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Imgur User Posts Pics, Descriptions Of All Fallout Vaults Throughout The Franchise

Imgur User

Of course, since E3 and everybody is waiting for Fallout 4’s release but some people such as imgur user smashpro1 who entertained himself and decided to sink into Fallout 4’s waiting game by gathering pics, locations and the purpose of each Vault ever featured in a Fallout game.

According to the number of pics, there is more than 30 vaults featured in the Fallout franchise and some of them were built for weird purposes like Vault 77, found in Penny Arcade’s official comic, was built “Populated by only one man and a crate of puppets.” as the pic’s description states and Vault 21, found in Fallout: New Vegas, was populated by gamblers and gamblers only which resulted in settling every matter through gambling despite this, Vault 21 is “one of few non-control vaults to not fail.” Bethesda had some interesting Vaults thrown here and there in the Fallout franchise so make sure to take a look at them.

The user made sure to include the Vault that was featured in the Fallout 4 reveal but no details are written under it. Fallout 4 will release on November 10 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Take a look for yourself and tell us if looking back to where this game started and where it is now, made you even more excited for Fallout 4.

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