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I’m Officially Hyped For Mass Effect Andromeda


The last several times we’ve seen Mass Effect Andromeda, it has been nothing but disappointment thanks to underwhelming videos that, more than anything, teased us.

While teasers have their place, we have all waited far too long to see what this upcoming game has to offer, and while I still cannot confidently say that the gameplay is great, at least we now have our very first look at the story.

Here it is in full; beware of potential spoilers.

I feel that this trailer spends a bit too much time showing off potential late-game spoilerific content, but wow does that ever hit hard. This is what I’ve been… mostly wanting from BioWare for over a year now. We’ve had such obnoxious or disappointing teasers that I’ve ranted about already, but this definitely begins to scratch the itch I think we all collectively feel.

Part of me still feels a bit bitter that N7 day didn’t feature a gameplay trailer, the very fact that it is actually going to be shown off in a few weeks is a comforting thought, and this trailer in all its glory, managed to make me a thousand times more excited for the game than I was before.

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