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The Sims 4: EA’s Supposed Anti-Piracy System Has Been Nullified


The Sims 4 “mosaic bug” is severely affecting the playability of the game for some players. However, the gaming community has already found a way to nullify this protection measure and restore a normal environment to the pirate copies.

It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet if whether or not this “mosaic bug” is actually a real bug or an attempt to block piracy. Still, the general gaming media believes that this is not a simple bug since it’s focusing mostly, if not only, players without an original serial key of the game.

A number of Sims 4 players have reported what they believed to be a bug, but which is apparently a bizarre form of copy protection that makes unauthorized copies of the game very difficult to play. (PCGAMER, 04/09/2014)

According to a popular torrent website, the “mosaic bug” can be easily fixed by changing the name of one of the game files. Additionally, a fully working crack has been developed and published yesterday, which means that EA’s efforts to evade piracy has been, once again, in vain.

But one question remains: how big of an impact will the pirated version have on the sales of this extremely popular game? Will it indeed work as a “demo” for players who want to test before you buy or will it only mean lost sales by Electronic Arts?


  • Joey79100
    Posted September 5, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    When you see how they are treating their players, yes, I think people SHOULD BE pirating this game instead of buying it. It needs to flop, really, and then maybe they’ll start realizing they must stop making so expensive games and DLCs for so few improvements. EA don’t deserve to get money from us if they treat us like a**holes.

  • Quinn Joseph David Fornal The First
    Posted October 7, 2015 at 1:03 am

    I might pirate it, I mean , after all, I always have , like, 32 malware viruses anyway. I just don’t trust dem sites. My dad might kill me. Who knows. Not worth the risks

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