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Fallout 4 Guide: How to Repair Power Armor and How to Change Power Armor Color

Although clunky and slow, the Fallout 4 Power Armor is by far the best type of armor you can get in the game. However, it’s unfortunately not invincible and it takes quite some damage, resulting in it needing constant repairs. You can also change the color of your power armor to make it cooler than ever and we are here to share with you a complete guide on how to do both: how to repair Power Armor in Fallout 4 and how to change the color of your Power Armor. Hopefully this will keep you inside for a lot longer than usual!

We’ll start with the most important part – the one that helps with the gameplay:

How to repair Power Armor

repair power armor

First of all, move to a Power Armor Station. You need to get there before being allowed to repair your Power Armor and its original condition doesn’t matter at all. The earliest Power Armor repair stations you can find are in Red Rocket, and then in Sanctuary. The Brotherhood of Steel also has their own repair station.

Once you get to the power station, exit the suit and interact with the repair station by using the “Craft” option (make sure you are facing the station and not the armor itself!). This allows you to scroll through the components of your Power Armor (on the left) and you can repair them. You will need materials like steel and aluminum and you can also add mods there, as you would do to weapons or other types of armor.

Repair your Power Armor often to make sure that you get maximum protection from it when out in the Wasteland / Commonwealth.

How to change the color of your Power Armor

paint power armor

If the regular colors are not enough for you and you’d like to sport a hot pink Power Armor, you can do so as the color of your power armor can be changed in Fallout 4. However, in order to get access to new colors and designs for your armor, you need to collect Paint Schemes by completing missions and Hot Rodder Magazines.

These are the missions that give you new color options for your Power Armor:

– When Freedom Calls
– Tradecraft
– Atom Cats
– Shadow of Steel (Brotherhood of Steel mission)
– Nuclear Family in The Institute

There might be additional missions to complete for extra colors, we’ll update this guide if we find any.

Here are the locations of the Hot Rodder magazines that give you new colors:

Magazine #1: At Robotics Disposal Ground, inside a concrete building.
Magazine #2: At Atom Cats Garage, in Zeke’s trailer
Magazine #3: In West Roxbury, in the parking lot to the west of the Hospital, in a bed on the second floor.

In order to actually change the colors of the Power Armor after unlocking them, you will need to head to a Repair station and enter the Craft menu. From there, as it is with adding mods to weapons or regular armor, navigate to Available Mods – No Material Mod and change it there. The mods not only bring you fresh armor colors, but they also increase your SPECIAL stats or give you other bonuses. And they don’t cost anything to apply once you have them, although the regular ones require material!

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