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10 Single player puzzle Games Worth Playing

single player puzzle games

Single-player puzzle games are a cure for boredom, especially when you are alone and looking for puzzle games that are intense even when playing single-player. If you are a puzzle game enthusiast who wishes to add a few single-player puzzle games to the wishlist, try delving into these games.

01. Tetris

Tetris is a classic cult that garnered attention globally for its impeccable game style. It’s a tile-manipulating video game where you have to manipulate descending tiles and create a horizontal line to eliminate the blocks. When a line is filled, it disappears, leaving space for more blocks to fit in the matrix.

The game is pretty straightforward with the puzzle elements it encompasses. Tetris is available on most (if not all) platforms and has undergone numerous modifications since its advent. The modified games have indeed become much more fluid with more options.

02. Animal Well

Animal Well is a Metroidvania-themed indie puzzle game. It’s an extremely fascinating game that features a platforming experience and offers an explorable interconnected path brimming with dense pathways. In the game, players control a blob that has some supernatural abilities, the objective is to navigate it through the labyrinth and explore the eerie sites.

If you aspire to immerse in a single-player puzzle game, that is combat-free and solely focuses on suspense and exploration, don’t hesitate to check this game out, it’s one of the best games from this year.

03. Fez

Indie is going to be the future of video games, and promising single-player puzzle games like Fez are testimony to the indie genre’s brilliance. Fez is a physics-based puzzle game that adds some twists and turns to the generic puzzle platform genre. In the game, you will be assuming the role of Gomez, a 2D character inhabiting a 3D world. The players assume they play Gomez in a 2D world, however, when the perception shifts to any side of the game, players can witness that they have been delving into one side of the 3D world.

As an explorer, you will come across brain-freezing puzzles, treacherous paths, and frustrating obstacles that are hard to overcome.

04. Limbo

Limbo is a puzzle platformer that boasts an unsettling environment. This engaging video game narrates the story of a monochromatic world, allowing for a mesmerizing yet horror experience. The invites players to step into the shoes of a boy who doesn’t know how he got there.

This engrossing side-scroller centers around overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles that are a hurdle in the way. The game’s environment, physics, and player control are designed to create a flawless platformer experience.

05. Neon White

Neon White is a first-person fast-paced action video game that introduces a unique theme of colliding freerunning with chase tagging. The game challenges players to participate in a timed race against demons from hell, the objective is to complete the run as quickly as possible. You will be controlling Neon White, an assassin from hell who is participating in redemption.

Everything is unique about the game, but still, the speedrunning aspect of the game allows it to be recognized on a global scale. At each level, you will have to be a better version of yourself to be the victor. The video game has received an extremely positive reception, and at the moment is among the top 10 single-player puzzle games.

06. Baba Is You

Baba Is You is an award-winning single-player video game that requires a strategic approach to puzzle solving. It’s a puzzle-solving game that is often deemed as the pinnacle because of its unexpected premise.

The game invites players to solve a window of puzzles by moving the tiles with words written on them. Players have to arrange these word titles in an order that makes sense. Once you repurpose the objects, you will be able to change the rules of the game and overcome the challenge.

Many users claim Baba Is You to be the best puzzle game of all time, and its extensiveness has patently proven it.

07. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a combo of adventure and puzzle game that offers enchanting game content, and a promising puzzle premise that is not easily found. It’s a relaxing game set in a surreal world, where we simulate Princess Ida through mysterious monuments, manipulating tracks to create a path.

The game features a unique art style and character design, despite being simple it is meticulously detailed. It’s a breathtaking single-player puzzle game, that features intriguing puzzles and a dreamlike atmosphere, it’s one of the best.

08. I Am Dead

I Am Dead is a delightful puzzle adventure video game that can either drive you insane or allow you to experience the sweetness in the puzzle genre. The game revolves around the deceased Morris Lupton, a museum curator belonging to the small island of Shelmerston. Morris, accompanied by the ghost of his dog, finds himself investigating a disaster, trying to prevent it from occurring. That disaster is the eruption of the island’s volcano, and Morris has to save his home from this catastrophe.

The player character holds unique abilities that allow him to look directly into people’s thoughts and memories. If you are a fan of puzzle-solving and single-player puzzle games, don’t miss out on I Am Dead.

09. Lost in Play

Lost in Play is a point-and-click adventure puzzle game centering on a dreamlike premise. In this engaging game, players control two siblings, Toto and Gal, and navigate them through an imaginative world. Together the siblings explore cityscapes, uncover the mysteries in the magical realm, and solve intricate puzzles.

The game boasts a whimsical world with an environment that leaves players stunned in awe. The game’s worth playing if you like single-player puzzle games.

10. Opus Magnum

Opus Magnum is a mind-boggling and astounding puzzle game that exploits the creativity of the puzzle genre. It’s a game about an adept alchemist who thrives on his skills to create machines using a transmutation engine.

The game allows players to approach the puzzle solving in different ways, not bounded by any unnecessary or disappointing rules. You can experiment, modify your creations, and enhance them with more additions. While it may not offer the thrill it did back in the early 2010s, it still is a top-notch video game. Moreover, the overall reception of the game is positive.

Conclusion: The 10 Best Single-Player Puzzle Games

Modern puzzle games emphasize cooperative gameplay. Whether it is indie games or Triple-A titles, all games tend to include the multiplayer game mode for the sheer value of numbers. Because of the inclusion of the multiplayer tag, single-player games have become unusually scarce. However, single-player puzzle games are still equally treasured and fun to play, which is why we decided to create a list of the 10 Best single-player puzzle games.

How do you rate these single-player puzzle games? Share your views on this category of the game in the comments. For more listicles, reviews, and updates, subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram content pages.

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