UPDATE – Watch Dogs Best On Playstation 4


Update: According to Ubisoft, the PS4 resolution and frame-rate has been confirmed to be 900p and 30 Frames Per Second respectively – watch dogs.

Sony announced today via their official website that “Watch_Dogs” will play at 60 Frames Per Second in 1080p on the Playstation 4. The following is a press statement from the page.

The world of Watch_Dogs comes alive on PS4 with the best graphics on any console and exclusive missions found only on Playstation. Hack everything as you make your way through Chicago’s underground as you experience Watch_Dogs in a way that only PS4 can provide, at 60 Frames Per Second in 1080p.

What’s more, the PS4 version will also be given timed-exclusive bonus missions.

Play the complete Watch_Dogs story as you expose Chicago’s corruption in four exclusive Watch_Dogs missions found only on PlayStation. The shadowy group Dedsec needs Aiden to set the record straight in a way that only he can—by hacking the complex ctOS system to bring their enemies to justice.

The bonus DLC will include the following:

  • Four PlayStation-Exclusive Missions
  • Exclusive Character Skin: The White Hacker Suit
  • Hacking Boost Pack: Gives Additional Battery Slot to Extend Hacks

This news is not surprising considering the latest 720p trend on the Xbox One, but when will it end? Watch_Dogs stirred up a lot of controversy with its graphical downgrade, so it’s at least reassuring that PS4 users will have access to a comparable build.

This news is not surprising considering the latest 720p trend on the Xbox One, but when will it end? Watch_Dogs stirred up a lot of controversy with its graphical downgrade, so it’s at least reassuring that PS4 users will have access to a comparable build.

Miscreated Is a Cryengine Powered Survival Game Like DayZ


One thing that the popular multiplayer survival games like DayZ or Rust are lacking is eye candy. Miscreated, by Entrada Interactive, tries to address this issue and deliver gaming of great quality in a niche that’s getting more and more crowded. But this particular game seems to have some really nice things to offer, and not just visually.

The game takes place in 2089 in a world devastated by the Final War (a really nice way to call World War III). After half a century of nuclear war combined with bioweapons, nanoweapons, and even kinetic-kill weapons, the world’s population is at just 100 million, with most of the planet being inhabited by mutated monsters resulted from the radiation. Your goal? To survive, of course. And as you probably expect it, it’s not going to be easy!

There are stories of enclaves here and there, where they’re lucky enough to have plenty of food stockpiled and mutants are thin on the ground or there’s lots of ammunition to throw at them. My advice is find one. Or make one. The Earth abides, all this too shall pass away, and if Darwin blesses you then you or your kids will inherit what’s left. For now, it’s one day at a time.

Miscreated is getting closer and closer to hitting Alpha stage, it has been submitted to Steam for Early Access approval and you can already vote it on Greenlight – which you should actually do, because we’re talking about a very promising game. Here are some of its top features:

Realistic Bullet Physics: Bullet trajectory will change based on gravity, air resistance, and wind.
Persistent Characters
Dynamic Weather System: Rain, snow, fog, wind, and other weather patterns are all dynamically generated and will create unique game play opportunities.
Bounty system: Place a contract on someones head or go reap other bounties yourself.
Underground Areas: Explore hidden underground bunkers, caves, and caverns. Explore the map well as some will be hard to find, and you’ll have to swim to get in some of them.

And although they are not listed as features, the Miscreated trailer you can see below also shows base creation, which looks pretty impressive, and means that there will also be a lot of crafting involved in your race for survival, too:

And here are some screenshots from the game:

miscreated 02

miscreated 03

miscreated 04

miscreated 05

miscreated 06

miscreated 07

miscreated 08

miscreated 09

Having in mind that we’re talking about a pre-alpha trailer and images,, we can be pretty pleased with Miscreated. Its use of the Cryengine certainly gives it a boost in the graphics department, but it remains to see if the game can really break out with such a stiff competition – including the upcoming H1Z1 from Sony.

What do you think about the game? Does it show any promise?

New Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshots Tell Us to Hold the Lion

Dragon Age

BioWare has posted on the official Twitter account of Dragon Age Inquisition several new screenshots from the game, showing us a new and chilly area from the upcoming game. And even though I’ve personally had enough cold weather to last me for a lifetime, I still enjoyed the level of detail in the new screenshots, as well as the red spikes that I am sure bring the warmth. And some really crazy monsters to battle.

The new area in the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition is called the Emprise Du Lion (which means “hold the lion” in French, if Google Translate is to be trusted). It surely has something to do with the castle that we see in some of the screenshots, one protected by huge chains and also guarded by a few people, judging from the red tents posted at the gates. Also, those red lava-like spikes seem to have completely taken over a tower – probably a prison where the “lion” is held, so despite the snow and the chilly weather, I’m sure it will get really warm for the player. Oh, and there’s a dragon too, because we’re talking about Dragon Age Inquisition!

Now get a hot chocolate and look at the new screenshots below, showing us the Emprise Du Lion, qui!

dragon age inquisition emprise du lion 02

dragon age inquisition emprise du lion 03

dragon age inquisition emprise du lion 04

dragon age inquisition emprise du lion 05

dragon age inquisition emprise du lion 06

dragon age inquisition emprise du lion 07

Dragon Age Inquistion will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Hearthstone Update 5314 Changes Are Here!


Blizzard are working hard to make sure that Hearthstone is as balanced and bug-free as possible, so they released a brand new update for the game. Update 5314 brings in a lot of improvements, including balance changes to the Unleash the Hounds card (and otherwise very popular and powerful card). We are here to share with you the complete change list in case you want to know everything that’s new under the game’s hood.

General changes

– Improved friends list sorting based on player status.
– Breaking News will now properly be shown when Hearthstone is undergoing maintenance.
– Reconnect functionality has been enabled for Practice Mode.
– Games in Friendly Play now have a turn timer.
– [iPad] Deck Rename and Deck Delete is now easier to find.

Card Changes

– Unleash the Hounds card now costs 3 (it used to cost 2)

Bug Fixes

– Winning a game as Lord Jaraxxus will now properly grant credit towards unlocking the Warlock golden hero. You win… BUT YOUR WORLD IS STILL DOOMED!
– Returning an opponent’s minion to their hand will no longer occasionally leave behind a facedown card on the game board.
– Resolved issues that prevented the Fireside Friends card back from being properly unlocked under certain conditions.
– [iPad] Resolved an issue that was causing a client crash when choosing between two options of certain Druid cards.
– [iPad] Resolved an issue where new chat notification bubbles would appear behind the keyboard when in the chat window interface.
– [iPad] Adjusted the location of where enlarged versions of cards appear so that they are easier to see when selected.
– [iPad] Resolved an issue where the client may sometimes use the incorrect default language.
– Other bug fixes and UI improvements.

So clearly the biggest change brought in by this 5314 update in Hearthstone is the Unleash the Hounds card. How do you feel about it?

Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer Brings the Threat from Underground


Being a huge fan of the Gothic series, I am automatically attracted to Risen and even though Risen 2: Dark Waters wasn’t really my cup of tea in terms of “give me Gothic again,” I have high hopes from Risen 3: Titan Lords. And the trailer that Piranha Bytes has just launched showing us a bit of the new adventure makes me ready to practice my magic and jumping to the sides.

The Risen 3: Titan Lords trailer that you can check out below shows us interesting new gameplay mechanics: monsters rising from the underground to attack the players – apparently invincible monsters allied with skeleton Mages that, too, seem invincible. Well, there’s only one thing to do in this case: level up and come back soon!

Until then, check out the great CGI trailer for Risen 3: Titan Lords below:

Story wise, the game brings us traditional fantasy RPG stuff, but still manages to sound exciting enough: “Bereft of his soul, a young warrior seeks for salvation and has to fight the soaring darkness. Even worse: In the whole world, skull caves rise from the grounds and spill creatures of the shadow on the earth. To win back his soul, our hero must fight the darkest threat of the Risen saga.”

Civilization: Beyond Earth Has a Team of Writers Creating the “History” of the Future


When I saw the first details about Civilization: Beyond Earth, I was both excited and worried. Taking a game that traditionally takes place in an universe extremely familiar to the player – Mother Earth – and completely changing the setting, introducing brand new, sci fi elements like alien technologies, alien creatures and topping it all with a brand new planet that seems to be a bit too green and foggy… not that’s a big risk! Taking people out of their comfort zone and throwing them into the unknown always is. But fortunately, the team behind Civilization: Beyond Earth does its best to create the perfect setting.

In a Q&A session over at the 2K blog, Lead Designers David McDonough and Will Miller said that they have a team of writers creating the “history” of the game, as well as all the fiction surrounding the new reality:

“We have had several writers working on the history and fiction of the game. It’s been a fun process because we get to make up everything as we go. We are no longer bound by humanity’s prewritten history. Like all Civ games, Beyond Earth will have a Civilopedia and lots of descriptive text throughout the game to give the player insight into the new tech, events, and planets.”

Further more, players will always have access to all the details explaining exactly what happened (well, except for the “Great Mistake” that caused the end of life on Earth, that seems to remain vague) so they will not be thrown into a completely different world, not knowing why their cities can produce stealth tanks that look like chameleons (the unit is just part of my imagination, probably the game won’t have it).

Asked what sources of inspiration were used to create the futuristic back-story of the post-apocalyptic Civilization game, the lead designers said that they read everything that mattered: “We read through stacks and stacks of the best sci-fi books for inspiration before we even started development on the game. We read everything: Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Robert A. Heinlein… we could go on for a while. Researching for Beyond Earth was an incredibly enjoyable point of the development process.”

So, as far as the background goes, it appears that there is a solid basis for Civilization: Beyond Earth and even though we won’t get our chance to build up new nations on familiar grounds, we’ll have all the data required to understand everything that happened, the reasons why we’re there and why there’s no stealth thank that looks like a chameleon in the game.

NBA 2K15 Cover Athlete Kevin Durant Begged to Be on the Cover

NBA 2K15

When do you know that your game is top quality? When an NBA 2K15 star admits that he begged the developers to be the player on the cover.

Kevin Durant said that during the phone press conference where he was presented as the player to be featured on the cover of NBA 2K15:

“I begged them to put me on the cover. I really think nobody plays the game as much as I do.”

Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant won the MVP award, so he’s clearly one to be on the cover of the most popular and most realistic basketball sim out there. And I do believe that the begging part was just a joke.

But, joke or not, there you have it: the NBA 2K15 cover athlete is Kevin Durant and I personally have high hopes from this year’s title. The My Player Mode – which happens to be Durant’s favorite game mode for its realism – should go completely next get in terms of realism and hopefully we’ll all have a blast playing it.

We’ll get to see for ourselves on October 7th, when the game launches on all major platforms.

WildStar: Carbine Studios Launches Open Beta with Development LiveStreams


WildStar is entering its open beta test phase tomorrow and it will last ten days, starting on Thursday 8th May through 18th May. The launching will count with several development live streams with the main purpose to discuss the state of the game. Additionally, Carbine Studios wants to explain how “Wildstar is going to take the MMO category by storm.” The first live stream will begin 30 minutes before the open beta launch on May 8 (19:00 BST) and it will feature four Carbine Studios developers, Mike Donatelli, product director, Chad Moore, creative director, Stephen Frost, producer and voice of DevSpeak, and Matt Mocarski, development director. The second live stream will happen on May 9 (19:00 BST) and it will feature executive producer, Jeremy Gaffney, who will discuss the challenges being prepared for the game’s launch on 3rd June. Simultaneous, there will be a social media Q&A being held by Carbine through every social media platforms, developers will be taking questions from Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Forums, Twitch and Vine.

The open beta period will have an increased level cap to level 30, allowing non pre-order players to experience further in-game content. Pre-order players who have participated in previous closed beta will still be able to use their old beta characters.

WildStar is a sci-fi MMORPG that will be available for PC, on 3rd June, 2014.

Bound by Flame: Spiders Explains The Demon System


Bound by Flame is hitting the gaming market in two days, on May 9 and Spiders, the game developer, has finally explained the upcoming Demon system. This feature will shape the entire story and the hero itself. As the narrative progresses, Vulcan the game’s protagonist, will have the opportunity to exchange part of his humanity for devastating powers. The question is: How will you lead your adventure in Bound by Flame? Will you give up your humanity and become a demoniac flame creature or will you save yourself from this invading possession and become a brutal warrior? Whichever path you choose, there will always be a new and different adventure ahead, since every decision holds the power to profoundly change the evolution of events, as Spiders explained:

At several key points of the story, you will have to make crucial choices, between using the demonic powers offered to you, or choose a more heroic path and preserve your humanity. Be wary, as your choices will impact the reactions of the various characters and your companions… ultimately, the very way the story unfolds will depend entirely on your decisions.

Bound by Flame

Embracing the demoniac path however, will not simply alter the story and yourself. It will also have a deep impact on your companions and allies. Some of them will not tolerate this possession and they’ll inevitably become hostile, if you insist in pursuing this path. Furthermore, as you accept more and more power from the demon, your physical appearance will gradually change. Your human form will slowly transform into a dark and flamed beast. It’s true that you’ll learn countless flame skills and your power will be simply devastating but this power will have great consequences on you defenses, as Spiders stated:

Further away on the demonic path, your burning chest will worn out your chest piece of armor… while this will have a negative impact on your defense, keep in mind your offensive potential will be bolstered! Since you are now also partly a creature of fire, you will be more vulnerable to frost elemental damage.

If you choose to fight your inner demon, then your appearance shall remain the same. However, you won’t have access to magic or demonic powers, you can only count with your own physical talent. In the end, everything in Bound by Flame will be affected by your choices and “the very conclusion of the game will also be dramatically changed.”

Bound by Flame will be available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 on May 9, 2014.

Bound by Flame: Focus Interactive Launches a Final Teaser Video


Bound by Flame, a promising action-RPG from Spiders, will be available this Friday, May 9. To celebrate this important week the game’s publisher Focus Interactive has launched a final teaser video featuring one of the most important elements in game, the hero’s relationship with his inner flame demon and all the decisions he can induce in the upcoming storyline. After all, your choices and decisions will be able to shape the entire story. With great power comes great responsibility and great consequences too, as Focus Interactive explained:

This latest Bound by Flame video highlights one of the important elements in the game, the background story and the gameplay: the relationship between the hero and the flame demon that possesses him. The choices and decisions you make in the game will determine if you allow your demonic side to predominate and gradually transform you physically in exchange for his powerful fire magic, or if you resist the demon’s control and retain your humanity to develop your heroic skills.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZuHy2XZ7Z0#t=91″ width=”500″ height=”300″]

The human/demon duality will generate conflicts with basically everyone, including those who follow the hero. Certain decisions will origin drastic reactions. Allies might become foes and companions might leave the party for good.

Bound by Flame will be available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 on May 9, 2014.