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Side Scrolling Zombie Games You Need to Try Right Now

side scrolling zombie games

Side-scrolling zombie games are filled with action and are extremely intense. People enjoy immersing in this subgenre of zombie games due to the unpredictability and otherworldly experience they provide. Buckle up, this is the 8 best side-scrolling zombie games that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Earn to Die Rogue: The Pinnacle of Side-Scrolling Zombie Games.

Earn to Die Rogue is an action-packed spin-off of the classic rogue-lite video game series Earn to Die. Unlike the original game series, where trampling over zombies was the primary objective of the game, Earn to Die Rogue allows for a platforming adventure, where you can control the player character instead of a vehicle.

Despite the subtle changes, the objective of the game remains the same–exterminating zombies. Players can fight zombies, collect loot, and buy durable armor and powerful weapons.

Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels is an action side-scrolling video game that adds twists to the generic theme of Isekai. In the game, we witness a city with a herd of zombies causing havoc and infecting pedestrians. The player character spawns in the middle of the apocalypse with an arsenal of handheld and explosive weapons. The objective is to escape the city, however, it won’t be easy as the zombies are relentless for blood.

Resources management is absolute for survival in Dead Pixel, throughout your adventure, you will need different materials requisite for survival, it’s up to players’ perception of how they acquire these items or use them.


Deadlight is a survival horror side-scrolling game that garnered attention for its impressive cinematic visuals and meticulously detailed environment. The game takes place in Seattle in 1986 and follows Randall Wayne, a park ranger veteran who is on a mission to rescue his family.

After inadvertently separating from his group, Wayne courageously navigates through the treacherous paths of Seattle avoiding zombies and any unpleasant encounters. The narrative of the story unfolds in the side-scrolling perception, the gameplay combines action with platforming. If you are a fan of visually impressive side-scrolling zombie games, Deadlight is worth playing.

Resident Evil Ebola

Imagine playing Metal Slug but the enemies are undead. Resident Evil Ebola is a unique side-scrolling thriller-packed adventure game where we control a member of the elite Special Tactics and Rescue Squad (S.T.A.R.S.). The players’ objective is to complete the stages to investigate the mysteries behind the plague.

The games in the series are short-spanned and direct with the elements of shooting and side-scrolling mechanics. Despite being tiny in install size, the video game consists of numerous intriguing features such as shooting, additional animations, and fluid movements that aren’t expected in games of this caliber.

Dead Delivery

Dead Delivery is a fascinating 2D side-scroller that offers a unique premise. The game revolves around delivering pizzas to houses in a zombie-infested city before they get cold. Amidst your journey to complete wishes, you will encounter brain-devouring zombies aggressively rushing for you.

Are you bold enough to assume the role of delivery boy and fulfill people’s requests? Dive into this game’s heart-throbbing world and experience numerous obstacles challenging you. It’s indeed one of the most extreme side-scrolling zombie games.

Zombie Mission 13 (And Series)

Who knew zombie games could be delightful? Zombies are presented as scary human corpses who are always hungry for human flesh and their brains (stereotypically). Zombie Mission 13 features the same levels of intensity in its gameplay as any other zombie game, however, the characters are adorable. Despite the appearance, the heroes hope to eliminate the zombies.

In this 2-player game, we control characters that have spawned into a magical world through magical books. Their goal is to rescue the Princess from the ominous creatures. Not only the storyline is similar to that of the original Mario series but the gameplay is also astoundingly alike.

If you are a zombie games enthusiast who likes the mix of side-scrolling with it, try checking out the predecessors of the game.

Zombotron Re-Boot

Zombotron Re-Boot is a unique platformer that boasts a mesmerizing storyline and realism in its gameplay mechanics. The game is set on Zombotron, an abandoned planet that is now ravaged by zombies. Our player character, Blaze Rush, receives a distress call from this planet and begins his rescue mission to protect human remnants.

The zombies aren’t the only creatures on Zombotron, robots and other mysterious entities are also dwelling on the planet too. To enhance the gameplay experience, you can use weapons ranging from rifles to shotguns. Additionally, you can upgrade the weapons to do more critical damage.

Zombies vs Halloween

Zombies vs Halloween is an action-packed side-scrolling adventure where you will play as the Mask Pumpkin, an enigmatic cowboy. The inclusion of Halloween in the title is due to the events of the game taking place during the Halloween season. As the village’s protector, you will need to exterminate the ominous creatures from mere existence.

As players advance through the early stages of the game, they will unlock new weapons varying from close-quarter to long-distance. The game’s as simple as it can get, players will fight enemies strategically with a variety of weapons to protect their homes. It’s truly a magnificent game that has received accolades from critics and side-scrolling enthusiasts. Hence, it’s among the best side-scrolling zombie games.

Conclusion: Best of Side-Scrolling Zombie Games

The term “zombies” has become a phenomenon, this piece of fiction is everywhere, whether it’s novels or video games, players can experience the greatness the genre has to offer through numerous engrossing ways. Among many of the genre’s facets, side-scrollers are largely liked by the game enthusiasts especially when the zombies are tagged with it.

Side-scrolling zombie games are fun to immerse in because they offer the same intensity as the 3D games and are a little more challenging due to the simultaneous attention to overcoming obstacles and facing incoming enemies.

Share your views on these side-scrolling zombie games in the comments. For more game blogs, reviews, and game updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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