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Pocket Pair is finally hinting at the Palworld PlayStation port

Palworld PlayStation Port

Early access to the Palworld launched on January 19, 2024, hitting on macOS, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, but now its PlayStation port is coming to PlayStation consoles: PS4 and PS5, as per reports and teases from one of the developers.

The PlayStation Port For Palworld is Finally Emerging

The Pocketpair’s community manager Bucky has hinted about the PlayStation port in rather an odd way. Bucky tweeted “Palworld” surrounded by a bunch of heart emojis. These surrounding hearts are in three different colors, Black, White, and Green and fans think that these emojis are references to different consoles. The fans assume that black indicates PC, white indicates Mac, and green indicates Xbox. The comment in the post says “I want to add more hearts, but not sure what color would fit…hmm…how about….” and then he adds another two blue hearts coming before and after in the sequence surrounded once again by the same keyword “Palworld.”

Fans believe that it’s a cryptic hint and not just a wholesome or senseless post. What else could Bucky be talking about if not the Palworld PlayStation port of the game and in such a tone?

Players are excited to perceive the news about the upcoming PS5 port of Palworld ahead of the game’s Sakurajima Update. Which will bring new sites, pals, and more additional content. It’s one of the biggest updates of the game to date. The update will be coming on 27th January. Furthermore, people should not forget that this video game became the second-highest game with the most concurrent players on Steam.

The Pocketpair has yet to confirm anything about the Palworld coming to PS5. However, it’s now more likely for the game to happen, players just have to tune in for the upcoming updates.

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