Tencent reveals Avatar: Reckoning, an MMORPG for mobile devices

avatar reckoning revealed mobile

Tencent has announced a new Avatar-themed MMORPG. Titled Avatar: Reckoning it will launch on mobile devices sometime either late this year or in early 2023. This collaboration between Disney and Tencent will expand the Avatar franchise beyond the two films.

In the reveal press release, Disney describes Reckoning as having “cutting-edge mobile graphics and intuitive, tailored controls.” It is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 with mechanics optimized specifically for mobile devices. That means you can expect touch screen controls and gameplay that is on the simpler side.

Specifics regarding Avatar: Reckoning are yet to surface. Although Tencent does promise that franchise fans will get to explore “never before seen,” areas of Pandora, the alien planet where Avatar takes place. An exciting prospect for those that want to learn more about the hit 2009 science fiction film’s lore.

We also know that it will feature both single-player and multiplayer functionality. This includes both PvP game modes as well as an option to team up in co-op. Those less interested in multiplayer will be pleased to hear that a fully-featured single-player story is planned too. Assuming it lives up to the hype, Reckoning could be a fantastic MMORPG.

Why only mobile?

avatar reckoning announcement tweet

The only disappointing detail of the announcement was that Avatar: Reckoning will launch as a mobile exclusive. Android emulators like BlueStacks can be used to bypass this on PC but it’s not ideal and also not accessible for console players.

An exact reason for Reckoning being a mobile-exclusive was not given but a reasonable guess can be made. The mobile gaming market is very popular and also easier to develop for. Perhaps Tencent simply believes there was more money to be made on the mobile market rather than risk developing a full-scale AAA MMORPG. If that decision pays off is to be seen.

The PSO2 New Genesis overhaul is coming sooner than expected

A rework of Phantasy Start Online 2 was announced last year. Dubbed PSO2 New Genesis, it aims to bring SEGA’s hit MMORPG into the modern age. Initially, players weren’t expecting to see the update go live for some time. However, a new announcement has confirmed that it will be arriving later this year.

Set for a June 2021 release, the update will be an occasion to celebrate for all Phantasy Star fans. The Japanese MMO was launched back in 2012 in Japan. It didn’t find its way across to the West until just last year. Due to the eight years delay it does look a little aged in places. The PSO2 New Genesis overhaul will give the game a modern looking coat of paint.

What’s in the overhaul

PSO2 New Genesis gameplay

One of the most exciting parts of this announcement is its release date. Typically, Japanese developers tend to release content in their own native country earlier than other countries. This is because it takes time to localize and translate content. However, New Genesis breaks away from this trend by releasing simultaneously in Japan and worldwide.

Any characters that you already own will transfer from PSO2 to New Genesis. No progress will be lost as this is a rework of the existing game, not a new game. This is good news for those that have invested thousands of hours into their accounts.

Exact details haven’t been confirmed but we know that some big changes are expected. The original marketing for New Genesis described it as a “change to the game system.” These changes are significant enough that certain items and weapon stats will not be available in the rework.

Finally, the PSO2 New Genesis overhaul will be fundamentally reworking the combat. Phantasy Star has had an outdated combat system for some time now so fans will surely be happy to hear this. Given that it’s the franchises 20th anniversary this year, an update on this scale feels appropriate.

Big Additions Arrive in Final Fantasy 14 Patch 3.5


For anyone unaware, Square Enix has made another Final Fantasy MMORPG called Final Fantasy 14 (FF14). The game had a horrible start but has redeemed itself in the eyes of the community with the release of A Realm Reborn. FF14 is on the verge of its next expansion StormBlood which will be released on June 20th, 2017. While we are waiting for the end of the current expansion, Heavensward, players have Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate to hold us over.

Quality of Life Changes Rule the Patch

Cross-Server Party Finder Changes the Game

Cross Party Finder Interface
image retrieved from FF14Lodestone. Cross-Server Party Finder Interface

I was going to start with the new raids that were introduced but that would be doing a disservice to the HUGE quality of life (QOL) changes we got this patch. The first, and biggest game-changer was the implementation of the Cross-Server Party Finder. Most of the instanced dungeons help players find companions across the data centers via Duty Finder (DF) to complete content. A few patches ago they added the Raid Finder (RF) for the 8 man raids, Alexander, and extreme Primal/Eikon fights, Sophia, Zurvan, Niddhog, etc. That was a great addition but it was not stopping the frequent server migration that started in Patch 3.1 of players looking for more people to “play” with.

The main reason why this is important is that the old-school Party Finder (PF) allowed for players to form groups to enter content. If a player was on a smaller server the likelihood of finding other like-minded players was very slim. Even my mid to smallish server of Brynhildr on Primal Data Center had 5 to 8 PF groups up nightly during peak times. Since the patch, released Tuesday, the PF groups have jumped up to 30 or 50 because it reaches across the whole data center. There are some other elements that go with it so you can read up on that in the linked patch notes.

GPose Filter
image retrieved from FF14Lodestone Filters Galore

Group Pose Gets Some Upgrades

For the photographers in-game, they added and expanded the group pose camera options. Players can now change the lighting, add effects, filters, etc to their photos. Players can also take close-up shots and get their favorite NPCs in on the picture. I don’t take many in-game shots but it was cool to see added.

Egi Glamours Are Finally Released

Egi Glamours
image retrieved from FF14 Lodestone Carbuncle Pet introducing Ruby Color

One of the last things I will highlight is the implementation of Egi-Glamours for the Summoner Job. Egi’s are the FF14 version of pets. The players have been requesting this since the beginning of Heavensward so now the pets can return to their Carbuncle forms.

What Playable Content Was Added?

New Main Story Quests

Image retrieved from FF14 Lodestone Scion Yda in her Pugilist/Monk Glory

The end of the Heavensward conflict occurred in patch 3.4 so the game is moving us into the new expansion scenario. The main story quest (MSQ) will be told in two parts and players get to experience the first patch. The campaign lasts for about an hour if players don’t skip the cut scenes and speak to all the NPCs around each quest marker, which I encourage. A lot of things were revealed but it does end on a satisfying cliffhanger.

Conclusion of 24 Man Raid, Dun Scaith

image retrieved from FF14 Lodestone Diabolos the Main Antagonist of the 24 Main Raid

Players will also get the conclusion of the 24 man dungeon scenario with Dun Scaith. The dungeon can be a bit challenging to players learning the mechanics but once you figure it out it’s only a matter of execution. The biggest hurdle is getting the other 23 players to cooperate and follow directions. The dungeon is stylish and has an Alice in Wonderland vibe that I’m sure everyone will appreciate. The reward for the dungeon is a new armor and the i270 upgrade token for Scripture Tome gear. As a quick fan service bit, head to the Gold Saucer once you finish the dungeon and you might see some familiar faces.

New Dungeons Baelsar’s Wall and Sohm Al Hard Mode

Baelsar's Wall
Image retrieved from FF14 Lodestone Baelsar’s Wall
Sohm Al HM
Image retrieved from FF14 Lodestone Sohm Al Hard Mode

The next pieces of content were the two new dungeons, Sohm Al hard mode, and Baelsar’s Wall. The latter is a part of the MSQ so players have to complete it before it is unlocked. The former can be found via Moogle NPC in Idyllshire hub. Both of these dungeons were great to trek through and the monsters within hit hard. My favorite would have to be Baelsar’s Wall because of the lore attached to it and the final boss.

Face The Demon, Zurvan of the Warring Triad

Zurvan the Demon
image retrieved from FF14 Lodestone. Zurvan the Demon

Players will also get the conclusion of the Warring Triad storyline by facing Zurvan the Demon. Zurvan is the final Eikon of the Triad after Sephirot and Sophia. Players will find out where the mysterious boy came from and the identity of his master. I must say I wasn’t expecting the story to end quite the way it did but it was an awesome adventure along the way. The story battle itself was a bit challenging but nothing players can’t tackle with some practice. Once the story is complete, players will be able to challenge the extreme version of Zurvan.

PVP Event Based on Japanese Show, GARO

PVP Gear
Image retrieved from FF14 Lodestone. PVP GARO gear.

The last piece of content is the new Player versus Player (PVP) event based on a Japanese show called Garo. Think Power Rangers and you will be on the right track.  The event allows for players to receive unique titles, class/job-specific gear, and mounts. FF14 is a more Player versus Enemy (PvE) styled game so PVP participation was low at best. This event has given PVP some life to help with the cue times. Another QOL that helped with this event is the ability to cue without worrying about your Grand Company (GC) Affiliation. Players chose their GC at the beginning of the game and PVP was locked behind it until now which made cues long and unbearable.

Get Ready to Jump In

All in all, this patch is a great time for returning and new players to jump in. There are so many more things I could have highlighted so read over the patch notes if you’re interested. There is more content to hold us over until the next patch and enough incentive for players to catch up to the end game. I was very satisfied with how everything turned out and I am craving more which is always good.

Have you played FF14? Have you played other MMOs? Does this patch sound like the game is progressing positively? Let me know in the comments below.


World of Warcraft: The Nighthold Beckons

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

After an astounding Legion release, World of Warcraft’s subscriber numbers surged up to one of their highest peaks. The expansion itself was one of the greatest yet in the history of World of Warcraft, adding and recreating some of the most fun and interesting things to do on Azeroth. The addition of world quests, a class hall and the next ten levels of life in World of Warcraft give players, young and old, things to do in the game daily that revitalized the drive to log in and play. Six months after the expansion’s release, it’s time for the newest raid instance to come out: The Nighthold.

The Nighthold

The Nighthold is the third raid instance to be released in this expansion, and will currently reign as the longest raid with eight new bosses to kill and loot. This instance will be found in Suramar, home to the once-fading Nightborne. As you progress your character to unlock the new raid, you’ll give life back to this trapped and starving race of elves, and help them thrive in the new world on the Broken Isles. You find out that the terrible Gul’dan, a fel-powered Orc who’s bent on destroying all of Azeroth with the Legion, has taken up residence in The Nighthold. The once grand structure that it was, The Nighthold was a testament to the achievements of the Nightborne. It was created around the Nightwell, the source of power for the Nightborne and the only thing that kept the race alive when their world was crumbling around them. Gul’dan means to seize that power, and only you can stop him.

It’s Time To Raid

It's Time To Raid
It’s raid time.

Well, you and 19 of your closest friends. Like all WoW raids, you’ll need your friends and guild mates to help you take down the evil that’s within this fortress of the Nightborne. Not only will you have to fight Gul’dan and those that support him, but The Nighthold’s own defenses as well. Battle a giant scorpion named Scorpyron that guards the secret entrance you’re using to get inside. Once you dispatch him, you’ll be fighting entities of the very Nightwell itself, a being made of pure leyline energy and a construct that hasn’t had a good fight in many years. After you breach the defenses and creatures of the instance, you’re on to fight those that are drunk on the power of the Nightwell and the fel-energies of the Legion. You’ll even get to fight against well known demons like Tichondrius and Krosus, the giant colossus that you fought at the entrance of the Legion expansion. This fantastic run ends with Gul’dan himself, and he’s not going to go easily.

Why We Raid

Why We Raid
Spending time with our family.

Having a new raid is a fun and exciting way to get your entire World of Warcraft family together. After you’ve dominated a previous instance and all the loot you could ever need was acquired, it’s fairly usual that players would start to dwindle, interested in other games until something new comes along. That very moment is now, and the release of The Nighthold has brought the World of Warcraft family together once more. It’s an exciting time as you head into a new place that you’ve never been before, fighting giant bosses that you’ve never killed and winning loot that takes your character’s power to new heights. An expansion release is fun, engaging and helps you get to know who you are as a player, but as the year goes on, it’s the continual addition of new content, like raids, that have kept players engaged for all these years in World of Warcraft. As they celebrated their 12th Anniversary this past November, you know that Blizzard knows what they’re doing. Here’s to another 12 years of adventure, excitement and nerdy online family.

MMO Sword Saga Enters Open Beta Tomorrow


If the latest games managed to fill your HDD up with their tens of GB of required space and if you want to embark on an epic adventure in some stunning fantasy worlds, while being one of the pioneers of these uncharted lands, you might want to try out Sword Saga, a new MMORPG from NGames which can played right in your browser. The best game for when you’re at work and nobody’s looking!

There are three classes available in the game to fight the demon armies invading the lands, but the developers promise unlimited skill combinations and an array of troop formations to mix, match and develop into ever smarter tactics. Back to the classes, here are some details about each of them:

Warriors are masters of two-handed swords, using them to adeptly kill targets on the attack and block incoming hits when defending. Well rounded warriors are vital to any team, acting like a steel wall (with attacking blades!) when stood between their enemies and allies.

Shooters are all about their guns, which they can fire with deadly accuracy no matter the range. Whether acting as a marksman picking off enemies from a distance or blasting foes up-close-and-personal with massive firepower, a Shooter lives and dies by his guns.

Magicians are great healers, keeping their team fresh with a myriad of healing spells and awesome buffs. But don’t let their defensive qualities fool you – magicians can also call upon Starmoon Crystals to deal incredible damage to their enemies.

The Open Beta stage of Sword Saga starts on October 23rd and joining players will be welcomed with all sorts of goodies, including gift packs and events. So head over here if you want to give this one a go.