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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter PS4 Release Date Revealed

Ethan Carter

Ethan Carter

The highly anticipated horror video game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, is coming to the PS4 system in just 9 days according to the PS Store product page. (News credit: Videogamer ). The game is developed and published by The Astronauts and it originally released in September 2014 for the PC and received high praise for its story and gameplay and now it’s finally coming to the PS4 on July 15.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter takes place in Red Creek Valley after Paul Prospero received a fan letter from a boy with the same named and told him that he was aware of the supernatural and the paranormal. When Paul Prospero arrives at Red Creek Valley, he finds out that Ethan is missing and decides to investigate using his abilities.

This post came a few days after The Astronauts released a statement that the game is just “mere weeks” away from releasing. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is coming to the PS4 on July 15.

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