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Pokemon Sleep given release date four years after first reveal

pokemon sleep release date summer 2023

The Pokemon Company revealed a variety of new announcements at today’s Pokemon Presents. We saw a new Netflix show, Zacian comes to Pokemon Unite, and DLC for Scarlet and Violet. However, it’s the reveal of a release date for Pokemon Sleep that has been the most overdue announcement.

Pokemon Sleep was first announced three years ago. In that announcement, we found out its name, that it was related to sleeping and that was about it. The expectation was that we’d find out more over the coming year or so but that was not the case. Instead, we got no new information which led fans to eventually conclude that it was most likely canceled.

At least that was what we thought until now. The recent Pokemon Presents gave us our second look at Pokemon Sleep for the first time in three years after its initial announcement. We even got given a release date for Pokemon Sleep with it touted for a Summer 2023 launch.

As for Pokemon Sleep itself, it turns out it’s a spin-off game coming to iOS and Android. Players will be able to use it to track their sleeping pattern and sleeping style. Based on how you sleep different Pokemon will appear that share your sleeping style in common. The app is effectively an interactive alarm that aims to encourage players to look forward to waking up.

Good sleep is important

pokemon sleep sleep type dozing snoozing slumbering

With Pokemon Sleep being given a Summer 2023 release date some players may wonder why it even exists. The reality is that getting a good night’s sleep set you up for a better day. Pokemon Sleep isn’t necessarily going to single-handedly fix your sleeping problems, but it offers a fun option for those that struggle to sleep. It’s an innocent and cute app that should motivate some people to sleep better.

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