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Minecraft’s Minecon Sets New Guinness World Record



This past weekend, a special event was held to gather all Minecraft’s loving fans in one place and when you invite Minecraft’s fans to gather in one place, they set a new Guinness World Record for “largest convention for a single video game”. There was a recorded 10,000 fans which is the highest number of fans gathering for a single video game.

“For a multi-genre games convention to attract 10,000 fans is a big enough feat in itself,” said Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition deputy editor Stephen Daultrey on MCV Pacific.

“But for a convention dedicated to a single video-game to get that number is nothing short of astonishing. This record is testament to the incredible fandom around Minecraft and the game’s ability to unlock the imaginations of millions of gamers around the world.”

Minecraft is known to attract people of all ages and this is a milestone they should be proud of as a community. Tell us what you think about this record breaking attendance and if you wish you were there. Use the comment box below.



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