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WildStar: ‘Ops Week’ Will Continue Until the Headstart


WildStar is almost out and Carbine Studios/NCSOFT have been hosting the last Ops Week, where players can log in one last time in the beta servers before the release date. During this period, the developers “will be preparing for the launch and will be putting the final touches on everything.” This event should last until the headstart, on 31th May, and it doesn’t have any official opening dates, it’s completely random, as Carbine Studios explained:

We aren’t going to pre-announce the windows. As the teams decide that we need something tested, we will announce it on social media, and open up the servers for as long as we need in order to fulfill the testing. It will be completely random. We might be only up for 1 hour, we might be up longer.

This means if players pretend to play WildStar again before the official release dates, they must follow the game’s social networks closely, especially during the business hours for PDT. Ops Week is opened for everyone and it doesn’t involve any rewards or special prizes.

WildStar is an upcoming sci-fi MMORPG launching on PC May 31 (headstart for pre-orders) or June 3, 2014.



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