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10 Video Games to Play When Bored

video games to play when bored

Video games are one of the important facets of life, they help you escape a stressful and cunning life, and that is why most play video games when they are bored. Video games come in varieties and different categories. While not every title may look enchanting, we assure you the games we have enlisted are going to take you by storm. Let’s explore the best video games to play when bored.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (Video Games to Play When Bored)

Grand Theft Auto 5 ( GTA 5) is one of the most popular sandbox games available to men. This game is one of the highest-selling games in the video game industry, following Minecraft. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a creative action-adventure video game that allows you to explore gigantic maps and enthralling sites.

The video game boasts realistic animation, with near-life graphics and meticulous character interactions. The players can play three characters and participate in their individual stories.

When you feel bored surfing the internet and desire to explore something captivating, playing Grand Theft Auto 5 might be the perfect decision you could take.


Minecraft is a sandbox survival video game that invites players to create a realm of their own. The gigantic world of Minecraft is made up of blocks, and everything can be crafted using different blocks, even the houses and item crafting tools. The players can create their own stories, and befriend or battle mobs. To achieve the ultimate goal of defeating the Ender Dragon, the video game’s final boss, you need some strong gear including the weapons and armor.

In Minecraft, you can create anything out of your pure imagination, and make it real.

Stardew Valley (Video Games to Play When Bored)

Stardew Valley is a minimalist country-side RPG you could ask for. It invites players into a world of endless possibilities where you can shape your individual stories. The player character in this video game inherits his grandfather’s abandoned farm, and their task is to help them manage this unbalanced territory.

You can transform the neglected farm by raising animals, cultivating crops, and even starting an orchard. As your level increases, you can gain experience. Which later unlocks the secret locations.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is popular for being the pinnacle of turn-based strategy. It’s an enchanting video game that invites players to shape a vast kingdom across different periods. You step into the shoes of one of the 20 most influential leaders, your objective is to thrive your civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age.

Players can witness their empire sprawling around the expansive map, hijacking pre-occupied territories, and exploring uncanny sites of the map. The entirety of the map is brimming with mysteries and unresolved conflicts. Your unique approach can bring change in events such as democratic power and legislation. The video game has certainly received global acclaim.

Tetris Effect (Video Games to Play When Bored)

Tetris Effect is an arcade-style puzzle video game that pays homage to the original gameplay of Tetris. While the video game may not have subtle gameplay changes, the Tetris Effect captivates users with breathtaking graphics and fast-paced gameplay.

Each stage is full of vibrant colors, and soothing music, and is a visual spectacle. Tetris Effect allows players to experience its content in single-player, multiplayer, and even VR. This video game can keep you occupied for several hours.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is one of the biggest titles that have played a pivotal role in shaping the console role-playing genre. It’s an inviting video game that takes players on a perilous journey to the post-nuclear city of Boston in 2287. You control the sole survivor of Vault 111 in a world that is ravaged by nuclear war.

You as a player shape your destiny, every decision you take decisively impacts your survival and the future of the Wasteland. The game emphasizes exploration and combat, to advance you must scavenge resources, and fight evil.

Rocket League (Video Games to Play When Bored)

If you want to distract yourself from the usual hours of narrative-based content, Rocket League is what you should seek to consume. Rocket League is a hybrid of football and car simulation, where the objective is to score goals using the chaotic supercars. This dynamic video game allows players to choose any car, customize it, and compete in one of the biggest known sports—soccer.

The video game realistically delivers fast-paced action, showcasing aggressiveness and adrenaline-fueled excitement. The casual matches of the video game are no longer than 5 minutes. In these 5 minutes, both teams engage in fierce matches, and only 1 comes out victorious.

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies is a dynamic tower defense video game that intrigues video game geeks with its creative theme of zombie-zapping plants protecting your house from the lowly zombie invasion. Your objective in Plants vs. Zombies is to strategically place plants and survive waves of aggressive zombies. To fight, the brain-eating creatures, you can use your arsenal of formidable plants, ready to launch an all-out attack.

The video game features up to 50 captivating stages, each oozing the uniqueness. Your fight with zombies isn’t limited to the front yard, the zombies will attack you from different directions and in different weathers.

Terraria (Video Games to Play When Bored)

Terraria is an extraordinary video game that depicts the theme of the sandbox to a greater extent. It’s a 2-dimensional adventure game, that allows players the freedom to dig, hunt, build, and thrive. The video game has an indefinite goal, and that centers on unraveling mysteries encompassed in the expansive map, encountering otherworldly creatures, and settling your problems at once because the danger always awaits you.

While the graphics may seemingly be inconvenient, the gameplay and soundtracks aren’t. The video game’s utter focus on creating a hub for gamers to community outshines every other facet. Forge your path, and fight for your survival.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a meticulously crafted masterpiece that nails every aspect a video game encompasses and transcends it into a journey of emotions. The video game is infamous for its iconic cast of characters, and heart-wrenching story. Players step into the shoes of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw, surviving in a world that is proceeding technically in advancements.

The video game focuses on the Van der Linde gang, encapsulating their struggle to survive, and resolution to put a pause to lingering conflicts.

Conclusion: Video Games to Play When Bored

There are countless immersing titles that you can indulge in, but only a few create traction and are worth trying. In this blog, we explored such titles that have received acclaim from all around the globe. We are sure these games will also captivate you.

Before you leave, drop your review on these video games and also comment on what you play when you are bored.

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