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Top 10 Negative Aspects of Titanfall (Beta)


Titanfall is currently on open beta for Xbox One and PC. Although the available content is still very limited, it’s entirely possible to acknowledge the basic features of the game, as well as its positive and negative aspects.

In general, Titanfall is having a great reception but there are several matters that players would severely like to see improved upon release.

Here’s a list of the top ten Titanfall cons that I’ve spotted:

1. Artificial Intelligence is Too Basic and Unchallenging

AI pilots are present in every match but unfortunately, their behavior is purely synthetic and unnatural. They’re extremely easy to kill and their offensive response is no better. Titanfall’s AI urgently needs a player-based system in order to make AI units at least a little challenging.

2. Pilots, Titans and Equipment Can’t Be Customized

It’s a strange fact but a very realistic one. Players have absolutely no appearance customization in Titanfall – pilots, titans and every piece of equipment can’t be redesigned or remodeled. Basically, everyone looks the same. There seems to be no space for personal details – a very tragic feature for a next-gen title.

Titanfall3. Graphical and Texture Restrictions

Titanfall has a quite vibrant and joyful graphical theme but the texture quality is not the best. In both platforms, Xbox and PC, the visuals definitely lack definition, especially at close ranges. But it’s on Xbox One that things really get ugly with the increased general lack of detail.

4. Match Limitation at Twelve Players (6v6)

Twelve players per game (6v6) seem like a fair number for a match, however FPS players are used to play in larger scales and they are demanding more alternatives. For now, Respawn Entertainment seems to be reluctant about adding further match limitations. But in my opinion, it would be a great bonus to play with even more players, maybe a 10vs10 or 15vs15?

TF_Fracture_Battle5. Random Slight Frame Rate Drop

There are endless complaints about random frame rate drops during Titanfall matches. It could be a beta issue but maybe it’s not. Whatever the case, it really needs to be resolved as soon as possible since it drastically affects gameplay and players’ performance.

6. Pilots and AI Units Have a Similar Appearance

There’s no visual differentiation between human and AI pilots. Due to customization issues, everyone seems to look the same. It’s not too hard to know when you’re fighting an AI unit because they’re really easy and unskilled; still it’s quite annoying that distinction is inexistent.

Titanfall7. Smart Pistols are Overpowered

Smart pistols are the strongest weapon in Titanfall right now. This weapon automatically locks onto nearby targets and it deals high amounts of damage. This slightly overpowered weapon will most likely suffer some alterations before the release date-it’s a question of gameplay balance.

8. The Cloak Ability Can’t Be Fully Controlled

The cloak is a tactical ability that allows all classes (currently three) to become invisible for a short period of time, however it’s not fully controlled by players. Once you decide to enable this ability, you’re not able to turn it off; you have to wait until it completely drains out.

Titanfall9. Some Burn Cards Grant Extreme Bonuses

Burn Cards can be obtained by successfully completing certain challenges and they grant unique bonuses. It happens that some of those buffs are extremely devastating for the enemy team. Example: Map Hack card, which grants full minimap vision.

10. Auto-Eject (Assault Titan) Has 100% Survival Assurance

The assault titan has a different second kit from the other two titans. It’s called auto-eject and it automatically ejects and cloaks a player when the titan is doomed. Unlike the other titan users, assault pilots will have the chance to escape unharned and walk away safety in their invisible cloaks.


  • John
    Posted February 17, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    All sounds like a bloody load of tosh to me! Glad this game is xbox and PC only, when it flops no one will talk about it, unlike if it were a sony ex or multiplat! This game will flop and will only be played by some hardcore xbox fans who fear if no one plays it, it will doom their console, which is sad, but will probably be enough for M$ to try an buy the IP to make another one. Sad sorry state of gaming on the XB.

  • Titanup
    Posted February 17, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    1. AI is like minions in moba. Points and titan build reduction farm.
    2. Agree.
    3. Agree.
    4. Best MP games have low player count. Imagine 10 or 15 Titans on map.
    5. Didn’t noticed.
    6. Agree.
    7. Naaah maybe on consoles. No PC it’s good at the beginning.
    8. It works good. It shouldn’t be fully controlled by player. It would be OP compared to other abilities. Or all should be fully controlled.
    9. No opinion. I rarely use burn cards.
    10. It should work that way. Don’t see a problem. It’s not extra feature, you have to trade it for other bonuses.

  • Mr. Sir
    Posted February 17, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    i agree totally with titanup, the the smart pistol, titan ejection, AI, are all perfect right now. But there very much so needs to be some customiszation… i guess you could say graphics need a little help but overall im very pleased with it

  • Dixon Francois Jr.
    Posted February 17, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    1. Agreed. Titan Fall isn’t a Massively Online Battle Area(MOBA) game because it’s only 6 vs. 6. The AI is horrible and I want to only shoot only real players.
    2.Agreed. You can only change their gender.
    3.Agreed. I ran Titan Fall on a native 1080p resolution, Insane Texture Resolution, and everything turned up to high and it look okay. Not bad, but not amazing. The gameplay is way more impressive.
    4.Agreed. The maps are so large and there is significantly way more bots than real players. Its about 6 grunts, 6 spectres, and 6 real players. I have to active try really hard to find real players and I usually kill more or equal bots than I do real players.
    5.Disagree because I’m on PC.
    6. Agreed. That’s maddening and disheartening. I shoot at everything hoping its a real player because sometimes real players hide among the AI. Real players also camp a lot. Especially on the roofs.
    7. Agreed. For about seven matches I tried to not use the smart pistol but after losing so many times to it, I made the switch because I want to win. It kills grunts in a second, any on screen too, in different directions. It’s range is ridiculous. It even begins targeting when I’m running. That’s not right.
    8. Agreed. I assumed I could control it, so I pressed the left bumper again, then just ignored that I couldn’t control it. Disappointing.
    9. I don’t know. I use Burn Cards and I like them. It always feels new. I haven’t gotten any overpowered ones and they’re gone when you die. Full vision doesn’t seem bad at all but I haven’t use it.
    10.Disagree. So what. Let it be mate, let it be.

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