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New Eevee Tera Raid Event goes live in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Eevee tera raid event pokemon scarlet violet

A new exciting event has gone live in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Starting today Pokemon players can try out the new Eevee Tera Raid Event and catch themselves a unique Eevee. This event will run from November 25 until the end of the weekend on November 27.

For the duration of the event the popular evolution Pokemon will be appearing much more frequently in Tera Raid Battles. Furthermore, the Eevee that you encounter will have various Tera Types opening up a world of possibilities. You can either catch one of these unique Eevee for a competitive team or just use them in your casual playthrough. Either way with Eevee being so popular we expect plenty of players to go and catch their own.

For those unaware Tera Raid Events like this one for Eevee are very useful. They give a large variety of rewards including Bottle Caps and experience but also unique Tera Types. A Pokémon’s Tera Type determines what type it will become when it Terastallizes which can have a big impact on how it is used.

For example, types like Ice and Rock are notoriously weak defensively. However, with Tera Types you could change a bulky Rock type into a Steel type making it more viable. Equally, strong normal types with a good move pool can be changed to give them STAB bonus on common coverage moves like Blizzard and Earthquake.

What this means for Eevee

tera raids pokemon scarlet crystal gameplay

Eevee is a unique Pokemon as it has nine different evolutions. Since all of its evolutions have different typing, strengths and weaknesses there isn’t one Tera Type that works for all of them. Therefore, the Eevee Tera Raid Event is a great opportunity for players to catch several Eevee to cover all of its evolutions. So be sure to not miss out on this unique chance to catch as many Eevee as you want.

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