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Top Best Racing Games to Play in 2018

What is that key factor that makes a game great? It’s a combination of many things such as, graphics, characters, animation which makes a game great and fun to play. Gaming is also about pulling the player into the game as if you are there in the drives seat looking for the right moment to shift that gear to win the lap. For those racing junkies who thrive on that thrill, check out the list of some of the best racing games that you have to try in 2018:

Dirt Rally (Car Racing)

Dirt Rally is made by Code masters and is one of the most realistic car racing games you will ever find. This game possesses better handling models along with a more realistic feel. The game will feature a lot of sideways driving on side slopes which will make you feel you are actually taking a part in a real rally race.

Shift Two

This game will truly make you feel what it’s like to race at a higher level. This game has a dynamic view along with faint charges based on background. The view is one of the most amazing factors of this game as it switches accordingly as you turn without making you feel even a bit disoriented. The sounds effects are as real as it gets and will give you the feel as you are driving in real life.

F1 2016 the Best PC Racing Game

The fan of this game had to wait a long time before Code master finally brought F12016 back on track. This game has the most persuasive career mode you will ever see in any racing game. The career mode will push you towards your limits, to a point where you will lose your drive entirely if you can’t perform well enough.  Graphics and other features are very realistic and will blow you off your shoes. It also contains a time trial mode along with customization options, all the little things that matter.

Driver: San Francisco

Fan believes every arcade game should be as good as this one right here. This game features legendary rides from every era. It’s an old school loves a game that will take you back to the 70s era with the engines squalling and tires burning.  You will be driving through the small congested roads of San Francisco where you have to find your way to the top. One of the amazing features of this game would be that you don’t have to drive just one car as the game will allow you to switch your vehicles often. This is one of the most fun game or classic car racing fans that include many adventurous scenarios including car chase etc.

If you’re a hardcore car racing fan who is looking for a fun game to play this year. We suggest you give these games a try as they are the best and the most fun games to play in 2018 according to an article on Help with Dissertation.

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