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Sega Registers Dawn Of War 3 Domain, Will It Happen ?

Dawn Of War

Dawn Of War

A Reddit post, by xblood_raven, shows that Sega has registered a new domain name called The last time we saw any Dawn of War game was back in 2009 which was Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War2 so a near Dawn of War3 is highly likely and this domain register gives us a bit of hope.

The URL registration is featured on WhoIs and confirms that Sega Of America is the Registrant Organization. Although if you try to access now, you will just get a search page since they still didn’t create anything for the website and I think it’s just a matter of reserving a place if they decide to announce it.

Domain registrations occur all the times and must be treated with more caution than hope and excitement since they don’t represent any actual confirmation of the game’s existence but we will be sure to update you if anything new regarding Dawn of War 3 pops up around the internet. Are you an amateur of this game? Tell us if this domain registration refreshed your love for the Dawn of War franchise.

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