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The 5 Most Frightening Monsters in Survival Games

Survival Games

Survival doesn’t really manage to hit any soft spots if scary monsters are not part of the game and fortunately today’s (and yesterday’s) game developers were extremely creative when it came to bringing our fear levels to ultimate heights. Which, in terms of WOW-factor and overall awesomeness translates as… simply amazing for the survival games fans out there. And we have something for you today!

Every gamer knows that a decent enemy character is already half of the game. Monsters need to have both unique abilities and looks to frighten and terrify gamers. We are happy to present you the top 5 most unique frightening Monsters in survival games.

The Tank – Left 4 Dead

scariest monsters 01

The demolishing power and the brutal looks of the Tank in Left 4 Dead series was definitely a colossal challenge to face for the gamers. An example of an enormous muscular mutation he was the most terrifying and dangerous zombie in the game. When the music becomes dramatic and the ground starts to shake you know that he is close. When this formidable and heartless creature appears, it always creates total mayhem and chaos. He can easily crack plates of concrete and throw it at you, climbing a rooftop won’t save you from this incredibly powerful and prowling zombie because he is strong and agile enough to climb any building using his exceptional upper body. So taking all these skills and abilities into consideration we give the Tank 5th place.

The Slasher – Dead Space

scariest monsters 02

Slashers acquired their name from the enormously mutated upper body limbs. Slasher are the most common type of necromorphs players have to face in the Dead Space Series. They are vicious and ruthless enemies. Their bone-bladed limbs are the most important part of their body. If a Slasher loses both arms he instantly dies, though it is not that easy to severe their bladed arms. Slashers are even more dangerous in groups. They are renowned and distinguished predators. There attacks are always very cunning and calculating. They use evasive tactics like hiding in vents and maneuvering through these vents to encroach their prey – you! So watch out for them! Another type of Slashers are the Enhanced Slashers that are a product of highly decayed corpses and Necromorph Infection.

Volatiles – Dying Light

scariest monsters 03

Next up in our chart are the Volatiles with a vast variety of gruesome characteristics. You will only face these zombies at night. But it doesn’t make the gamers’ life easier. They are extremely and grotesquely mutated creatures. Volatiles possess immense strength and agility, but they have lost the ability to sustain the ultra-violet rays of the sun. The volatiles’ most useful skill is that they can read players actions, they can match character’s parkour skills and apply their movements as their own. So you won’t easily escape these ghastly and horrific zombies. Engaging in a 1 on 1 fight is not a choice a wise or prudent choice either because Volatiles can pounce on the player pressing him into the ground or pulling him using the tentacles from their rib cage. So these Guardians of the Night take the Bronze in our top 5 with their unique skills and abilities!

Pangolin – Pangaea New World

scariest monsters 04

Moving away from the games with the “Deadly” concepts (Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, Dying Light) we introduce you to the seamless and massive world of Pangaea! After the post apocalypse had struck and the arks invaded the world anomalies broke out around the globe. But the world seems peaceful and calm. But this is just a first impression and this façade can turn deadly in seconds. Pangaea New World is full of unique, frightening, and formidable creatures. One of them is the Pangolin. They have an incredible sense of smell, which allows them to smell their unsuspecting prey from many kilometers. Everything about this ferocious predator, from its thick, heavy skull and scales to its powerful jaws is designed for maximum bone-crushing action. Its strong thighs and long, powerful tail helped it move quickly, and its skull is designed for boring into the flesh of its prey. So 2nd place belongs to the creature of the New World.

Pyramid Head – Silent Hill

scariest monsters 05

The terrifying game of Silent Hill takes the top spot on our chart with its Pyramid head. This vicious character stalks gamers throughout the game. Sometimes he attacks them directly sometimes he cunningly and stealthy stalks them from the far end of the corridor, and there are times when you see him torture other monsters. The atmosphere created by this character is unforgiving and unforgettable. His uniquely ghastly and terrifying appearance insights terror and Trepidation in players. The pyramid shaped helmet both protects the monster and provides a mysterious and horrifying persona. His giant sword speaks for itself, it can easily slash a human in half. This iconic character deserves the top spot in our Chart of gruesome and freighting game creatures chart.

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So we were happy to present you our top 5 of most unique, terrifying, and horrifying monsters in Survival/Horror games. Please tell us about your favorite 5 Monsters!



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