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Marvel Games May Be Coming To Consoles Soon

Marvel Games producer Mike Jones was present during the panel Marvel conducted at San Diego Comic-Con today and he answered a fan question regarding whether Marvel would shift their focus from mobile onto console and develop more games for it.

He answered that they are currently looking ahead and planning their console strategy in terms of new Marvel games.

“We are very much focused on what our console strategy will be for the future,” said Mike “Obviously console games take a lot longer to incubate, so that will be a slower process for us.”

Mike states that the studio intends to reveal their plans next year when they have decided what to do or even have something to show for the fans.

“We are very much taking a controlled, less-is-more, quality-focused, developer-focused strategy,”Mike said. “But it is very top of mind, and we’ll have a lot more announcements probably next year.”

Marvel currently has a number of successful mobile games but can we see them shift from mobile to console soon ? ( Credit: Polygon )

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