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Battlefield 2042 specialists rework planned says developer

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An employee at DICE has confirmed that specialists will be receiving a rework in Battlefield 2042. The confirmation was posted on Twitter by Frederik Drabert, a game designer at the Swedish based studio. He claims that these changes can be expected over “the course of this year.”

The tweet was posted in response to a Battlefield fan who asked if specialists would be removed. Drabert doesn’t think this will happen but a rework is in the works. Battlefield fans will be happy to hear this. It isn’t exactly what was wanted but knowing that there are plans to fix the game’s issues is uplifting.

What exactly this rework will look like is unclear. Several fan proposals on Reddit tried to categorize the specialists by traditional Battlefield classes. Some examples include Casper as a Recon class option and Maria as a Medic class option.

However, any potential rework for the Battlefield 2042 specialists probably won’t look like that. Drabert continued to say that implementing a system of this nature “is not that easy.” He claims that the specialists are heavily integrated into the game design and a lot of work would have to be done. Even so, Drabert doesn’t outright say that this idea is out of the question. Just that it would require a lot of time and resources to implement properly.

It’s a long way back

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For many Battlefield 2042 was a break of trust. Franchise fans were promised a love letter but were instead given something beyond recognition. Rather than build on past instalments to create a definite Battlefield game DICE tried something radically different. It didn’t work.

Now it is faced with the daunting task of amending its past mistakes. The one positive is that it some seem eager to do so. Too often have we seen developers run away and start over with a new project. But DICE isn’t abandoning Battlefield 2042. At least not for the time being.

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