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5 Reasons Why Watch Dogs Hacking Can’t Convince Anyone

Watch Dogs Hacking

Watch Dogs is almost out for the amusement of most gamers. However, not everything is perfect about this game. One of the weakest aspects of the Watch Dogs hacking system, which allows players to hack basically anything in the surrounding environments, including technically non-hackable objects. Besides that, the game’s protagonist, Aiden Pearce, is some kind of god who can simply invade all networks without much trouble. And of course, all this without getting caught. Check out why Watch dogs’ hacking system can’t convince anyone at all.

1. Express Hacking: One Click is All You Need

Who would say that hacking in the near future would be as fast and easy as one single click? In Watch Dogs hacking and phreaking have nothing to do with the real thing. Time boundaries are completely renounced, hacking techniques are basically inexistent and the very hacking tools resemble automated casual applications. If hacking would be as easy as in this game, then we would be currently assisting to the downfall of modern society. Good for us, most computer exploit techniques still require some time to be properly executed. And unlike Watch Dogs, one click is certainly not all that is needed.

2. Paranormal Hacking: Mechanical Devices Shall Not Escape

Breaking all the rules of modern hacking wasn’t enough for Ubisoft, so they decided to prove that nothing is impossible in the world of Watch Dogs. Whether it’s an unintentional lapse or a leap of faith, the truth is that mechanical devices can be hacked in Watch Dogs. It might seem cool and rather convenient to hack a huge variety of things in the surrounding environments but how can a physical object with no electronic circuits be hacked? It’s beyond unrealistic, it’s quite pitiful. But it gets even worse with the hacking ability of mechanical devices that require pure strength to be lifted, which naturally challenges the laws of physics and evokes a sense of magic or supernatural.

3. Divine Hacking: Aiden Pearce, the Omnipotent

Watch Dog - Divine HackingAs players progress in Watch Dogs, they’ll be able to unlock new and more powerful hacking abilities until the point that the whole Chicago city will be at its knees. With so much power in his hands, Pearce inevitably becomes a living god capable of performing all types of imaginable things. He can virtually get anywhere, anytime, anyplace. But let’s be honest, even elite hackers nowadays would be jealous of this virtual character. For someone who spent a good while in prison, Aiden is extremely paired with reality. In fact, he manages to outsmart everyone with his hack, showing that he’s either a god among the living or then it proves Chicago has close to zero defenses against cyber-crime.

4. Ghost Hacking: Detection is Hardly a Problem

Watch Dogs Ghost HackingThe typical hacker on the run is perfectly portrayed by Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs but the thing is, he is never caught, just as in the good old heroin mainstream movies. He does not only have flawless solutions for every unexpected incident, as he is able to hack any network without ever getting detected. No matter how many times he might hack the same networks or the same type of objects, he will just go on unnoticed. Once again, it’s the power of seeming divinity. Even in the worst-case scenarios, Aiden doesn’t need to panic because upon detection it’s extremely easy to run away through the countless weapons proportionated by the dynamic environment system.

5. Shameless Hacking: The Perfect Future for Cyber Criminals

One of the things that Watch Dogs show us is that the future will be amazing for cybercriminals but what’s confusing is the incredible level of unrealism. Aiden can hack all citizens and freely acquire their personal data. Isn’t there anyone at all who has a decent security system able to detect hacker attacks? How can governmental networks not notice all the strange anomalies happening all over the city? Worse, why can’t they do anything efficient about it? Doesn’t Chicago have an anti-cybercrime police department? After so many bizarre aspects regarding Watch Dogs’ hacking system, I can only conclude that cybercrime is prompt to be shameless and unstoppable in the future, at least according to Ubisoft.



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  1. I think you forget one important detail in your presentation. The system uses Aiden Pearce is one of CTOs is a comprehensive monitoring system on the territory of the city. Aiden Pearce uses only the access to this “security” used for everything that is connected … So it is not the hack itself, but the illegal use of CTOs that every city is connected .

  2. If games were realistic they wouldn’t be fun. 🙂

    You are thinking games are simulators.

  3. This article is quite inane, and the author obviously hasn’t played the game:

    1) “Express Hacking”

    The point is that the hacking has already occurred. Once the security of cTOS is compromised, you are “in” so to speak, and have access to the same push-button functions as an official cTOS operator. You’re not hacking every individual traffic light; that would be ridiculous.

    2) “Mechanical Devices”

    An in-game character literally states that you can hack “anything electrical – everything has a microprocessor in it these days”. This game takes place in an alternate, heavily computerised reality. The protector is obviously not a purely mechanical object.

    3) “Omnipotence”

    I mean, really? This isn’t really a point is it? Yes it’s a videogame, yes you can fast travel. Yes you play as an individual who has access to an undetectable exploit of cTOS cyber-security. If you can’t suspend your disbelief this far then good luck enjoying a superhero movie.

    4) and 5)

    See above. These aren’t actual points.

  4. Do you want a hacking simulator or an action game? That’s what this sounds like. When has a video game ever been completely realistic? I mean, seriously? We’re still discussing stuff like this? Video games are meant to be an enjoyable experience. To accomplish this, even full-on simulators have to be tweaked a bit. Everything you mentioned would completely take the fun out of the game. Nobody would play such a title if everything was full-on realistic. It would just be boring.

  5. So you missed the articles mentioning that every hack had some form of ubisoft have said several times a few of the hacks are oversimplified as otherwise they’d be tedious and boring todo. Also if you know how EVERY device contected to a network with even ONE

    1. The game will be boring anyway. Always hacking in the same way with a phone, looking at personal data, with a weak story, etc. It’s not a bad game but just overrated by a lot of people.

  6. I also noticed the mechanical hack thing lol kinda bad from them. Steam pipes are unlucky to be hacked too since theya re not electronic at all… but then it’s a game, so it can be forgiven I guess.

  7. Wait what?! the hacking is not real?!
    Next thing you’re telling me I’m -not- living in the 60’s and the nazi’s didn’t win……..

  8. Number 5 is a really important one for me. The devs really wanted to have this theme of data security and cybersecurity, trying to communicate that it is and is going to be a big deal and become more important as time goes on, but fail to show us the other side of the coin.

  9. Wow. We have a bunch of people complaining about a GAME that isn’t realistic? Because ” shoots and ladders” was extremely realistic…..and also the same people complaining about the ”easy hacks” can not even formulate a correct sentence, or even spell check what they wrote before posting. Did some one hack your computer with the push of one button to make your spell check freeze? Come on…your just upset you couldn’t beat the game

  10. Possibly the dimmest article I’ve read read. Every single point is demonstrably wrong.

    I would go in detail as to why it’s wrong, but anyone who can’t see the obvious just by reading it is surely just as daft as whoever wrote it.

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