the amount of crowd control in Overwatch 2. However, to compensate Blizzard is increasing the attack’s base damage from 55 to 90 damage per second. That is a huge buff that means it will only take 2.2 seconds to kill a regular 200 health hero.

The new Mei

mei overwatch 2 sombra new model

Mei has always been a controversial hero due to her large quantity of crowd control. Crowd control refers to abilities that stun, freeze or block other players from moving or using abilities. To make Overwatch 2 less frustrating this aspect of Mei is being removed and replaced with superior damage output.

Despite this change Mei will still maintain some crowd control with her attack. Instead of freezing enemies the Endothermic Blaster will now only slow them down. It’s a nice middle ground where Mei doesn’t lose her identity without feeling unfair to play against.

Of course, Mei isn’t the only reworked character that Blizzard has shown off recently. Both Sombra and Bastion received reworks to better fit in with Overwatch 2’s vision. In the sequel Sombra’s hacks don’t last as long but she can deal extra damage to hacked targets. Also, she’ll be able to hack targets whilst invisible.

As for Bastion, our robot friend can now move around in turret form. This extra mobility makes him more self-sustaining. Furthermore, he has a new ultimate where he can fire off three artillery shells at any position on the map.